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LuigiMansion Graveyard.png
Area Area Two
Normal Ghosts Black Bogmire; Mr. Bones
Portrait Ghosts Bogmire

The Graveyard (Japanese: 墓地 Graveyard) is the final room in Area Two of Luigi's Mansion in the game Luigi's Mansion. This is where Area Two's boss, Bogmire, resides.

Initially, three Mr. Bones (five in the PAL Hidden Mansion) are found. After Luigi captures the ghosts, Bogmire transports Luigi to a large circular area to battle him. After Luigi defeats Bogmire, Luigi opens the large chest to find a green club-shaped Key to Area 3.

The Graveyard has eight tombstones; the top left-most one always contains a 50-HP-restoring Heart for Luigi. In addition, two torches are on either side of Bogmire's tombstones. Fire Elemental Ghosts spawn from these torches.