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The Battle Spinner in action

The Battle Spinner (also known as Battle Spin) is a slot machine in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

It's introduced by Kersti in the second level of the game, Bouquet Gardens, in a battle against five Goombas who had taken the form of a Goomba Wheel.

Similar to Bingo! in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario can to use the Battle Spinner in battle after spending three Coins. It allows him to use up to three stickers in one turn. When pressing X Button to begin, three icons appear on the screen. The player should press A Button to stop each icon at once. The amount of icons matched determines the number of Stickers that can be used at once. The icon images shown randomly are: Coin, Mushroom, Fire Flower, POW Block, Thunder Bolt, and Poison Mushroom. When Mario is low on health, the mushroom and coins may switch places on the battle spinner temporarily, making mushrooms easier to receive.

The player is also given the option to automatically match the first two icons, for the additional price of fifteen Coins. There is also a final option: the player may slow down the icons after paying thirty Coins. It should be noted that, the more that the player utilizes the Battle Spinner in the same battle, the more the Coin prices will increase.

If Mario matches at least two icons, he can use two stickers in one turn, but will not receive a bonus effect. However, if Mario matches all three icons, he can use three stickers in one turn and, additionally, receive a bonus effect based on the given icon.

Battle Spin returns in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Huey introduces it to Mario when the player tries to get the second Mini Paint Star of Port Prisma. This time, the Battle Spin is a deck of cards spinning in a circle. The player must tap the screen to receive a Battle Card. The player can pay additional coins to see the cards and slow the roulette.

Effects in Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

  • Coin: Receive a bonus amount of Coins.
  • Mushroom: Mario instantly recovers 20 HP.
  • Fire Flower: Mario automatically transforms into Fire Mario and throws fireballs at enemies inflicting 3 damage.
  • POW Block: Mario automatically uses a POW Block that does 3 damage; may cause Crumple status on the enemies.
  • Thunder Bolt: Strikes all enemies with thunderbolts that do 3 damage, may cause Dizzy status.
  • Poison Mushroom: Poisons Mario.