Family Computer Golf: Japan Course

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Family Computer Golf: Japan Course
Developer HAL Laboratory
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Family Computer Disk System
Release date Japan February 21, 1987
Genre Golf
Floppy disk

Family Computer Golf: Japan Course (ゴルフJAPANコース) is a Japan-exclusive golf game released for the Family Computer Disk System on February 21, 1987. It is a golf game starring Mario and Luigi. It is similar in gameplay to the earlier Golf and the later NES Open Tournament Golf. The courses in the game are based on real-life courses in Japan.

The game comes on a blue disk, meaning it is compatible with the Disk Fax, a device found in public places across Japan such as department stores. These machines would send the player's saved games and high score information to Nintendo. Nintendo held a contest centered around this game, and winners received a special version of the game that came on a gold disk. This version was harder and had an extra course added in.

The game received a companion title a few months later as Family Computer Golf: U.S. Course, which had courses modeled after real American courses.


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