Volcano Cave Entrance

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Volcano Cave Entrance
A screenshot of the Volcano Cave Entrance in Super Mario Odyssey
Greater location Luncheon Kingdom
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Volcano Cave Entrance is a location in Super Mario Odyssey in the Luncheon Kingdom. It can be reached via a lava cannon or by simply walking behind Peronza Plaza. It is the entrance to the Volcano Cave. The entrance has a Checkpoint Flag, two Lava Bubbles in the lava, which is left to an 8-Bit Pipe, which leads to a small platforming section with a Hammer Bro, several pools of lava with Lava Bubbles and several regional coins. After the 2D segment, there is a corn on the cob which can be rolled on to reach the entrance to the cave, and can also be used to get three regional coins. After the game is beaten and the Luncheon Kingdom's Moon Rock is activated, a Moon Pipe appears at the entrance.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 火山洞くつ 入口
Kazan Dōkutsu Iriguchi
Volcano Cave: Entrance
Chinese 火山洞窟 入口
Huǒshān dòngkū rùkǒu
Volcano Cave: Entrance
Russian Вход в пещеру Вулкана
Vkhod v pescheru Vulkana
Entrance to the Volcano Cave
Spanish (NOE) Entrada a la cueva del volcán Volcano Cave Entrance