Noki Bay

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Noki Bay
Greater Location Isle Delfino
Inhabitants Nokis, Tanookis, Cheep-Cheeps
First Appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

“This bay actually contains the tomb of an ancient Noki king! When you spray water on the wall paintings, a path usually opens. It's almost like magic!”
Noki Elder, Super Mario Sunshine

Noki Bay is one of the areas of Isle Delfino, the main setting of Super Mario Sunshine. Noki Bay is located at the north behind the island's "dorsal fin". The Nokis live here in the platforms floating in the bay. It's the only location on Isle Delfino that doesn't have an Italian translation. It's also the only 'world-type' location in the game not to feature Yoshi.

The structures have shells on them, possibly because the Nokis carry shells on their backs. Many small square pictures on the cliffs can be pushed in when sprayed, revealing a secret alcove. They are actually switches hiding several hidden tunnels and Blue Coins. The picture switches have six different designs on them, the blank ones making the total number of designs seven.

An old Noki fisherman and his grandson will help Mario throughout the levels, giving him a diving helmet and tips. Gooper Blooper makes a return here at one of the cliffs peaks. He blocks a hole to a room for the ancient Noki King's tomb. Several Noki shells are on the walls, as are two large jugs that hold a Blue Coin each.

Noki Bay is one of the most beautiful locations on the island, with crystal clear water and mysterious, old ruins. It is here that Eely-Mouth's gingivitis has polluted the waters. The eel is in a huge underwater city that can be reached by the large waterfall. There, Mario can clean the eel's mouth and collect red coins in the relaxing and peaceful surrounding of the underwater Noki City.

Mario must collect at least twenty Shine Sprites to unlock this area. Noki Bay is entered from Delfino Plaza by heading to the pier near the Shine Gate and staring up at the sun inside a column of light, a likely reference to the method of accessing the Tower of the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64.


Episode 1: Uncork the Waterfall[edit]

Mario confronting the Monty Mole inside a cannon on top of the cork plugging up the waterfall.
Noki Bay, during the period when the water was polluted.

The misson starts out when Mario lands on a platform amidst a purple, polluted Noki Bay. He then meets the Noki Elder who explains that someone has corked the waterfall, which he believes to be the cause of the pollution. Mario must traverse up the platforms to reach the top of the cliff and avoid the Goops and Glorpedos toward his path. He can use F.L.U.D.D. to spray off the Goop paint from the walls for more platforms to be reveal in order to proceed.

Upon reaching the top near the corked Waterfall, is a Monty Mole inside a cannon, who throws Bob-ombs at Mario. Mario must stun the Bomb-ombs with water then throw them back at Monty Mole three times to defeat him. The pressure of the waterfall then throws the cork and the cannon with the Monty Mole into the sky. The waterfall is then restored to the bay and Shine Sprite appears for Mario to collect.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese たきをふせぐコルクをめざせ! Aim for the corked waterfall!
French Le gardien du bouchon The cork keeper

Episode 2: The Boss of Tricky Ruins[edit]

Gooper Blooper makes a return appearance here. Mario has to find his way into the ancient Noki King's tomb where the Shine Sprite is. To do so, Mario must shoot blocks with water to form paths that he can walk through. Mario must make his way to the top of the cliff using the pathways. The Rocket Nozzle is present in this level, but the player must use the paths he used on the first level of the Noki Bay and find a secret pathway leading off the path to the waterfall. The Rocket Nozzle is a very useful item in this level, as for it can help Mario get higher without using the paths. At the top, Mario must battle Gooper Blooper. Gooper Blooper attacks the same way he did in Ricco Harbor. After Gooper is defeated, Mario can go through the hole he was sitting on, and collect the Shine Sprite.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese カラクリいせきのボス The Boss of the Labyrinthine Ruins
French Le boss des ruines piégées The Boss of the Tricked Ruins
German Der Bezwinger der Labyrinthruine The Conqueror of Labyrinth-ruins

Episode 3: Red Coins in a Bottle[edit]

Mario collecting Red Coins inside the bottle.

The Noki fisherman has figured out what's polluting the bay, but he makes Mario practice diving deep under the surface by telling him to collect eight Red Coins in a bottle full of water.

