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This article is about Villager's special move. For the character from Diddy Kong Racing, see Timber.
The process of using Timber in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Timber is Villager's down special move in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, consisting of three individual steps. Villager first plants a sapling into the ground; this part of the move fails if used on a slope or ledge. The sapling also automatically disappears after some time.

By using the move again while the sapling is active, Villger pulls out a watering can, which grows the sapling into a full-sized Animal Crossing-style tree; the growth of the tree also damages opponents and knocks them up into the air. The water is able to push back opponents, and Villager can move and jump while watering. The tree also disappears after some time automatically, and disappears sooner if attacked.

Finally, when the move is used while the grown tree is active, Villager pulls out an axe to cut down the tree and deal damage to anybody on the falling side of the tree; the tree must be struck twice on one side before it falls over. The fallen tree may also occasionally create a piece of wood that can be thrown, or a piece of fruit that can heal damage. The axe can also be used to attack opponents.

The first custom variant for this move is Timber Counter. In addition to each of the stages of the attack being faster, the sapling can trip opponents, and the tree can counterattack; however, the tree is not as powerful when cut down and is less durable, and the watering can does not push back as far. The second custom variant is Super Timber. While each stage is slower, the watering can has an extended range, and the tree is larger, more durable, and deals a greater amount of damage.