Mario's Monster Madness

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Mario's Monster Madness is a VHS release of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! It was released on February 26, 2002, by Lions Gate Home Entertainment, on the same day as its sister release Action Adventures, and its DVD counterpart Mario's Greatest Movie Moments.

It contains three animated segments of the series, without the live-action portions, alongside an episode of The Legend of Zelda as a bonus episode.

The cover features Mario and Luigi running out of a movie shocked with the video marquee reading "NOW SHOWING" and "MARIO'S MONSTER MADNESS". King Koopa looks on at the two scared plumbers from above with a smirk on his face. The same cover is used for Mario's Greatest Movie Moments, but with the change of title.


Join Mario, Luigi, Toad & Princess Toadstool for some spooktacular fun as the Mario Bros. go wrench-to-wrench with some seriously Koopacetic monsters on the rampage in the Mushroom Kingdom! Monsters such as:

  • Kount Koopula! - Spaghetti-sauce-sucking fang-face terrorizes Turtlevania.
  • Koopenstein! - Man-made monster turns the Swiss Alps into Swiss Cheese.
  • Koopzilla! - Giant hot-air-breathing reptile flattens the City of Sayonara.

Bonus Feature from The Legend of Zelda:

In "The Missing Link", Link's body is nabbed by the evil wizard Ganon, but his ghost-like spirit stays behind to help Zelda rescue him from Ganon's Evil Jar.