Mario's Greatest Movie Moments

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! "Mario's Greatest Movie Moments" DVD

Mario's Greatest Movie Moments is the first DVD release of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! It was released on February 26, 2002, by Lions Gate Home Entertainment, and it is the only DVD release of the show released by the company. It contains six animated segments of the series, without the live-action portions, which would be followed on with later DVD releases of the series. It also contains two episodes of The Legend of Zelda as bonus episodes. These respective segments were already featured on two VHS volumes released on the same day: Mario's Monster Madness and Action Adventures.

The cover is the same as the Mario's Monster Madness VHS, featuring Mario and Luigi running out of a movie, shocked, with the video marquee reading "NOW SHOWING" and "MARIO'S GREATEST MOVIE MOMENTS." King Koopa looks on at the two scared Mario Bros. from above with a smirk on his face.

The DVD menu, as with other DIC Entertainment DVDs released by Lions Gate, features Inspector Gadget, who teaches the viewers how to use the menu. It also features a trivia game, and English subtitles are available as well. Pressing the DIC logo on the bottom left showcases a promo for this DVD alongside the Sonic the Hedgehog DVD Super Sonic, which was released on the same day as well.


Join Mario, Luigi, Toad & Princess Toadstool for some spooktacular fun as the Mario Bros. go wrench-to-wrench with some seriously Koopacetic monsters on the rampage in the Mushroom Kingdom! Monsters such as...

  • Kount Koopula! - Spaghetti-sauce-sucking fang-face terrorizes Turtlevania.
  • Koopzilla! - Giant hot-air-breathing reptile flattens the City of Sayonara.
  • Koopenstein! - Man-made monster turns the Swiss Alps into Swiss Cheese.

Then it's time to get with the flow - call a plumber! Mario, Luigi, Toad & Princess Toadstool show off their finest action-hero chops as they take on King Koopa, Mouser and the Koopa Krew in three eye-popping episodes of non-stop action and frenzied fun!

  • Robo-Koopa - King Koopa goes robotic and only Robo-Rooter Mario can stop him!
  • Toad Warrior - Toad hits the road to stop Kar-Krazy Koopa from stealing the world's last remaining tomato sauce.
  • Raiders of the Lost Mushroom - Mario and friends butt heads with Kolonel Koopa over a long-lost magical mushroom statue... and whip him good!

2 bonus features from The Adventures of Zelda...

  • The Missing Link
  • Kiss and Tell


The episodes are split into their VHS volumes, beginning with "Action Adventures" and then followed up with "Mario's Monster Madness," complete with credits and intro sequences in the middle. Both portions are in separate video files on the disc.

Action Adventures[edit]

Mario's Monster Madness[edit]

Being one of the earliest DVD releases of a DIC Entertainment cartoon, this is notably the only Super Mario Bros. DVD release that features Inspector Gadget appearing on the menus to provide tutorials on how to use the DVD.

Trivia Game[edit]

The DVD also contains a trivia game asking one question each about the above-listed episodes. Getting a question wrong displays a screen of Inspector Gadget with his mechanical hands in his hat doing a "hands out" expression, with text reading "That was very close. why don't you... TRY AGAIN" next to him, while getting the right answer lets the viewer proceed to the next question.

Beating the trivia game allows the viewer to watch the episode "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario."


  1. Who sends Robo Koopa willy-nilly by pushing his button?
  • The Princess
  • Mario
  • Bunsun
  • Luigi
  1. What does Toad use to become the Toad Warrior?
  • A Shiny Star
  • A Sandwich
  • Mario's Wrench
  • A Helmet
  1. Who helps Mario and his friends find the "Lost Mushroom?"
  • Denver Danny
  • Peorla Pete
  • Arkansas Betty
  • Indiana Joe
  1. Who's fiendish plan turns Link into a Toad?
  • Zelda
  • Ganon
  • The Toad King
  • The Three-Headed Dragon
  1. What's room number that the Mario Bros. were put into in Koopula's Castle?
  • 2
  • 1
  • 4
  • 3
  1. What do Mario and the gang travel to Sayonara for?
  • The Weather
  • Super Tempura
  • Super Sushi
  • Super Salad
  1. What does Koopenstein want from the Mario Bros.?
  • Their Help
  • Their Tools
  • Their Brains
  • Their Hats
  1. In "The Missing Link", where does Link get sent?
  • The Evil Ball
  • The Evil Jar
  • The Evil Lake
  • The Evil Garden Gnome


  • The Legend of Zelda is misnamed "The Adventures of Zelda" on the cover art.
  • Question 5 of the trivia game has a typo—"What's room number," when it should be "What's the room number."
  • The bonus episode "The Adventures of Sherlock Mario" is poorly edited. Midway through the second part of the episode, it inexplicably loops back to the start of the second act, then plays as normal, and even shows the second half of the episode's accompanying live-action segment, "Plumbers of the Year." Also, unlike in the other episodes on the compilation, the DIC and Viacom logos are kept instead of being replaced with the 2001 logo.
    • On some DVD players, once the episode finishes, it does not go back to the menu, rather going to the "That was very close" wrong answer screen and then going back to the eighth question.