Rec Room

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This article is about the room found in Luigi's Mansion. For information about the special area of the same name that appears in Super Mario 64 DS, see Rec Room (Super Mario 64 DS).
Rec Room
Area Area Three
Normal Ghosts Speedy Spirit
Portrait Ghosts Biff Atlas
Boo Booregard

The Rec Room (Japanese: トレーニングルーム Training Room) is one of the many rooms from Luigi's Mansion. It is located in the third area.

When Luigi enters the Rec Room, he sees the ghostly bodybuilder Biff Atlas working out. Luigi can simply ignore Biff or fight him for more treasure.

The Rec Room is filled with exercise equipment such as a treadmill, weights, punching bags, and several other fitness machines. If Luigi runs on the treadmill for a bit, it spits out a key which can be used to unlock a door connecting the third area and second area. A Speedy Spirit is hiding in the fitness machine with the ladder attached to it.

Ghosts in the Rec Room during the blackout[edit]