Fossil Falls Heights

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Fossil Falls Heights
Screenshot of a boss from Super Mario Odyssey.
Madame Broode being fought
Greater location Cascade Kingdom
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Fossil Falls Heights is a location in the Cascade Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It makes up the height of the kingdom, where Madame Broode is fought. It is accessed via the 8-bit section embedded in the cliff wall. From here, Mario is able to get a pristine view of the rest of the kingdom, specifically the waterfall nearby.

For the most part, Fossil Falls Heights is made up of two small platforms with a short bridge connecting them. On one side, there are two Chain Chomps, a Checkpoint Flag, and a pole Cappy suggest Mario climb up. Mario must capture one of the Chain Chomps to fling them at the rubble blocking off the other side, where Madame Broode is then fought.

A number of Power Moons can be found on this side, though not until future visits. Power Moon #8: Across the Floating Isles appears next to the summit.

A scarecrow also appears in the area where Madame Broode is battled. Tossing Cappy onto it activates Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 2, where Mario must perform two Triple Jumps to reach a Power Moon at the top.

Below the summit is a ledge with a Moon Rock. Captain Toad may be found on the adjacent ledge, where he provides Mario Power Moon #11: Good Morning, Captain Toad!

A piece of Hint Art in the Dark Side depicts Poochy buring a Power Moon somewhere in the Cascade Kingdom. This Power Moon can be found buried surrounding the arena where Madame Broode is fought.

After opening up this kingdom's Moon Rock, three other Power Moons become available for collection, all of which are found in Fossil Falls Height. Power Moon #29: Next to the Stone Arch can be easily nabbed with a swift jump off the bridge. Power Moon #30: Guarded by a Colossal Fossil, must be revealed by tossing and holding down Cappy onto the glowing spot of the triceratops head fossil. Mario may capture one of the Chain Chomps on the other side and launch them toward a fossil piece near the spark pylon to reveal Power Moon #33: Inside the Busted Fossil.

An uncommon though speedy method of reaching Fossil Falls Height involves capturing the T-Rex, revealing the trampoline at the base of its nest, and using it to gain serious height before diving toward the summit may also be put to use.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイナフォー高地
Dainafō Kouchi
Fossil Falls Heights
Spanish (NOE) Sobre el Salto del Fósil Above Fossil Falls