Beef Cloud

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“Sleep makes me... feel better!”
Beef Cloud, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Dream Team Enemy
Beef Cloud
Location(s) Dreamy Wakeport
Level 14
HP 357
Power 1
Defense 105
Speed 1
Experience 200
Coins 50
Coin Rate 100%
Item Drop(s) Super Candy (30%)
Rare Drop(s) HP Knockout Bangle (5%)
Related Hooraw, Hooski

Beef Cloud is a character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, as one of Big Massif's four Hooraw disciples that must be fought in the Beef-Off. He is a giant, round Hooraw with white cloud-like hair and pants, a relaxed face and is constantly sleeping.

In battle, Beef Cloud does not attack, does not have any Hooraws to support him, nor does he have to be defeated within certain conditions. Instead, Beef Cloud is constantly sleeping. As he sleeps, he heals himself in real-time (roughly once every five seconds), rather than every turn - even during Mario's attacks.

Due to Beef Cloud's constant healing, Mario has to attack as quickly as possible (likely by using normal attacks instead of his Luiginary Attacks) to inflict more damage than his foe can recover. After taking several hits, the giant Hooraw will wake up for a short time. Eventually, once he can no longer heal himself (because of attempted damage), Beef Cloud can then be attacked and easily defeated.

Of the Hooraw disciples, Beef Cloud has the lowest POW and SPEED, but has the highest DEF and second-to-highest HP.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) Nubelón Aletargado Lethargic Nubelón (from "nube" (cloud) and "dormilón" (sleepyhead))
Spanish (NOE) Pupilo Blanco White Pupilo (Hooraws Spanish name)
Portuguese Indiscipesado
Korean 제자화이트
Pupil White


  • The four Hooraws that Mario and Luigi face have personalities that are the same as the Vibe emotions from Super Princess Peach, Beef Cloud represents Calm (including how the sleep heals him).