Sherbet Rink

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Peach sliding on Sherbert Rink past a penguin.

Sherbet Rink is a battle stage in Mario Kart 7 being similar to an ice rink. It is Princess Peach's personal battle track.

Course layout[edit]

This stage makes drivers slide on the icy ground and has some colorful borders around and four arches in multiple colors. There are several Penguins strolling around that push players back, as well as some Snowmen scattered around that make players flip over on contact. There are also giant hearts stuck in the ice that act as borders. At the edge of the stage there is a colorful road where players can ride smoothly unlike on the ice and a crown-shaped border barrier.

There are posters and billboard signs all over with pictures and words saying Peach and banners with hearts on them. In the back floating, there are lightly-colored presents, stars, hearts, and other decorations.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Pista Sorbete Sherbet Track
French Patinoire Sorbet Sherbet Rink
Dutch Peach' IJspaleis Peach's Ice Palace
Italian Pista Gelata Iced Track
Portuguese Rinque de Gelo Ice Rink
Russian Ледяной каток
Ledyanoĭ katok
Ice Rink
Korean 샤베트 링크
Syabeteu Ringkeu
Sherbet Rink (샤베트 syabeteu is Japanese Pronunciation(シャーベット shābetto) of 'Sherbet')


  • The Prima guide lists the Penguins as a hazard that can spin players out so that a balloon gets popped; this is not true, however, since the Penguins simply push players around.