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Grandmaster Galaxy
Grandmaster Galaxy.png 
Area World S 
How to unlock Collect 240 Power Stars 
Boss(es) None 
Comet(s) Daredevil Comet 
Level(s) The Ultimate Test
The Perfect Run 
Stars Smg2 icon powerstar.pngSmg2 icon prankstercomet.png 
Galaxy Icon A giant gleaming trophy with a Power Star in the middle of it you were the one who collected all of the scattered stars...I want to thank you...your deeds will live on in the memory of the cosmos...”
Rosalina, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Grandmaster Galaxy is the final and hardest galaxy that appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is located in World S. This galaxy is unlocked when the player gets all 240 Stars, like the Grand Finale Galaxy from the first game. It is an obstacle course with puzzles and enemies. This galaxy contains two Stars: one for completing the level and another one for doing it again under Daredevil Comet conditions. In the latter case, the player gets the Star from Rosalina. Unlike the rest of the galaxies, Green Stars don't appear here, mainly because the player has to get all Green Stars to unlock this galaxy.

Planets and Areas[edit]

Starting Planet[edit]

Mario and Yoshi in the Flower Grapple Planet.

The first area is where Mario must use Yoshi to swing on the flower grapples to reach the Launch Star. There are several obstacles along the way, such as Mines and Bullet Bills. Paragoombas also appear in the first mission; they are replaced by Choppahs in the second mission. A Toad can also be found on this planet who will shout Yoshi's name when talked to.

Flipswitch Planet[edit]

The Flipswitch Planet. It contains four Sentry Beam‎s.

After using the Launch Star from the first planet, Mario lands on a planet with Flipswitch Panels, with a backdrop showing moving sprites of items from Super Mario Bros.. The player must touch all 21 Flipswitch Panels (while avoiding Sentry Beams) to reveal the Launch Star.

Electric Maze Area[edit]

The Electric Maze Area.

After landing, Mario finds a Cloud Flower and a fan producing an upward gust. Mario must use the Cloud Flower to make it to the Launch Star at the end of the maze. More Cloud Flowers are subsequently supplied along the way. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom at the top left here that can be reached with clouds.

Platform Planets[edit]

The Platform Planets.

This area contains planets that are made up of many platforms that have electric walls moving through them. Also, Shrinking Tiles and Red-Blue Panels appear here too. Octopi do pop up along the way. Sentry Beams are also found here. Mario must avoid all obstacles in order to successfully reach the Launch Star at the end of the section.

Pull Star Area[edit]

The Pull Star Area.

An area with a lot of electricity. In the beginning, there are some blocks with electricity on them. Later, there is a long segment of Pull Stars where Mario must avoid the electricity, mines, and Paragoombas to get to the end, where he finds a Launch Star. The 3 figures from Shiverburn Galaxy appear here.

Hammer Bro Planets[edit]

The Hammer Bro Planets.

This planet is highly infested with Hammer Bros., and Mario has to get past them to reach the other side. Flomps are also present in this area.

The ending platform has three Boomerang Bros. that Mario must take out. Defeating them reveals a Power Star (or a Launch Star in the Daredevil run).

The Comet Medal for this galaxy is on the far right side of these planets, next to some platforms (as shown on the screenshot). In the Daredevil run, the Comet Medal is replaced with a 1-Up Mushroom.

The Gate Planet[edit]

The Gate Planet.

This planet is only accessed during The Perfect Run. It's a small planet with a small house built on it. Mario meets Rosalina on this planet, which strongly resembles the Gate in Super Mario Galaxy. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom behind the house and next to Rosalina is the final Power Star of the game, which Mario needs to collect. Mario will still lose a life if he falls off, and will have to do the level over again.



The Ultimate Test[edit]

This mission is unlocked once the player gets a total of 240 Stars. The player must complete all the various tasks mentioned above. There are checkpoint flags at the beginning of the Electric Maze Area, the Platform Planets, and the Pull Star Area. Throughout the mission, the player can also speak with the Toad Brigade members. This mission, along with the Daredevil Run, is the only time the leader is seen sleeping. Yellow Toad is also asleep, and if the player speaks to him, he will say Star Bits, giving the player a hint on how to unlock the final mission.

Planets Visited
Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese さいごの腕試し
Saigo no udedameshi
The Last Test
Spanish (NOE) La prueba definitiva The ultimate test
French Le champion de l'univers The champion of the universe
German Das ultimative Hüpf-Examen The ultimate Jumping-Exam (refers to the German name of the Galaxy Hüpfheld-Galaxie)

The Perfect Run[edit]

The Prankster Comet for this galaxy is unlocked when the player finds this galaxy's Comet Medal and deposits 9,999 Star Bits to Banktoad. It is the final level of the game.

The player must redo the The Ultimate Test mission, but under Daredevil Comet conditions. The Checkpoint Flag on the Flip-Swap Platform planet is gone, and on the first planet the Paragoombas are replaced with Choppahs and more mines have been added. Additionally, after defeating the Boomerang Bros. at the end of the level, rather than the Power Star appearing a Launch Star appears that takes, the player is sent to the Gate-like planet with the Power Star and Rosalina, who will thank the player.

Music from the original Super Mario Galaxy is played throughout the level, including the themes of Gusty Garden Galaxy, Good Egg Galaxy, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, and Comet Observatory.

Planets Visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese マスターオブギャラクシー
Masutā obu gyarakushī
Master of Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) La prueba perfecta The perfect test
German Großmeister der Galaxien Grandmaster of the galaxies

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チャンピオンシップギャラクシー
chanpionshippu gyarakushī
Championship Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia Saltos Acrobaticos Acrobatic Jumps Galaxy
French (NOE) Trophée des virtuoses Virtuosos' Trophy
German Hüpfheld-Galaxie Jumping Hero Galaxy (a tribute to Mario)
Italian Galassia Leggendaria Legendary Galaxy


  • This is the only galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 which does not have any Green Stars.
  • This is the only galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 that requires the player to collect Star Bits in addition to collecting the Comet Medal for a Prankster Comet to appear.
  • If the player looks back in first person mode at the starting point of the Pull Star Area, the Launch Star from the previous area can be seen above the Gate planet in the Daredevil Run.
  • Oddly enough, the three figures from the Shiverburn Galaxy are found here.
  • If the player collects all Stars (e.g. completing all galaxies except Grandmaster) and then completes this galaxy, a special message will appear on his or her Wii Message Board, both congratulating and thanking the player for completing the game 100%.