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Pianta Tokens are blue coins with Don Pianta's face imprinted on them. They are found solely in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They are only usable at the Pianta Parlor, where Mario can win them from the slot machines. Mario can trade them for items and badges from Lahla, the Boo working at the desk. The change machine trades three coins for one token, which is generally a bad deal since Mario can get some of the tokens for free if he is good at the minigames.

The minigames have some Pianta Tokens scattered in their levels, and since the games cost ten of them just to play, the number of tokens over ten is how many Mario has won. For example, if Mario wins nine tokens, he just lost one from the game.

However, it takes a long time to win enough Pianta Tokens for the more expensive prizes by playing the minigames, so once the player has got the high scores in all the minigames available at the time, it is much quicker to win Pianta Tokens at the slot machines. With a little practice, it is possible to line up three red sevens on a semi-regular basis (as they are the only red symbol on the reel, so they are very easy to spot), and since the prize for three red sevens is one-hundred Pianta Tokens, it is very easy to make a decent profit.

To play a slot machine, Mario must deposit one Pianta Token. The slots will then spin. If Mario matches three of a kind, he'll earn more Pianta Tokens. Three Don Piantas give him three Pianta Tokens; three Stars give him fifteen Pianta Tokens, and three 7s gives him one-hundred Pianta Tokens. These tokens will disappear shortly after they land on the ground, so Mario must hurry and collect the tokens before they're gone.

The maximum number of Pianta Tokens that can be earned is 99999. Nothing happens if this amount is reached; the Pianta Changer will still allow Mario to deposit coins, even though he will get nothing in return.

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Pianti -
German Palma Pianta