Good Egg Galaxy

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Good Egg Galaxy
Good Egg Galaxy.png 
Area Terrace 
How to unlock Collect the Grand Star in the Gateway Galaxy 
Boss(es) Dino Piranha
King Kaliente 
Comet(s) Speedy Comet
Purple Comet 
Level(s) Dino Piranha
A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
King Kaliente's Battle Fleet
Dino Piranha Speed Run
Purple Coin Omelet
Luigi on the Roof 
Music Egg Planet
Space Fantasy
Dino Pirahna
Pipe Interior
A Tense Moment
King Kaliente
Speedy Comet 
Stars StarStarStarSpeedy Comet StarPurple Comet StarSecret Star 
Galaxy Icon The starting planet, the Boulder planet, the Rock planet, the Egg planet, and some small asteroids

Bro! I got a star, but now I can't get back. This picture shows where I am. HELP ME!!!”
Luigi's message, Good Egg Galaxy

Good Egg Galaxy (originally known as Egg Planet Galaxy) is the second stage in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the first level within the Terrace dome. Good Egg Galaxy is one of the few galaxies with no set theme that continues to be visible throughout the planets. It has different planets with many contradictory themes, much like a true galaxy. Dino Piranha and King Kaliente are the bosses here. Good Egg Galaxy has the most planets out of any other one between the two games, having 19 planets total. The name of this galaxy is most likely a pun on "good egg", which means a reliable and pleasant person. The game cover of Super Mario Galaxy features five planets from this galaxy.

It is notable that the original E3 demo and gameplay footage mostly featured segments from Good Egg Galaxy, along with a mixed-in level from Space Junk Galaxy. Several Gusty Garden Galaxy planets were also found here from the beta version of the game.


Starting planet[edit]

The starting planet
Mario and Princess Peach relaxing here

The starting planet is multi-sided; there is a light side and a dark side. On the light side there is grass and bushes with Star Bits and Coins hidden in them. There is also an house with a tree on the right and two Octoombas guarding the front. There are two bridges, one on each side, that lead to the dark side of the planet. Inside the house there is a ? Coin which releases several Rainbow Notes that will play the underground theme from Super Mario Bros. while Mario collects them. After getting them all, a 1-Up Mushroom will appear.

The darker side of the planet has many dead trees with Star Bits on their branches and a constant rain of them coming down from above which makes it, arguably, the best location to get Star Bits in the galaxy. In the center of the planet there is a giant tower with a special side that bends the laws of Gravity and allows Mario to walk up. There is an Octoomba guarding that side.

In the levels there will be Launch Stars placed in three different locations; where the launch star is depends on the level. In the missions "Dino Piranha", "Dino Piranha Speed Run" and "Luigi on the Roof" it can be found at the top of the tower and leads to the Boulder planet, though in "Luigi on the Roof", Luigi is located on top of the house, so there is no point in taking the Launch Star. In "A Snack of Cosmic Proportions" and "Purple Coin Omelet", the Launch Star is located at the top of a set of three Pull Stars at the end of a stone walkway next to the tower and leads to a maze of three planets; the Tropic planets and the Egg planet. Finally, in "King Kaliente's Battle Fleet", the Launch Star is on top of the house and leads to the Tropic planets.

Boulder planet[edit]

The Boulder planet

The Boulder planet is a Peanut shaped planet with lots of mud and Boulders in "Dino Piranha" and "Luigi on the Roof". However, in "Dino Piranha Speed Run", they are replaced by Chomps. Mario can either dodge or destroy the Boulders with his Star Spin, but he cannot hurt the Chomps.

To get here, Mario must take a launch star from the starting planet and the only way to leave is to get the five Star Chips and create a Launch Star that takes Mario to the Bean planet. This planet has a different color appearance when it is first seen, but it ends up appearing with a recolor in the final version of the game. It was originally supposed to be blue.

Bean planet[edit]

The bean-like planet

This is a small, grassy planet with one Piranha Plant and a few Slurples as its only dangers because it is impossible to fall off this planet due to the gravity. On the bottom side of the planet there is a ? Coin which creates many Star Bits leading back to the Piranha Plant.

