Hard Court

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The Hard Court

The Hard Court is a tennis court appearing in all Mario Tennis games. It is the default court, and is the court used in the Mushroom Cup in Mario Tennis, Mario Power Tennis and Mario Tennis Open. In all games, it has a strong bounce with a normal speed. It is blue (green in Mario Tennis) and available in the exhibition mode of all games by default. Hard courts are the most commonly used tennis courts in real life.

Mario Tennis[edit]

Court Description[edit]

In game the court is described as "A standard composite court with average ballspeed." The court's stats say it has normal ballspeed and a strong bounce. It is a good court for beginners and is the most commonly used court.

Mario Power Tennis[edit]

The Hard Court in Mario Power Tennis

The hard court appears in Mario Power Tennis as one of the courts in Peach Dome.

Mario Tennis Open[edit]

The Hard Court in Mario Tennis Open

The hard court appears as one of the Mario Stadium Courts. It is described as being a 'Legendary court revered by top players.'