Vincent Van Gore

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VincentIcon.pngVincent Van Gore
Full Name Vincent Van Gore, the Starving Artist
Age 59
Biography Despite failing to sell a single painting in 30 years, this stubborn man refuses to let his art die.
Room The Artist's Studio
Life 100
Heart Quote Now does he grasp zee power of my creations?

“Eet eez you, no?”
Vincent Van Gore, Luigi's Mansion

Vincent Van Gore, the Starving Artist, is a Portrait Ghost and one of the main antagonists in the game Luigi's Mansion. He has the ability to bring his paintings to life, and is responsible for creating the minor ghosts present inside the mansion.

Vincent Van Gore resides in The Artist's Studio, on the third floor of the mansion. When Luigi enters the room, the ghost expresses his anger at seeing his creations being vacuumed. However, instead of fighting Luigi directly, Van Gore brings his latest works of art to life to attack him. As such, Luigi has to vacuum seven sets of minor ghosts (with three ghosts per set) before he can capture Vincent Van Gore himself.

After Luigi eliminates all of his ghost creations, Vincent Van Gore becomes deeply saddened by the loss of his artwork, but gets over it quick. But then Luigi tells Vincent that one of his creations still remain, Vincent is confused at first, but then replies "Zut alors!" {French for: "Darn it!"} in shock. In this state, his heart is exposed and Luigi can easily suck up the spirit with his Poltergust 3000. The barely struggling Van Gore is eventually sucked inside the Poltergust and drops the Secret Altar Key. The minor ghosts in the hallways stop appearing after his capture.

Van Gore's ghosts[edit]

In battle, Van Gore used sets of ghosts to attack Luigi; each group consisted of three (five in the PAL Hidden Mansion) ghosts. In order, the seven following types of ghosts are:


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セニョールプジイ
Senyōru Pujī
Mr. Poogie
Spanish Pablo Picasso From the painter Pablo Picasso
Italian Vincent van Gogn


  • Vincent Van Gore is a parody of the artist Vincent van Gogh. However, Van Gore speaks with a stereotypical French accent, even though Van Gogh was Dutch.
  • Vincent Van Gore is the only non-Boss ghost to give away a "special key".
  • There is a glitch where if Luigi leaves the room before he gets the key, it vanishes. The only way to fix this is by going out to the Balcony and back into the room, or by resetting the console.[citation needed]