Mario will get here via a Launch Star from the Boulder planet and then, to leave, he will have to stomp or spin the Piranha Plant to defeat it. After being defeated, the Piranha Plant will release a Sproutle Vine for Mario to climb to get to the Bitten Apple planet.

Bitten Apple planet[edit]

The Bitten Apple planet

The Bitten Apple planet, as its name states, resembles a green bitten apple. There are Boulders rolling all over the planet, and a large purple Piranha Plant on the top. There is a black hole in the middle of this planet which will make Mario lose a life if he falls in. Also, if Mario stands on one of the bridges on the starting planet on the light side, he can see the Bitten Apple Planet and the Flipswitch Planet. If Mario turns to a certain angle he can see a pipe but oddly, if he turns the other way, it disappears.

On this planet Mario has two choices as to where he wants to go. The first choice is to advance to the very end of the planet and battle a giant purple Piranha Plant which will release a Sproutle Vine to the Block-Climb planet. The other choice is to go across a shrinking platform and using the Warp Pipe with the Piranha Plant in it to get to the Flipswitch planet.

Flipswitch planet[edit]

Mario going for the 1-Up Mushroom

The Flipswitch planet is a planet covered in Flipswitch Panels. It also has a few red platforms with spikes on the sides that can hurt Mario, but that he can also use to carry him across the planet. It can be accessed via a semi-hidden Warp Pipe from the Bitten Apple planet. In order for the player to continue, he must press all the Flipswitch Panels in the first area before the ones in the second area will appear. After activating all of them, a Launch Star leading to the Block-Climb planet will appear. It also plays the Space Fantasy music when Mario is here.

Block-Climb planet[edit]

The Block-Climb planet

The Block-Climb planet is a planet accessed by either launching off of the Flipswitch planet and landing here or taking the Sproutle Vine that comes out of the purple Piranha Plant on the Bitten Apple planet. This planet is a grassy oval with three stone blocks on it and Octoombas guarding them. There are some coins on them which serve as steps to the very top where a Launch Star is waiting to take Mario to the Dino-Geo planet. Behind the set of three stone steps, there is a 1-Up Mushroom to give Mario an extra life. Also on the planet are a Luma and several Starbags.

Dino Geo planet[edit]

The Dino Geo planet with the Dino Piranha's egg hatching

The Dino Geo planet is a small round planet that is the last planet visited in the levels "Dino Piranha" and "Dino Piranha Speed Run" as it is the location of the bosses in those levels; Dino Piranha.

The planet is basically a large brown oval with several yellow objects on the ground that, when shot with a star bit, will release a coin, and several Item Crystals with coins and star bits in them. On top of the planet is a giant egg that Mario will automatically crack open when he lands. Dino Piranha hatches, and the Boss Battle starts. After defeating Dino Piranha, the Power Star appears here. A similar planet appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2, in the Boss Blitz Galaxy. On that planet, Dino Piranha is fought once again as a returning boss.

Super Mario Galaxy trading card description[edit]


Landing on this planet seems unevental. That is, until Mario makes his way to the other side. He spies a giant walking egg with a tail sticking out-definitely something to be investigated. Spin Mario against the large ball on the end of the tail to crack open the shell. Out bursts Dino Piranha - the boss of this world, who Mario must battle to gain the first Power Star in the Good Egg Galaxy.

Pear planet[edit]

A pear-looking planetoid

The Pear planet is a pear-shaped planet covered in grass that appears in "A Snack of Cosmic Proportions" and "Purple Coin Omelet". There are several Star Bits in the Item Crystals all over the planet along with a few Goombas and thorny flowers. There is also a Launch Star to the Rock planet here.

Rock planet[edit]

The Rock planet

The Rock planet is a giant red rock with Boulders rolling all over it. It is accessible via the Pear planet. The Launch Star on this planet takes Mario to the Egg planet. The Rock planet also has some Item Crystals and a ? Block. There is also a Sling Star that can launch Mario into a coin.