  • There is a book in the rock structure at the bottom of the bottle, which can be seen by entering a hole in the structure and going into first person view.
Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese The red coins in the bottle ビンのなかのあかコイン
French Les pièces rouges de la bouteille The red coins of the bottle
German Die Flasche der Roten Münzen The Bottle of Red Coins

Episode 4: Eely-Mouth's Dentist[edit]

Mario attempting to clean Eely-Mouth's teeth.

At the beginning of the stage, the Noki Elder's grandson states that his grandfather is waiting at the top of the cliffs. There, the elder explains that a giant eel at the sea floor is the cause of the water pollution; specifically, its rotting, cavity-filled teeth. He also states that the waterfall created a gap that can be used to enter the Noki's home. At the floor, Mario must clean the teeth of Eely-Mouth using F.L.U.D.D.. Doing so causes the eel to leave and a Shine Sprite to appear. Additionally, the water does not appear polluted for the next missions.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese きょだいウナギのはみがき Brushing the giant eel's teeth
French La carie d'Anguy Eely's tooth decay
German Vom Klempner zum Zahnarzt From Plumber to Dentist

Episode 5: Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim[edit]

Mario needs to beat Il Piantissimo in a swimming race across the bay to retrieve a Shine Sprite.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese およげモンテマン・レース Swim - Monteman Race
French La baignade d'Il Piantissimo Il Piantissimo's swim
German Palmathon's Surf-Sprint Il Piantossimo's Surf Sprint

Episode 6: The Shell's Secret[edit]

The Shell that Mario must make his way to, as seen in the episode overview.

Mario has to climb to the shell tower using various ropes and avoiding Wire Traps. When he enters the shell, a secret level will begin.

Mario starts out in a rectangular glass box. Mario must wall jump to exit the box. Then, he must jump on a green rotating platform and land on a yellow platform. After crossing several platforms that move in and out, he climbs up a pole. Now, he must jump on a rope, and use his wall-jumping skills to access several rotating platforms. Mario will then go to the top of several connected spinning platforms placed on top of each other, go up another rotating platform, and land on a red platform that has the Shine Sprite on it.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese かいのなかのヒミツ The secret in the shell
French Le secret du coquillage The Shell's secret
German Das Geheimnis der Muschel The Secret of the Shell

Episode 7: Hold It, Shadow Mario![edit]

This episode is the Shadow Mario episode for Noki Bay. It must be completed in order to access Corona Mountain and fight Bowser and Bowser Jr.. In this episode, Mario must chase down Shadow Mario, as always, and squirt him with water until he gives up a Shine Sprite.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese まて!!ニセマリオ! Wait!! Shadow Mario!
French Antimario crapahute Antimario scrambles
German Schnapp dir Mario Morgana! Catch Shadow Mario!

Episode 8: The Red Coin Fish[edit]

"The Red Coin Fish" redirects here. For information about the Red Coin Fish, see here.

Mario needs to dive down to the bottom of the sea to claim the Nokis' gift for him: a group of Coins and Red Coins swimming in the shape of a fish, which is named the Red Coin Fish. Mario must collect the eight Red Coins in the body of the fish in order to make a Shine Sprite appear. Every so often, the Coins and Red Coins comprising the fish's body will explode outward for several seconds, making it more difficult to collect the Red Coins.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese コインフィッシュとあかコイン Coin fish and red coins
French Le poisson "pièce" rouge The Red "Coin" Fish
German Der Fisch und die Roten Münzen The Fish and the Red Coins

Episode 9: A Golden Bird[edit]

Mario trying to spray the Yellow Bird at the top of the cliff in Noki Bay.

Mario must navigate to the area that he went to in Episode 2. He must walk forward to a hole in the wall, go inside, and Wall Jump upward. He will find a hole in the left side that he can enter. Mario must walk through this hole to a crevice in the side of the cliff. There will be another hole that he must enter, which automatically propels Mario up to the top of the cliff. Mario will find a tree and a Yellow Bird flying around the top of the cliff. Mario must spray this bird multiple times with water from F.L.U.D.D.. When the bird is sprayed enough times, it will turn into a hidden Shine Sprite that Mario must collect. [1]

Episode 10: Red Coins on the Half Shell[edit]

Mario collecting Red Coins in the secret level inside the Shell.

