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Super Mario Shirayuki-hime (スーパーマリオのしらゆきひめ) (in English, Super Mario: Princess Snow White) is the third OVA of the Amada Anime Series: Super Mario Bros. and the last one as well. Based on the fairy tale of Snow White, it was only released in Japan.


Some of the Toads rejoicing.

The seven Mushroom Retainers play the seven dwarves, Mario plays the prince, Princess Peach plays Snow White, Bowser plays the evil queen, and Luigi plays the prince's brother, who did not appear in the original fairy tale.

Peach after biting into the poisonous apple.

The story largely based on the original "Snow White". However, Mario breaks the curse on Princess Peach with a potion instead of a kiss. Then, he fights the Koopalings, Bowser's evildoers along with the help of the Toads. After defeating the Koopalings, Mario finally takes on Bowser. However, the Queen takes Peach hostage using a knife, but Luigi saves the day by flying down and kicking the Bowser in the belly, defeating him.

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  • The seven Toads are most likely the Mushroom Retainers.
  • This is Luigi's only appearance in the Super Mario anime series.