Egg planet[edit]

The Egg planet from a bird's eye view

The Egg planet is a planet that resembles a giant Yoshi Egg with many Goombas wandering all over. Also, there are several Item Crystals. It is part of the three-planet maze involving the Rock planet and Pear planet. The Launch Star on this planet leads to the Pear planet and it is accessible from the Launch Star on the Rock planet.

The main attraction of this planet is the Hungry Luma that must be fed 100 Star Bits to transform into the new planet that is needed to complete the level; the Tower planet.

Tower planet[edit]

The Tower planet

The Tower planet is a planet made by a Hungry Luma on the Egg planet and is shaped like a giant mountain with many stone platforms on the other side that can help Mario jump up to get to the top. Enemies found here are mostly thorny flowers and Goombas. The flowers can be defeated by the rubbery, green Stretch Plants. At the very top of the many stone platforms is a Launch Star to the Pill planet.

An almost identical planet with the same name appears in the Yoshi Star Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the only difference being that the planet in that galaxy is already present, while the planet in the Good Egg Galaxy is formed by a Hungry Luma.

Pill planet[edit]

An obstacle-filled section of the Pill planet

The Pill planet is the biggest planet in the Good Egg Galaxy save for, maybe, the Magma planet where King Kaliente is fought. It is shaped like a giant transparent pill with many enemies and obstacles on the inside including different sections where the gravity is shifted around; red means it goes away from the core, blue means it goes towards it. It resembles a Megavitamin.

When he first arrives here, Mario will be on the transparent coating of the planet from the Launch Star on the Tower planet and he will have to destroy the Item Crystal to get inside. After making his way through all the obstacles, another Launch Star will blast him right through the glass and to the final planet of the mission; the Star planet. Again it plays the Space Fantasy music when Mario is on it.

Star planet[edit]

The Star planet

The last planet of the second mission, which resembles a Sling Star. To get to the star, the player must collect Blue Star Chips to create some Pull Stars. Mario must then use the Pull Stars to get to the Power Star in the center of the Planet or he can simply Long Jump and Spin to get to the Star.

Tropic planets[edit]

The Tropic planets.

The Tropic planets are a pair of planets with thorny flowers and Coconuts that can be put to different uses depending on which planet Mario is on. The planets are made up of a combination of sand and grass with scattered palm trees and crates everywhere. On the first planet there are multiple thorny flowers which Mario can destroy with a coconut, but to access the next planet, he must destroy the extremely large thorny flower at the top to make a Sling Star appear. The second Tropic planet has several Goombas and one Pokey. When the Pokey comes to the surface, Mario must hit its head with a coconut or hit its body, which will destroy a body segment and lower its head closer to the ground. After doing this a Launch Star will appear to send Mario off to the Chomp Saucer planet. The first Tropic planet is accessed by blasting off the Starting Planet in King Kaliente's Battle Fleet.

Water planets[edit]

The inaccessible water planets.

The water planets are small rocks in the sky surrounded by water which float all around the Tropic planets. They are inaccessible during the regular levels, but, through hacking, Mario can visit them as they have their own gravity field. Other than that they are mostly for ambience while Mario soars past them on his way to the Chomp Saucer planet.

Chomp Saucer planet[edit]

Saucer Planet.jpg

The Chomp Saucer planet is a large grass-covered planet that is accessed from the Tropic planets and has an Item Crystal containing a Launch Star at the very end of it that leads to the airships. Enemies on this planet include Octoombas, Bill Blasters, Chomps, Amps and Rocket Engines who make the planet much more difficult to cross. Probably the most notable difficulties on the planet are the electric barriers placed throughout that Mario has to cross. Once Mario finally reaches the end the Launch Star will take him to King Kaliente's fleet.

