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This article is about the bats in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Luigi's Mansion 3. For the bats in Luigi's Mansion, see Bat (ghost).

Bats[1] are enemies found in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They attack and do five HP of damage to Luigi if they hit him. They can be defeated by either sucking them in using the Poltergust 5000 or using the Strobulb on them. Using the Strobulb on them can make them drop a bill, a heart, or nothing. They can be hidden in furniture or windows after a curtain has been pulled. Gold bats[2] fly in a certain direction before disappearing; they are rarer than regular bats and yield 25 dollars when the Strobulb is used on them.

Bats and gold bats reappear in Luigi's Mansion 3, behaving similarly but looking less decrepit to how they did in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They now attack Luigi by circling around him, which deals damage over time and prevents him from moving. However, it is still possible to disperse them with a Burst. Unlike in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, they can drop items when vacuumed up.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バティ[citation needed]
ゴルバティ[citation needed]
Goru Bati
From「バッティー」(battī, batty) without the sokuon and chōonpu

Gol (short for "gold") bat


  1. ^ von Esmarch, Nick. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon PRIMA Official Game Guide. Page 25. "Vacuum the web covering the window, then dash away to avoid the bats that fly in through the opening. Flash these flying pests with the Strobulb, then explore the rest of the Common Hall."
  2. ^ von Esmarch, Nick. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon PRIMA Official Game Guide. Page 170. "Use the Poltergust’s blower mode to spin the wheel in the room’s southeast corner. As you do, the lantern at the center of the room is lowered into the cavern. Place the lantern in front of the larger hole reflected in the mirror. The light wakes up a group of gold bats. Wait for the bats to fly up the ledge, then flash them before they escape. When you’re ready, open the door in the east wall and continue to the Deep Hall."