Telephone Room

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Telephone Room
Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Skeleton Ghosts
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The Telephone Room (Japanese: 電話の部屋 Telephone Room) is a room in Area Four of Luigi's Mansion in the game of the same name.

In the Telephone Room, Luigi receives several telephone calls, one from a Toad and one from Professor E. Gadd. After Luigi captures Uncle Grimmly, Luigi captures two Skeleton Ghosts to light up the Telephone Room.


The Telephone Room is huge, quite possibly the largest room in the Mansion along with the Balcony and the Courtyard. As such, it is filled with quite a variety of objects. On the west wall there is a large cabinet in front of which is a small table and curiously, a small sofa. The middle of the room is empty except for a large chest on the north wall. Along the south wall there are three small rotary telephones, side-by-side. Finally, on the east wall, there is a cabinet, identical to the first, and two additional large chests.

Ghosts in the Telephone Room[edit]

Ghosts in the Telephone Room during the Blackout[edit]

Ghosts in the Telephone Room in the PAL Hidden Mansion[edit]


  • When Luigi answers the Toad's phone call, Toad will ask who is speaking. The player then has the option to choose either Luigi or Bowser. If he chooses Luigi, the conversation goes on as normal. However, if he chooses Bowser, Toad will hang up and call one of the other three phones. Then, the same conversation will commence, this time without the option to state the player's identity.
  • This room has become fairly infamous for a lighting glitch that occurs when Luigi answers the phone from E. Gadd. The glitch (which can be seen in the picture above) appears when the lightning flashes and shows Luigi's shadow on the far wall, hovering. This is frequently stated by fans to look as though the shadow is of Luigi hanging himself.