Super Mario Galaxy trading card description[edit]


Once Mario gets to the top of this planet in the Good Egg Galaxy, he finds it is littered with half-buried blocks. It's tempting to climb up to grab all the coins, but if he does, he becomes visible to his enemies. Mario needs to focus on the Launch Star, which is located on top of the Bullet Bill cannons and protected by Electrogoombas. Mario must spin them away to claim the prize.

Octopus airships[edit]

SMG Airship.jpg

There are two airships floating in space which are both commanded by King Kaliente and have many enemies on them. The first airship is able to be accessed from the Launch Star on the Chomp Saucer planet and has two Octopuses firing coconuts at it from the second ship. If Mario defeats them both, the the bridge is opened.

At the end of the bridge there is a Sling Star that leads up into the main section of the ship where several Octoombas will attack. If Mario takes the Launch Star located on this ship he will travel to the Octo Magma planet where he will battle the commander of both airships; King Kaliente.

Asteroid planet[edit]

Asteroid Planet.jpg

The Asteroid planet is a small, optional, planet accessible from the Chomp Saucer planet with two Chain Chomps rolling around it. The only thing here is a warp pipe which leads to the inside; a room with many Goombas and a Rainbow Star to help Mario defeat them and receive many Star Bits. In the beta version of the game, there were several planets like this one.

Octo Magma planet[edit]

Mario on the Octo Magma planet

The Octo Magma planet is an extremely large stone planet with a pool of lava in the middle which is home to the boss of the level "King Kaliente's Battle Fleet", King Kaliente. This is the location of the King's boss battle as he emerges from the lava and fires coconuts and fireballs at Mario.

The planet is mostly made up of black tar and rock mixed together by the gigantic pool of hot lava in the middle. The rest of the planet is just simple hot rock. This planet is quite big compared to others like the Tropic planets, since it needs to have a decently large size for the fight to be held. Underneath the Magma planet is a rocky area with yellow rings on it like a target which resembles a chocolate donut. During missions in which the planet isn't normally visited, it is drained of its lava.



Dino Piranha[edit]

Dino Piranha in its egg

Originally known as Prehistoric Piranha, this level begins on the starting planet with a grassy top and a house. There are two Octoombas guarding the door to the house (which does not open). The gravity on the starting planet is such that Mario cannot fall off so he can just walk over to the other side where it is all dark with a castle-like object. Mario must climb up the tower on a pathway, avoid the Goomba and talk to the Luma to get a Sling Star which sends him to a Launch Star. The next planet is the Boulder planet, it has five Star Chips scattered around it, Mario must collect them all, while avoiding the boulders to get another Launch Star. The boulders are going around in rings and most of the parts that they roll over are made of mud. The five stars lead Mario to the next planet, the Bean planet, where Mario must Star Spin the Piranha Plant after it strikes at him for it to release a sproutle. There is a large coin under the planet which releases many star bits.

Next up is the Bitten Apple planet where Mario has a choice as to where he wants to go. The first option is to defeat a huge Piranha Plant then spin on the sproutle's vine or he can defeat the small Piranha Plant off to the side behind the Shrinking Tile and release a Warp Pipe which leads to the Flipswitch planet. On the Flipswitch planet, Mario must press all the blocks to obtain get a Launch Star which will bring him to the Block-Climb planet (this is where the sproutle's vine would have brought him). There are two parts to the Flipswitch planet, to unlock the next part, Mario has to press all the switches in the current part. The first part is just a square of spaces so Mario can easily press them and the second is a straight line followed by a square, followed by a square with another block. Mario must use his powers of jumping to get through the second part. He will then get to the Block-Climb planet. To get to the top of the Block-Climb planet, Mario must climb the moving stones to the top which have Octoombas on the them. There is a Starbag at the bottom of the Block-Climb planet which Mario can kill to get many star bits. At the top of that planet there is a Launch Star which leads to the Geo planet.

Dino Piranha.
Dino Piranha in the beta version.

