Bowser's Star Reactor

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Bowser's Star Reactor
Bowser Star Reactor.png 
Area Fountain 
How to unlock Get 15 stars 
Boss(es) Bowser 
Level(s) The Fiery Stronghold 
Stars Smg icon grandstar.png 
Galaxy Icon Bowser's head
Not to be confused with Bowser's Galaxy Reactor.

“I can feel a Grand Star nearby! But this place is filled with all kinds of traps and tricks! Be careful!”
Luma, Super Mario Galaxy

Bowser's Star Reactor is a galaxy located in Super Mario Galaxy and the first galaxy where Mario fights Bowser. Before that, he has to travel through a short level that resembles one of the Bowser levels from Super Mario 64 (the music is also a remix from those levels). The galaxy also has lots of inaccessible Airships floating in the background; these can only be reached by hacking the game, which reveals they are solid.

After Mario reaches a green staircase at the end, Bowser will appear and start breathing meteorite like objects at the staircase. This causes the stairs to start breaking; Mario must reach the top before they break completely. Upon reaching the top, Bowser roars and changes the gravity, causing Mario and Bowser to "fall" onto a metallic planet above the area.

Mario fights Bowser on this planet. After he defeats Bowser, the king of the Koopas says he has not been defeated yet, teleports away, and leaves a Grand Star behind, which Mario gets.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

The Starting Planet.

This Planet contains Firebars and a 1-Up Mushroom. When the player advances on the platforms, they will go into a loop. This planet also has a Thwomp and a flamethrower, and a platform that takes Mario to the Gravity Planet.

Gravity Area[edit]

The Gravity Area.

Here, Mario must be careful as to not fall off the platforms and into a Black Hole, because the gravity changes back and forth here due to the Gravity Walls. There are also more Firebars and a Thwomp here. At the end of this area is a platform leading to the stairs.


Mario climbing the Stairway to reach Bowser.

In this area, there are stairs that lead to the platform where Mario fights Bowser. There are yet more Firebars, flamethrowers, and Thwomps that make getting to the top harder. After the Firebars, Bowser will appear and then he will try to throw fireballs at Mario. When the player reaches Bowser, they will be taken to the Magma Planet.

Star Reactor[edit]

The Star Reactor.

This is the planet where Mario battles Bowser. When Bowser Ground Pounds the blue glass, lava will be exposed and burn his tail. The green plates can be used to block the shock waves Bowser makes. When Bowser is defeated, Mario will receive a Grand Star, unlocking the Kitchen.


The Fiery Stronghold[edit]

Bowser shooting meteors in order to break Mario's passage.

Mario starts the level flying through space past Bowser's airship fleet and landing on a platform with a long path bending upwards and a giant warp pipe attached to it. The player will have to walk on the path. The player will have to walk on to find a crystal with a 1-Up Mushroom in it and the main platform, with two firebars, a flamethrower and a Thwomp. Up next is a green platform which rotates 180º to come to an area with shifting gravity. The player will need to go onto a yellow platform to come to a grey platform with four firebars in a cross shape turning counterclockwise. A Thwomp will try to squash Mario as the player came into an area with three flamethrowers, a moving platform, and three groups of firebars. After passing through these obstacles, the player will have to to fight Bowser. On the way he will spit meteors at Mario, breaking the area's platforms. The player can obtain a Life Mushroom trapped in a crystal. When Mario gets to the top Bowser swaps the gravity between the two planets.

Bowser's tail is burnt.

His first attack is a stomp which will make a shockwave move around the planet, and Mario will have to jump over it. Then Bowser will try to ground pound Mario. The player must make Bowser smash through the planet's glass and burn himself on the Star energy underneath. He will run around the planet, and the player must try Spinning to attack his tail that will send him spinning on his shell. The player should Spin at him again to give damage. He will then start shooting fireballs at Mario. The player will have to repeat this process to defeat Bowser. Once Bowser is defeated, he will release the Grand Star.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 魔要塞クッパ砦の死闘!
Mayousai Kuppa torideno shitou!
Deadly Duel in Bowser's Diabolic Fort!
Spanish (NOA) Duelo en el Fuerte de Bowser Duel in Bowser's Fortress
Spanish (NOE) Duelo mortal en el fortín Koopa Deadly duel in the Koopa fort
French (NOA) L'Assaut de la Forteresse de Bowser The Assault of Bowser's Fortress
French (NOE) L'assaut de la forteresse de Bowser The Assault of Bowser's Fortress
Italian Annientamento della Fortezza Bowser Annihilation of Bowser Fortress
Korean 마의 요새 쿠파와의 사투!
Ma ui yosae Kupa waui satu!
Deadly Duel in Bowser's Diabolic Fort!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパスタープラント
Kuppa sutā puranto
Bowser's Star Plant
Spanish (NOA) Dimensión Estelar de Bowser Bowser's Stellar Dimension
Spanish (NOE) Dimensión Estelar Bowser Bowser Stellar Dimension
French (NOA) Usine Stellaire Stellar Factory
French (NOE) Usine stellaire Stellar Factory
German Bowsers Sternenfabrik Bowser's Star Factory
Italian Sistema Stellare di Bowser Bowser's Star System
Korean 쿠파 스타 플랜트
Kupa Seuta Peullaenteu
Bowser Star Plant