Deep Dark Galaxy

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"The Underground Ghost Ship" redirects here. For information about the level Sunken Ghost Ship from Super Mario World, see here.
Deep Dark Galaxy
Deep Dark Galaxy.PNG 
Area Garden 
How to unlock Get 46 stars and complete Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor
Boss(es) Kamella
Undergrunt Gunner 
Comet(s) Daredevil Comet
Purple Comet 
Level(s) The Underground Ghost Ship
Bubble Blastoff
Guppy and the Underground Lake
Ghost Ship Daredevil Run
Plunder the Purple Coins
Boo in a Box 
Stars Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon daredevilcomet.pngSmg icon purplecomet.pngSmg icon powerstar.png 
Galaxy Icon The Starting Planet, the Boo Box, and two floating Boos

Deep Dark Galaxy is a ghost-type galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy, like the Boo's Boneyard Galaxy and the Ghostly Galaxy. The main planet in it has a beach with many Toads and Crabs. There are very few planets aside from the big, main one. Guppy makes his second appearance here.


Starting Planet[edit]

Mario standing next to a cannon on the Beach Planet.

This is the main planet of the galaxy. It has a small beach with a few Crabbers, one Starbag and, in the water, a chest with a 1-Up Mushroom. The Toad Brigade often stop here and have installed a cannon, two lawn chairs and an umbrella. In the mission Bubble Blastoff, the cannon is under control by a water Undergrunt Gunner, which must be defeated to gain access to the cannon. Other features include several palm trees and a few coconuts. On the other side of the planet there is a cave with many strange machines situated around an underground lake. The lake takes up much of the planet and is very deep. At the bottom there is a wrecked ship and two rocks shaped like stars. There is a variety of sea life in the lake, including Bloopers, Gringills, Preying Mantas, Urchins, Mines and a Jellyfish. There is a passageway in the lake that surfaces into a cave, where there is a ghost ship inhabited by several Boos. Kamella is fought on this ship twice. If Mario manages to catch crabs, he might get a 1-UP.

Wooden Planet[edit]

Rainbow Mario running around the Wooden Planet.

This is a small planet with many Octoguys living on it. It has a Sling Star on the top and a Fire Flower on the bottom. There is a Rainbow Star right in front of the planet that Mario can use to get rid of the Octoguys.

Gateway Galaxy Planet[edit]

Mario standing on the Gateway Galaxy Planet.

This looks almost identical to the main planet in the Gateway Galaxy but on a much smaller scale. It also has three Goombas living on it. In addition, there is a small gold screw in the ground where the castle would normally be. When Mario spins this screw, the air inside the planet will start to leak out and the planet will shrink as a result. As it gradually gets smaller and smaller, a large ring of coins encircling the planet will be revealed. It will continue to shrink until it implodes upon itself with a small puff of smoke, after which Mario falls back to the Wooden Planet. This planet can only be accessed by shooting Mario out of a cannon at it from the starting planet.

There is a glitch that can be used on this planet which allows Mario go inside the house with the blue roof.

Cheep-Cheep Planet[edit]

Mario standing on the Cheep-Cheep Planet.

This is a tiny planet with some Cheep-Cheeps bouncing around it. It has a grass and water area with wooden plugs. Mario must pound the plugs to activate a Water Shooter, which will launch him to the Watermelon Planet.

Watermelon Planet[edit]

The Watermelon Planet being encircled by shock waves created by a Sentry Beam.

This is a big glass planet with three tennis balls and a watermelon inside it. There is also a Nut-like Sentry Beam here that sends shockwaves around the planet. Mario must avoid the shockwaves and Ground Pound the tennis balls into the watermelon to get the Power Star.

Boo Box[edit]

The Boo Box as viewed from the outside.
Mario avoiding an Urchin inside the Boo Box.

This is a large box to the side of the main planet. It is a large purple box with tubes coming out of it. There is a Boo containing a Power Star and an Urchin inside the box. The box's roof is made of water so it rains inside the box; Mario must destroy the Boo to get its star. This is the area for Deep Dark Galaxy's secret Power Star.


The Underground Ghost Ship[edit]

Fire Mario about to unlock the cage door on the Beach Planet.
Mario fighting Kamella on the underground ghost ship.