The Geo planet is where Dino Piranha is fought, Mario will land on a gigantic egg which will then crack, releasing the prehistoric beast. To open the egg fully, Mario must Star Spin the tail which will fly back and crack the egg. Dino Piranha will then run after Mario and Mario must once again Star Spin the tail to hit it. The flower at the top of its body will turn red and it will charge extremely fast at Mario, if he manages to Star Spin the tail one more time, Dino Piranha will fall over and release a Power Star. Every time Dino Piranha is hit, it will release a mass of star bits for Mario to collect.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴの星のディノパックン
Tamago no hoshi no Dino Pakkun
Dino Piranha at the Egg Planet
Spanish (NOA) La planta dinopiraña The Dino Piranha plant
Spanish (NOE) Planeta ovoide y Planta Dinopiraña Ovoid planet and Dino Piranha Plant
French (NOA) Dino Piranha -
French (NOE) Des planètes, des œufs et Dino Piranha The planets, the eggs and Dino Piranha
German Dino-Piranha auf dem Eierstern Dino Piranha on the eggstar
Italian Dino Piranha -
Korean 달걀별의 디노뻐끔
Dalgyal byeol ui Dino Ppeokkeum
Dino Piranha of Egg Planet

A Snack of Cosmic Proportions[edit]

The Tower planet

This level revolves around feeding a Hungry Luma 100 Star Bits, so the player should pick up as many as possible. Mario begins on the Starting Planet with two Octogoombas. There are constant comets on this planet and several Star Bits. the comets release about three Star Bits each. To complete this planet, Mario must travel to the end of a stone path where there is a blue Luma who will turn into a set of Pull Stars which lead to a Launch Star. The launch star sends Mario into a 3-planet circle with a maze of launch stars in midair the planets are the Pear planet, Rock planet and Egg planet. The Egg Planet has the Hungry Luma but Mario must use the other two planets for Star Bits. When the Luma is fed, it will burst with snacky happiness creating the Tower Planet. Mario must climb this planet to the top to reach another Launch Star which will launch Mario straight to the Pill Planet. There is an Item Crystal covering the entrance to the inside of the pill planet so Mario must smash it to get inside.

Mario at the top of the Tower planet

The inside is a platform area which Mario must navigate very carefully as there are constant gravity shifts. Blue arrows mean the gravity is pulling down and red arrows mean the gravity is pulling up. Avoid the shifting gravity and get to the Launch Star which will blast Mario through the glass and to the Star planet which has five blue Star Chips that create five pull stars which Mario must use to get the Power Star in the very middle of the planet. Another option is to Long Jump to the Power Star.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 食いしん坊に願いをこめて
Kuishinbou ni negai o komete
Grant the Glutton's Wish
Spanish (NOA) Mil deseos para el Glotón 1000 wishes for the Glutton
Spanish (NOE) Deseos mil para el Glotoncete 1000 wishes for the Glutton
French (NOA) Une Collation Cosmique A Cosmic Snack
French (NOE) Un appétit cosmique A cosmic appetite
German Erfülle den Wunsch des Vielfraß' Grant the gannet's wish
Italian Uno Snack di Proporzioni Cosmiche Literal translation
Korean 먹보에게 소원을 빌어
Meokbo ege Sowon eul Bireo
Grant the Glutton's Wish

King Kaliente's Battle Fleet[edit]

Mario on the Chomp Saucer planet

Mario starts on the same planet as he did on the previous two missions. The Launch Star is on the top of the house on the starting planet and it is possible for the player to triple jump to the top of it, or else Mario can take the orange Warp Pipe on the underside of the planet and traverse the boxy room to reach the Launch Star. Next up are the Tropic planets. The Toad on one of the planets tells Mario that the "spiky things" hate coconuts. Mario will have to kick the coconuts into the plants, and one will reveal a Sling Star. The next tropic planet has a large Pokey, which can also be defeated by kicking a coconut at it, revealing a Launch Star. Then there's the Chomp Saucer planet which has a Sling Star which propels Mario to a planet full of electrical walls, but if the player decides to stay on the planet they can enter a pipe to an area with a Rainbow Star and lots of Goombas. The player must carefully avoid the walls of the next planet to reach the other side of the planet, where cannons shoot Bullet Bills.

