Path to the Meat Plateau

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Path to the Meat Plateau
A screenshot of the Path to the Meat Plateau in Super Mario Odyssey
Greater location Luncheon Kingdom
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Path to the Meat Plateau is a location in the Luncheon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is located in front of the Power Moon from the mission Under the Cheese Rocks and is the pathway to the Meat Plateau. At the start of the pathway, there is a Checkpoint Flag, and a hole in the ground with a Lava Bubble. Left to the Checkpoint Flag is several platforms with several Magmatos, Lava Bubbles, Fire Bros and two regional coins. To the right of the Checkpoint Flag is a tall structure with three regional coins, a crack that, when Ground Pounded, gives a batch of coins, four Hidden Blocks with one coin each and a Door which leads to a small room with a Power Moon. In front of the Checkpoint Flag is a small island with a Torch which, once it is set on fire with either a Lava Bubble or a Fire Bro, will give the player another Power Moon. In front of all the platforms is a tower that leads to the Meat Plateau. Behind the tower is a door and a set of Cheese Blocks that, when broken with a Hammer Bros frying pans reveals a Golden Turnip. Right of the tower is a Volbonan which can be captured to collect three regional coins. Finally, after beating the main game and opening the kingdom's Moon Rock, another crack can be found on the tall structure, which, when ground pounded, will give the player a Power Moon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 保管所への道
Hokanjo e no Michi
Path to the Storage
Chinese 通往保管站的路
Tōng wǎng bǎoguǎn zhàn de lù
Path to the Storage
Russian Тропа к Мясному уступу
Tropa k Myasnomu ustupu
Path to the Meat Ledge
Spanish (NOE) Camino al trampolín cárnico Path to the Meat Ledge