Beach Bowl Galaxy

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Beach Bowl Galaxy
Beach Bowl Galaxy.png
Area Kitchen
How to unlock Get 16 stars and complete Bowser's Star Reactor.
Comet(s) Fast Foe Comet
Purple Comet
Mission(s) Sunken Treasure
Passing the Swim Test
The Secret Undersea Cavern
Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone
Beachcombing for Purple Coins
Wall Jumping up Waterfalls
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.Fast-Foe CometPurple CometHidden Power Star
Galaxy icon The Heavenly Beach Planet, the Cyclone Stone, and several gulls
“Yeah, this Beach Bowl is pretty much penguin paradise!”
Penguin, Super Mario Galaxy

The Beach Bowl Galaxy is one of the galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy. The galaxy is accessed from a dome called the Kitchen. The largest planet in this galaxy is a beach area filled with Penguins, called a "penguin paradise". The name is a pun on "beach ball". This galaxy is one of the only three major galaxies to not feature a boss battle; the other two being the Dusty Dune Galaxy and Sea Slide Galaxy. Concept art for the game displays Beach Bowl combined with Sea Slide Galaxy, with the Beach Bowl in the middle instead of the middle island found in Sea Slide.

This is the only galaxy where it is possible to get the three main Power Stars out of order. If the player gets the secret Star, Wall Jumping Up Waterfalls, during the second mission, upon reselecting the hidden Star, the third mission will play out even if the second star has not been collected.


Heavenly Beach Planet[edit]

Mario near some penguins in the Beach Bowl Galaxy
Mario and some Penguins on the Heavenly Beach Planet.
Beach Bowl Galaxy
Aerial view of the Beach Bowl's Heavenly Beach Planet.

The Heavenly Beach Planet[1] is shaped like a bowl (as the name of the galaxy implies). It is divided into two sides: the first, mostly underwater, has a few floating islands and some underwater ruins. The other side has a shallow pool in the middle ringed with grassy knolls. The dividing line between the two sides is a steep mountain with a waterfall falling out onto the first side. There is also an underground cave that opens up into the second side of the planet which shelters bats and Goombas. The planet is home to some penguin swimming school students and their teacher, as well as some sea life (Urchins and Gringills). In the back there is an area with a few Piranha Plants, Wigglers, and some Music Notes in the first Mission. There is also a Secret Underground Cave, reached by launching a Koopa Shell into a cracked wall.

Mario above water in the starting planet in the Beach Bowl Galaxy.
The grassy area on the Heavenly Beach Planet.
Mario in the caverns in the starting planet in the Beach Bowl Galaxy.
The secret cave accessed by using a Green Shell.

Twin Fall Lake Planet[edit]

Ice Mario ice skates on the Beach Bowl Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.
The icy portion of the Twin Fall Lake Planet.
The Twin Fall Lake Planet.

The Twin Fall Lake Planet[2] is reached when a treasure chest is opened on the far side of the starting planet (using a Koopa Shell) and using the Launch Star that appears. It is filled with numerous waterfalls that can be wall-jumped upon using an Ice Flower. There are two Cataquacks on this planet, which are used in order to obtain a ? Coin, which makes the previously stated Ice Flower appear. In an early image of the game, this planet can be seen in the Gusty Garden Galaxy.

At the top of the Twin Fall Lake Planet, the design is similar to the Heavenly Beach Planet, but with an icy design. It is reached when finding a Launch Star while wall-jumping of the waterfalls of the Twin Fall Lake Planet. There is a giant body of water in the bowl filled with tiny icebergs. At the beginning of the planet, there is an Ice Flower encased in a crystal. It is used to transform into the Ice form, and skate across the water and reach the icebergs. There is also a Cataquack, which can be used to obtain Coins, Star Bits, and even a Power Star.

The Cyclone Stone[edit]

The Stone Cyclone in the Beach Bowl Galaxy
A portion of the galaxy known as the Cyclone Stone.

The Cyclone Stone is reached when finding a Launch Star in the Secret Underground Cavern of the Heavenly Beach Planet. The planet itself is a twisted stone path filled with Thwomps and Tox Boxes. In the center is a large path of rushing water, leading into a black hole. The end contains a Power Star encased in a crystal. When a Prankster Comet is in orbit, the enemies move twice as fast. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Stone Cyclone Galaxy uses this planet, only that the enemies move four times as fast.



Level Image Summary
Sunken Treasure Beach Bowl Sunken Treasure.png This mission's objective is to reach the top of the island.
Passing the Swim Test Gold Shell.png This mission's objective is to bring a Gold Shell to the Penguin Coach.
The Secret Undersea Cavern Beach Bowl Secret Undersea Cavern.png This mission's objective is the cross the Cyclone Stone.
Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone Fast Foes on the Stone Cyclone.png This mission's objective is to cross the Cyclone Stone with the enemies moving quickly.
Beachcombing for Purple Coins Beachcombing for Purple Coins This mission's objective is to collect the Purple Coins.
Wall Jumping up Waterfalls Ice Mario wall jumping up the waterfalls. This mission's objective is to use the Ice Flower power-up to climb up waterfalls. It can be accessed from Passing the Swim Test and The Secret Undersea Cavern.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グラスビーチギャラクシー
Gurasu Bīchi Gyarakushī
Glass Beach Galaxy

Chinese 玻璃沙滩银河
Bōlí shātān yínhé
Glass Beach Galaxy

French (NOA) Plage Saladier
Salad Bowl Beach
French (NOE) Plage saladier
Salad Bowl Beach
German Glasstrand-Galaxie
Glass-Beach Galaxy
Italian Galassia Atollo
Atoll Galaxy
Korean 글래스 비치 갤럭시
Geullaeseu Bichi Gaelleoksi
Glass Beach Galaxy

Spanish (NOA) Galaxia de la Playa Verde
Green Beach Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Playa Verde
Green Beach Galaxy



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