Mario battling a large Pokey on the Tropic planet

The Launch Star is in a crystal at the top of the structure on this planet. As Mario is launched onto an airship, two Octoombas will shoot coconuts at Mario from an adjacent airship. Mario will have to do a Star Spin to send the coconuts back at them to defeat them, which lowers the bridge between the two ships. The Launch Star on this airship that takes Mario to the Octo Magma planet. The player can defeat King Kaliente by repeatedly spinning back the coconuts he shoots at Mario.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese UFO艦隊のオタキング
UFO kantai no Otakingu
King Kaliente at the UFO fleet
Spanish (NOA) La Flota del Magampulpo King Kaliente's Fleet
Spanish (NOE) El Frikipulpo de la Armada de OVNIs King Kaliente of the UFO Armada
French (NOA) La Flotte de Poulpoboss King Kaliente's Fleet
French (NOE) La flotte de Poulpoboss The King Kaliente's Fleet
German Otakönigs UFO-Armada Otakönigs (King Kaliente's) UFO armada
Italian Re Kaliente e la Flotta UFO King Kaliente and the UFO Fleet
Korean UFO함대의 옥토킹
UFO Hamdae ui Oktoking
King Kaliente of UFO Fleet

Dino Piranha Speed Run (Speedy Comet)[edit]

This level is just like the Dino Piranha level except for the fact that there is a four minute time limit to get to the Power Star. If Mario is not there in time, he loses. In this level, the boulders are replaced by Chomps on the Boulder planet.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese タイムアタック! タマゴの星の ディノパックン
Taimu atakku! Tamago no hoshi no Dino Pakkun
Time attack! Good Egg Galaxy's Dino Piranha
Spanish (NOA) ¡Date Prisa! Más Dinopiraña Hurry! More Dino Piranha
Spanish (NOE) ¡Date prisa! Más ovoide y Dinopiraña Hurry! More Ovoid and Dino Piranha
French (NOA) Dino Pirhana (Contre-la-Montre) Dino Pirhana (Time Attack)
French (NOE) Des planètes, des oeufs et Dino Piranha (contre-la-montre)* Planets, eggs and Dino Piranha (time attack)
German Zeitangriff! Dino-Piranha Time attack! Dino Piranha
Italian In Fretta! Dino Piranha! Hurry! Dino Piranha!
Korean 타임 어택! 달걀별의 디노뻐끔
Taim eotaek! Dalgyal byeol ui Dino Ppeokkeum
Time attack! Good Egg Galaxy's Dino Piranha

*In French version, every Speedy Comet level will contain "contre-la-montre" which means "time attack".

Purple Coin Omelet (Purple Comet)[edit]

A view of the Good Egg Galaxy with 90 purple coins

In this level, the player has to collect 100 Purple Coins to get the Power Star in the area of the three planets before the tablet-like planet in the 'Snack of Cosmic Portportions' with out the Hungry Luma planet. Mario must traverse through the galaxy and collect these coins using Launch Stars. Unlike most other Purple Comet missions (with the exception of Purple Coins in the Woods), the coins here follow a linear path - simply follow the trail of coins on the first planet, take the Launch Star, take the Launch Star in midair on the way, follow the path of coins on the second planet, etc. If the player repeats this process a few times, they will have collected every coin and will land right next to the Power Star.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴ星団の パープルコイン
Tamago seidan no pāpuru koin
Purple coins in the Egg Cluster
Spanish (NOA) Las Monedas de la Ovoestrella The Coins of the Eggstar
Spanish (NOE) Monedas en la constelación ovoide Coins in the ovoid constellation
French (NOA) L'Omelette aux Pièces Violettes The Purple Coin Omelette
German Die lila münzen im Eiersternhaufen Purple coins in the eggstar cluster
Italian Monete Viola nell'Ovocosmo Purple coins in the Egg Cosmos
Korean 달걀 성단의 퍼플코인
Dalgyal seongdan ui Peopeul koin
Purple coins in the egg cluster

Luigi on the Roof[edit]

Luigi sends Mario a postcard requesting help!