Mario begins on an island with the Toad Brigade already exploring it (They are on a "vacation" although they claim they are searching for Power Stars). The player must jump into the cannon on the center of the island. The player must make sure to point the cursor at the Rainbow Star which will give Mario invincibility to help defeat the many Octoguys. After they are beat, the player must grab the Fire Flower and use the Sling Star to go back to the island. The player should light both urns. Once Mario opens the gate, the player must travel into the cave and must dive into the body of water. Mario must swim deep into the water and the player will find a lever. Mario must Spin to open the gate. The player must swim to the surface. Mario will find a ghost ship surrounded by Boos. The player should go on the ghost ship to fight Kamella. Once Mario defeats Kamella, the player gets a Power Star.

Planets Visited
Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) El Buque Fantasma Bajo Tierra The Ghost Ship Underground
Spanish (NOE) El nigromante del buque fantasma The Necromancer of the Ghost Ship
French La sorcière du vaisseau fantôme The Witch of the Ghost Ship
Italian Nave spettrale magica Magic Spectral Ship

Bubble Blastoff[edit]

Mario battling an Undergrunt Gunner on the Beach Planet.
Mario about to Ground Pound the three tennis balls inside the Watermelon Planet.

Right after landing on the starting planet, Mario will be confronted by an Undergrunt Gunner blocking the cannon required to progress. To defeat it, Mario can either spin coconuts into it or ground pounding on the cockpit. Then he will obtain the fire flower from the wooden planet, as in the first mission and light three torches to make an Ice Flower appear. Mario will then go across the lake and reach an area full of obstacles, where he will use a Water Shooter to reach the Cheep-Cheep planet. Once activated, Mario can use the Water Shooter to reach a transparent planet that has a watermelon and three tennis balls inside it. Mario must ground pound the tennis balls into the watermelon to make it grow and surpass the glass surface, and the Power Star will appear on the outside of the planet. There are force fields that are generated on both sides of the planet which will electrocute Mario if he touches them.

Alternatively, if the player uses the cannon to shoot himself to one of the pillars on the lake, a huge shortcut will be taken, getting rid of the use of the fire flower.

Planets Visited
Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) Paseo Aéreo con Lanzador de Agua Flight-Seeing with Water Shooters
Spanish (NOE) Paseo aéreo con lanzador de agua Aerial Tour with Water Shooters
Italian Passeggiata aerea con spara-acqua Aerial Walk with Water Shooters

Guppy and the Underground Lake[edit]

Mario about to dive to the bottom of the lagoon on the Beach Planet.
Mario swimming through Guppy's eight rings at the bottom of the lagoon on the Beach Planet.

The Toad Brigade are worried because Guppy took over the lake, so Mario needs to enter the cave and swim to the bottom of the lake. There he finds Guppy, who tells Mario that if he swims through all eight rings, Guppy will leave the lake. After Guppy swims off, Mario must grab a shell (the extra speed is necessary) and swim after him. If Mario manages to swim through all eight rings in the correct order, Guppy will congratulate him and reward him with a Power Star.

Planets Visited

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) El Lago de las Profundidades The Lake of the Depths
Spanish (NOE) El regreso de la orca infame Guppy's Return
French (NOE) Dans le sillage de Paulo: le lac souterrain In the Footsteps of Guppy: The Underground Lake
German Schatschi und der Schatz der unterirdische See Guppy and the Subterranean Lake
Italian Il Brigante nel lago sotterraneo The Brigand in the Subterranean Lake

Ghost Ship Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet)[edit]

Kamella attacking Mario on the underground ghost ship.
Mario throwing a Green Shell at Kamella to attack her.

This mission is accessible only when a Daredevil Comet orbits the galaxy. Mario starts off in front of the ghost ship that is surrounded by Boos. The player will have to go on the ghost ship to fight Kamella. Once Kamella is defeated, the player gets a Power Star. This is the final unlockable boss Daredevil Comet in the game.

Planets Visited
Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) ¡Muerte súbita! El Buque Fantasma Sudden death! The Ghost Ship
Spanish (NOE) ¡Muerte súbita! Buque fantasma Sudden death! Ghost Ship
French La sorcière du vaisseau fantôme comète farceuse The Witch of the Ghost Ship (Joker Comet)
Italian Pericolo! Nave Spettrale Magica! Danger! Magic Spectral Ship!

