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Action Adventures is a VHS release of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! It was released on February 26, 2002, by Lionsgate Home Entertainment, on the same day as its sister release Mario's Monster Madness, and its DVD counterpart Mario's Greatest Movie Moments.

It contains three animated segments of the series, without the live-action portions, alongside an episode of The Legend of Zelda as a bonus episode.

The cover features Mario, Luigi, and Toad (depicted in his design from earlier episodes) inside a movie theater, which showcases a box-office usher, in addition to screenshots from episodes used for the "NOW PLAYING" and "SPECIAL FEATURE" previews.


Get with the flow - call a plumber! Mario, Luigi, Toad & Princess Toadstool show off their finest action-hero chops as they take on King Koopa, Mouser and the Koopa Krew in three eye popping episodes of non-stop action and frenzied fun! Check it out:

  • Robo Koopa - King Koopa goes robotic and only Robo-Rooter Mario can stop him!
  • Toad Warrior - Toad hits the road to stop Kar-Krazy Koopa from stealing the world's last remaining tomato sauce.
  • Raiders of the Lost Mushroom - Mario and friends butt heads with Kolonel Koopa over a long-lost magical mushroom statue... and whip him good!

Bonus Feature from The Legend of Zelda:

In "Kiss and Tell", Link gets transformed into an amphibian when his vanity gets the best of him, and only a kiss from a princess will save him. But will Zelda lock lips with a frog?