Shortly after Mario rescues his brother Luigi in the first mission of the Ghostly Galaxy, Mailtoad will inform Mario that Luigi has sent him a letter saying he is lost, with an enclosed picture of his whereabouts. The player can work out that Luigi is in the Good Egg Galaxy. To clear this hidden Star mission, the player must enter the mission Dino Piranha (after receiving the aforementioned letter) and reach the top of the mushroom hut on the first planet. The easiest method of reaching the top is simply doing a Triple Jump and Spin on top of it or doing a Somersault, a Wall Jump, then a Spin. Another way is to walk around to the underside of the planet and enter the orange Warp Pipe there. After traversing the room, possibly gaining a 1-Up from collecting Music Notes, the player can jump through another orange pipe and emerge on the top of the Hut. Luigi will give Mario the Star and the mission will be completed.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴ星団の ルイージ
Tamago seidan no Ruīji
Luigi in the Egg Cluster
Spanish (NOA) Luigi en la Galaxia Ovoestrella Luigi in Good Egg Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Luigi en la constelación ovoide Luigi in the ovoid constellation
French (NOA) Luigi dans la Galaxie des Planètes Œufs Luigi in Good Egg Galaxy
German Luigi im Eiersternhaufen Luigi in the eggstar cluster
Italian Luigi nell'Ovocosmo Luigi in the Egg Cosmos
Korean 달걀 성단의 루이지
Dalgyal seongdan ui Ruiji
Luigi in the egg star cluster

Other appearances[edit]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games[edit]

Good Egg Galaxy is a stage in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The galaxy is the stage of the Dream Event: Dream Ski Jumping. It features airships, the starting planet, three Star planets, and other things like blue crystals, the water planets and a Black Hole. The objective is to gather points in Star Bits. There are 3 types of star bits: green ones are worth 10 points, purple ones are worth 30 points and the rare orange ones are worth 50 points. There are also item blocks which can be used for further advantage in the event. In addition, there are also "Star Gates" on the galaxy. If the player goes through 3 Star gates, the player will be invincible and any points given to the player by collecting star bits is doubled for a short amount of time.

Fortune Street[edit]

The Good Egg Galaxy appears as one of the boards for the Mario series in the game Fortune Street. Elements from the Galaxy are seen throughout the board, while the board itself is looped around the Pill planet In Easy mode, the board has two long lines that connect in the middle by two other lines. In Standard mode, the board is much bigger and has more higher priced shops. The board in the Standard rules consists of 2 large rectangles connected by several lines. To the side of the main portion is a long, single path line with 4 Back-Street squares, 4 Suit Squares and 2 districts; in total the board has ten districts. In Tour mode, the player has to get 1st place against Jessica, Luigi, and Toad. In the Easy rules the board doesn't have very high priced shops, so the likelihood of getting bought-out is very high.

Mario Golf: World Tour[edit]

A few planets of the Good Egg Galaxy appear in Mario Golf: World Tour in Rosalina's Eagle, Albatross, and Hole-in-One animations.



This galaxy's theme plays in the Grandmaster Galaxy level the Perfect Run from Super Mario Galaxy 2, along with the Gusty Garden Galaxy theme, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor theme, and the Comet Observatory theme. A cover of the music can also be found in World 1's map after Green Star comets appear. Part of Good Egg Galaxy's music returns in Mario Kart Wii's Rainbow Road.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エッグプラネットギャラクシー
Eggu puranetto gyarakushī
Egg Planet Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia Ovoestrella Eggstar Galaxy
French (NOA) Planètes Œufs Egg Planets
French (NOE) Planètes œufs (Super Mario Galaxy)
Galaxie des planètes œufs (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games)
Egg planets
Egg planets galaxy
German Eierplanet-Galaxie Egg Planet Galaxy
Italian Galassia Uovo Egg Galaxy
Korean 에그 플래닛 갤럭시
Egeu Peullaenit Gaelleoksi
Egg Planet Galaxy