The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! - Volume One (DVD)

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Front and back cover
Front and back cover
Front and back cover
The cover art to the re-release of the UK DVD "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! - Volume One titled "The Crazy World of the Super Mario Bros.".
The 2007 re-release

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! - Volume One is a British DVD release of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! containing the first 6 episodes of the series. The DVD was released by Maximum Entertainment (under license from BVS Entertainment/Fox Kids Europe) on May 31, 2004 as part of the Fox Kids Best Sellers line.

The cover was a normal generic cover used by all of the releases in the Fox Kids Best Sellers line, featuring an image of the show in the middle of a colored border (for this release, the border was Lime Green). As with the rest of Maximum's first wave of Fox Kids Best Sellers, it also featured a promo for Fox Kids UK's 2004 lineup.

One version of this DVD has the Jetix logo on the cover replacing the Fox Kids logo. This was included on a triple boxset that included DVDs of Inspector Gadget and Dennis the Menace.

Both Volume One and half of Volume Two were re-released in 2005 into a compilation DVD called The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! - Mega Disc.

The DVD was re-released on June 4, 2007 as The Crazy World of The Super Mario Bros. Only the product number, disk art and cover art changed, the episodes remain the same as the previous release.


You're in for a treat, so hang on to your seat

Get ready for adventure and remarkable feats

You’ll meet Koopas, The Troopas, the Princess and the others

Hangin with the plumbers, you’ll be hooked on the brothers!


  • "The Bird, The Bird"
    "While crossing the Land of Ice, Toad gets kidnapped by a Giant Birdo who thinks the Mushroom is her missing baby."
  • "Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid"
    "Koopa the Kid has kidnapped the Princess and hidden her in the Old West. Mario and Luigi ride into town to save her."
  • "King Mario of Cramalot"
    "With the help of the Wizard Mervin, Mario pulls the Golden Plumber's Helper from the Magic sink and saves the Land of Cramalot from evil King Koopa."
  • "Mario's Magic Carpet"
    "The Marios wage a wild magic carpet buckle to save The Princess from being forced into King Koopa's harem."
  • "Rollin' Down the River"
    "Mario and Luigi disguise themselves as Riverboat Gamblers to rescue the Princess who is held captive by Koopa."
  • "The Great Gladiator Gig"
    "Our heroes think they are going to a buffet Spaghetti Dinner in the Linguine Empire Colosseum, but it's all a plot by the evil Emperor Augustus Septemberus Octoberus Koopa to feed the Marios to the lions."