In this episode, Mario must replay Episode 6, though this time he must enter the Shell's Secret and collect eight Red Coins. If he manages to collect them all before the 1:30 time limit is up, a Shine Sprite will be revealed.[1]

Blue Coin Locations[edit]

# Episodes Location
1 All Floating above the water
2 All Floating above the water
3 All Deep underwater, near the hole the underwater section is entered through.
4-5 Episode 6 (Turbo Nozzle Required) Mario should spray the two circle graffiti markings around the bay for two blue coins. One is near the start; the other is by the boat shop.
6-9 Episodes 4 and 8 In the large underwater section, atop four pillars.
10 All From where the hole is on the Yellow Bird plateau, Mario should drop off the edge closest to it. Then, he should spray the wall on the first ledge for a Blue Coin.
11 All From Coin 10, Mario should drop down further. Then, he should spray the tiles on the next ledge for another Blue Coin.
12-13 All From the Yellow Bird Plateau, Mario should look down from the right side, and there is a ledge with many tiles. He should descend there and spray the tiles for two blue coins.
14 All Below where coins 12 and 13 are obtained there should be a series of platforms that form a staircase like pattern. From the bottom of this staircase, a ledge and a wall with a hole in can be seen underneath. Mario should fall and spray the walls for a blue coin.
15 All Just below and to the right of coin 14, there should be another ledge. Mario should fall to here and spray the walls for another blue coin.
16 All Right next to coin 15, there is another ledge with two tiles. Mario should spray the tiles for a blue coin.
17 All Below Coin 16, there is a ledge with a single tile on it and a path to the right. Mario should spray the tile to open a wall-jumping section. The second hole may be used to access a blue coin.
18 All Near where coin 17 is found, Mario must wall-jump the rest of the column and reach the highest hole to access it.
19 Episode 1 and 6 (Rocket nozzle required) About halfway through the path Mario takes in Episode 1, there is another path. At the top of this path, there is a line a coins at the top of which is a blue coin.
20-21 Episodes 2-8 Obtained by spraying two big orange vases, in the place the Shine Sprite for episode two is located.

NOTE: Blue Coins cannot be obtained during Episode 3.

Nozzle Locations[edit]

Hover Nozzle[edit]

  • Right next to the mudboat shop.

Rocket Nozzle[edit]

  • Mario must climb the southwestern wall to find the nozzle box at the top. Only available in episodes 1, 2, & 6.

Turbo Nozzle[edit]

  • There's a hole in the wall that's close to the start of the waterfall where the nozzle box can be found. Oddly enough, it's only available in episode 6. In any other episode, it is replaced with a 1-Up Mushroom trapped inside an icecube.

Official Description[edit]

Isle Delfino Guide Book information for Noki Bay.

Steep cliffs and sea beds are what the Nokis call home. The huge waterfall and three soaring towers resonate with mystic history.


The theme heard in Noki Bay is performed by a wide variety of different flutes (such as the Western flute and panflute, among others). They are accompanied by harp, xylophones, and various other percussion instruments. It was composed by Shinobu Tanaka.

Audio.png Noki Bay - Noki Bay theme (full version)
Noki Bay Super Mario Sunshine.ogg
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Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マーレのいりえ
maare no irie
Mare Bay (Mare are what the Nokis are called in Japan)
Spanish Cala del Sole Sole (Sun in Italian) Bay
French Baie Noki literal translation
German Baia Paradiso Noki Bay (Paradiso means Noki in German)
Italian Baia dei Noki Nokis' Bay


Noki Bay as shown in the Super Mario Sunshine intro.
  • Noki Bay is the only place on Isle Delfino that cannot be clearly seen from another location on the island. Additionally, Corona Mountain is the only other location that can be seen from Noki Bay. If a player climbs to the very top of Pianta Village, it is possible to see the cut in the cliff where the bay resides, but the details of the level are not visible.
  • In the Super Mario Sunshine intro, the waterfall, along with a few shell structures of the bay, can be briefly seen in the welcome video.
  • Yoshi does not appear in any of the Noki Bay episodes, presumably due to the large amount of water. Nonetheless, a version of the Noki Bay theme music with Yoshi's bongo drums can be found in the game's coding.
  • Noki Bay has the most bosses in Super Mario Sunshine with a total count of 3 bosses, not including Shadow Mario/Bowser Jr.
  • Noki Bay has the deepest water levels in all the areas of the game.


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