Gnarly Garlic

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Gnarly Garlic.

Gnarly Garlic is an item in the game Mario Superstar Baseball. It is a special item that Wario can buy at the shop near Princess Peach's Castle in Challenge Mode. When the garlic is purchased, Wario will gain the ability to use his Phony Ball during Challenge Mode. However, Wario does not need this item in Exhibition Mode. The Gnarly Garlic only appears in the store if Wario is the captain or if he is on another captain's team.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オレサマニンニク
Oresama Nin'niku
Oresama Ninniku; from 俺様 (おれさま, oresama), a Japanese word for a very selfish way of addressing oneself, and 大蒜 (にんにく, nin'niku), Japanese for garlic