Shine Gate

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F.L.U.D.D. talks about the significance of the Shine Gate.

“Expert Shine scholars have determined that this darkness has arisen because all of our guardians, the Shine Sprites, have vanished from their gathering spot at the Shine Gate.”
Pianta Attorney, Super Mario Sunshine

In Super Mario Sunshine, the Shine Gate is a 242", 80' historical monument located in Delfino Plaza that has a huge Shine Sprite in the middle of it. Shadow Mario painted black Graffiti all over the Shine Statue, causing all the other Shine Sprites to flee. Mario cleaned off the Shine Statue by using F.L.U.D.D.'s Rocket Nozzle or Hover Nozzle to reach it, and then using F.L.U.D.D.'s Squirt Nozzle to clean it off. Once it has been cleaned completely, it will reveal a hidden Shine Sprite, which appears directly above the middle of the Shine Gate, and can only be collected using the Rocket Nozzle, but if the Shine Sprite is not collected and the player leaves Delfino Plaza, it will be covered in goop again. Later in the game, Mario can use a red Warp Pipe on the right side of the Shine Gate to access the final main area of the game, Pianta Village. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Shine Gate is part of the many areas the main platform stops at. There are two platforms on either side of the gate that aren't in Super Mario Sunshine, and the pipe is absent. Plus the Shine Sprite in the Shine Gate is spinning while in Super Mario Sunshine, it does not unless squirted.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Porta Solis Latin for "Door of the Sun"