Super Mario Bros.: Mario Mania!

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Super Mario Bros.: Mario Mania! is the second DVD release of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, released by Sterling Entertainment in 2004. Labeled as a "Collector's Edition", it features the first week's worth of episodes, including The Legend of Zelda episode "The Ringer", with all episodes accompanied by their respective live-action segments. The DVD also includes the option for the viewer to watch the individual live-action segments, without the animated segments.

The episodes are presented the same way they were streamed on Yahooligans! TV earlier that year. As a result, the first four episodes' live-action segments do not include their previews for the Zelda episode. Also, as with later releases, the Family Channel version of "King Mario of Cramalot" is used. However, this is also the only DVD release of the live-action episode "Slime Busters", which did not appear on Shout! Factory's Complete Series release for The Legend of Zelda.

In addition, the DVD contains a bonus featurette titled "Ask Andy", in which executive producer Andy Heyward answers questions asked by fans.

The DVD is labeled as "Volume 1", but a second volume containing the second week's worth of episodes was never made.