Mushroom Pilot

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“Come on, Princess! Your people need you!”
Mushroom Pilot, "Toad Warriors"
The Mushroom Pilot

The Mushroom Pilot is a Mushroom Person who wears goggles and a scarf, who appears in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

In the episode "Toad Warriors", the Mushroom Pilot is shown to be a member of a rebellion against King Koopa, who has stolen all the spaghetti sauce in Car Land.

The Mushroom Pilot first appears when he aids Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Toadstool from being captured by a State Troopa; dive-bombing the State Troopa in his helicopter, the Mushroom Pilot lets down a rope ladder from his helicopter, which he tells Princess Toadstool to grab on to, which she does, after being persuaded to by Mario, Luigi and Toad. With Princess Toadstool grasping his rope ladder, the Mushroom Pilot speeds away to the Car Land rebellion's fort.

The Mushroom Pilot later appears during King Koopa and the Koopa Pack's siege of the Rebel Fort, where the Mushroom Pilot is instructed by Princess Toadstool to teach Luigi how to fly his helicopter.