Plunder the Purple Coins (Purple Comet)[edit]

Mario standing next to the first Purple Coin near the underground ghost ship.
Mario about to collect the 100th Purple Coin on the underground ghost ship.

This level is playable when a Purple Comet is in orbit. The level starts at the Underground Ghost Ship. Once the player collects all 100 Purple coins spread out in the water and on land, Mario will earn a Power Star. It is possible to see the outside through hacking. It is strange. Here is why:

  • Most of the objects will be gone or misplaced
  • The entire group of Toads is present even though they are also in the Ghost Ship area
  • At the start of the galaxy the Yellow Toad is there. He is working on the cannon which is normally what the Green Toad does in the sea slide Galaxy. If you talk to him he makes a giant empty speech bubble appear
  • There is also the Captain Toad. If you talk to him he says the Green Toad's normal speech.
  • Next to him is the Pink Toad. He says his normal speech. Even though this one isn't underwater he sounds like he is.
  • One of the misplaced objects is the Warp Pipe. It leads to the Boo Box instead of the secret room.
  • Inside the Boo Box is the Blue Toad. He stands on air and doesn't have glasses. If you get close to him he makes a small empty speech bubble appear.
  • Back on the starting planet is the Green Toad who is dancing where the Blue Toad stood in Bubble Blastoff. If you talk to him he makes a giant empty speech bubble appear.
  • Next to him are 3 poles. One of them is tilted at an odd angle and doesn't really go anywhere.
  • One of the enemies is an Amp which isn't present in any other mission.

Planets Visited
Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) Las Monedas en el Buque Fantasma The Coins on the Ghost Ship
Spanish (NOE) Monedas en el buque fantasma Coins on the Ghost Ship
Italian Monete viola sulla nave spettrale Purple Coins on the Spectral Ship

Boo in a Box[edit]

Mario about to use a Launch Star to fly to the Boo Box.
Mario luring a large Boo into the light inside the Boo Box.

The player needs to start the Underground Ghost Ship, Bubble Blastoff or Guppy and the Underground Lake level. The player will have to go to the bottom of the underground lake and Mario must grab a shell. Mario must throw the shell at several mines surrounding half of a ship. The ship will explode, revealing a Launch Star. The player will have to use the Launch Star that leads Mario to a box-like planet. In the planet, Mario will have to Spin next to a arrow in the planet to change the gravity. The player will have to break a crystal which will make light go into the planet. The player will have to lead the Boo into the light to make it give up the Power Star it has.

Planets Visited
Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) El Cuarto Secreto de Boo The Boo's Secret Room
Spanish (NOE) Cuarto secreto Boo Boo's Secret Room
French (NOE) La chambre secrète des Boo The Boo's Secret Room
Italian La stanza segreta di Boo The Boo's Secret Room

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダンジョンケイブギャラクシー
Danjon keibu gyarakushī
Dungeon Cave Galaxy
Spanish (NOA) Galaxia de la Gruta Calabozo Prison Cave Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Gruta Calabozo Prison Cave Galaxy
French Grotte du donjon Dungeon's cave
German Höhlenverlies-Galaxie Cave Dungeon Galaxy
Italian Galassia Grotta Sotterranea Underground Cave Galaxy


  • Guppy will still act as if he has met Mario even if he hasn't been encountered in the Sea Slide Galaxy yet.
  • There is an inaccessible small box planet high above the galaxy (viewable from other planets). Hacking reveals that this is actually the underground room, accessible via a warp pipe at the top of the main planet.
  • For unknown reasons, there is a Launch Star high above the galaxy. It is only possible to get to the launch star by hacking and it will only shoot Mario or Luigi out into space with nothing to land on. This will make them fall to their death. When the level reloads, they will start out in space and die right afterwards which eventually leads to a Game Over.
  • Mario/Luigi can reach the Underground Ghost Ship directly by firing the cannon above the rocks. It is also possible in Mission 2. If Mario/Luigi reaches the area in Mission 2, they will be permanently trapped there, as Kamella won't appear. Even if Mario/Luigi dies there, he will still re-spawn in the Ghost ship area.
  • The music for this galaxy is a remix of the Super Mario Bros. underground theme.
  • When the player reaches the area where they first dive into the water, the theme from Bigmouth Galaxy will play from then on.