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Lake Kingdom
Land of Beauty and Clear Waters
SMO Lake Brochure Art.png
Lake Lamode
The town both in and on the lake.
Population Middling
Size Limited
Locals Lochladies
Currency Scale-shaped
Industry Clothing, Design
Temperature Average 79°F (26°C)
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Lake Kingdom is a region featured in Super Mario Odyssey, and can either be the fourth or the fifth location visited, depending on if the player selects to go here or to the Wooded Kingdom after leaving the Sand Kingdom. It is the greater location of Lake Lamode, a large lake area with an underwater plaza area. This kingdom is renowned for its fashion designers and clothes, including the prized Lochlady Dress. When Mario first visits here, the Broodals can be found at the Water Plaza in the process of stealing the Lochlady Dress. Mario encounters the Broodals at the Water Plaza Terrace, where he must defeat Rango, which will reward the player with a Multi Moon. Collecting the Multi Moon restores the Water Plaza to its former glory, allowing access to more Power Moons. Once Mario collects enough Power Moons, he can access the next kingdom - either the Wooded Kingdom (if the player has not yet visited it) or the Cloud Kingdom (if both the Wooded and Lake Kingdoms have been visited).

Based on its architectural structure and the several islands located here, the kingdom seems to be based on Greece. However, the name "Lake Lamode" comes from the French phrase à la mode, meaning "in fashion" or "stylish". The name of the Lochladies and the presence of Dorrie (a reference to the Loch Ness Monster) make a connection to Scotland.

The Lake Kingdom is located northeast of the Sand Kingdom, north of the Wooded Kingdom, and northwest of the Cloud Kingdom. The landmass these kingdoms are all located on resembles Pangaea.

Concept and creation[edit]

Concept art of Lake Lamode in Super Mario Odyssey.
Concept art of Lake Lamode.
Concept art of the aquatic plants of the Lake Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.
Concept art of the aquatic plants of the Lake Kingdom.

The building decorations, the rocks shaped like a drape and the light shaped like a lace were all designed following the motif of the wedding dress.[1] Another peculiar trait of the design is the whimsical atmosphere.[1]

The aquatic plants of the kingdom were designed following the motif of the sequin, and the design was completed by adding glitter that made them flicker in the water.[2]

Brochure details[edit]

Light plays through the surface of the lake.

The Domed Water Plaza

Lake Lamode, the land of fashion. The underwater Water Plaza is protected by a glass dome, but don't worry, there's air inside to breathe.

When you look up at the lake from within the plaza, you can see Dorrie swimming amid the stunning scenery.

Beautiful in a different way than the lake.

Window Shopping

Considered the most luxurious garment this kingdom has to offer, the Lochlady Dress is displayed in the show window of the Water Plaza. Of all the garments created by the Lochladies, only the very best and most beautiful is selected for this great honor. It's a national treasure!

It's said that wearing this dress brings eternal happiness, so naturally every bride yearns for it. Sadly, this lovely, one-of-a-kind item is not for sale.

You just want to yank it, don't you?

Zippers of Mystery

Fitting of a kingdom famous for its fashion, you can find zipper art all over the place here. Zippers can be securely fastened as well as opened and closed freely, so perhaps they have a deeper meaning...

That said, this particular zipper is more than decoration. It actually works, so stop by and give it a try.

Fresh or salt water, Dorries swim anywhere.

Dorrie the Aquatic Buddy

This gentle creature spends its days swimming gracefully in Lake Lamode. If you're confident in your abilities, swimming alongside it might make for some wonderful memories.

Although able to live in any aquatic environment, some have heard Dorrie complain that the lake is too small. Keep an eye out for Dorrie-themed souvenirs, which tourists just love!

There's even a deep end.

Soaked in History

Once a spot for designers to relax and even dye cloth, this soaking pool has a rich history. Since most activity centers around the lake town, this is now a well-known fishing hole.

SMO Lake Brochure C.png

The Lovely Lochladies

Lochladies are exceedingly flexible, but they also possess a deep strength. Many have become accomplished designers, and this balance may be their secret.

SMO Lake Brochure G.png

Three Keys to the Kingdom

  1. Visit the Water Plaza, especially if you enjoy breathing air.
  2. Swim with the local Dorrie for an unforgettable experience.
  3. Admire the gown that qualifies as a national treasure!


SMO Lake Brochure Map.png

Checkpoint Flag locations[edit]


The Odyssey Checkpoint Flag in the Lake Kingdom
Main article: Odyssey

The Odyssey lands at the southeast corner of the map and can be warped back to at any time.

Underwater Entrance[edit]

The Underwater Entrance Checkpoint Flag in the Lake Kingdom

This Checkpoint Flag is placed at the start of the open lake section, at the end of the tunnel divided into sections referred to as the Spiky Passage and Spiky Waterway. The Checkpoint Flag is below openings in the wall, one of which holds a Power Moon. The tunnel itself is accessed by using the Zipper in front of the Odyssey to pull away the gate, revealing the beginning of the passage. As it suggests, the floor is covered in spikes, with a spout in the middle providing bubbles for more air. There is a seed here Mario may take to the pot on the first floor of the Water Plaza to grow a Power Moon. Later on, in the waterway, Mario must take the path on the left to head out of the tunnel, or head right to a hidden treasure chest containing a Power Moon. On the way out, Mario may run into Komboos he can defeat.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 湖底の入口
Kotei no Iriguchi
Lake Bottom Entrance

German Unterwasser-Eingang
Underwater Entrance
Spanish (NOE) Entrada subacuática
Underwater Entrance


The Courtyard Checkpoint Flag in the Lake Kingdom
Main article: Courtyard (Lake Kingdom)

The Courtyard is located on a ledge next to the Odyssey's landing site. When Mario first arrives, the stairs leading to the Courtyard are broken, though it is still possible to Mario to reach it without the stairs. Alternatively, Mario can swim through the tunnel and use the Hat Trampoline on the other side. There is a pool here with a painting in it as well as several Goombas surrounding the pool. After completing the story mission Broodals Over the Lake, the stairs are fixed and a Lakitu starts fishing in the pool. The Lakitu can be captured and used to reel in a Big Cheep Cheep, which yields a Power Moon.

Water Plaza Entrance[edit]

The Water Plaza Entrance Checkpoint Flag in the Lake Kingdom

This Checkpoint Flag is found at the entrance on the first floor of the Water Plaza. There are two pillars outside of the dome, one shorter than the other. Mario may Ground Pound the taller pillar to discover a Power Moon. The back of the entrance is divided into alcoves. Mario may find a secret opening in the back of the third alcove to find a hidden Lochlady who gives him a Power Moon in exchange for keeping this location secret. There is a hole to a tunnel in the middle of the floor filled with water, circled by coins. Mario may Ground Pound repeatedly to make it to the bottom before running out of air, or he may capture a Cheep Cheep to just swim straight to the bottom. Here, he may find Captain Toad's campsite for this location. He provides Mario a Power Moon for speaking with him. After this kingdom's Moon Rock has been opened up, a hidden Power Moon can be found back here as well.

In the spiky passage at the start of the kingdom, Mario may find a seed he must take to the Water Plaza entrance, where he must place it into the pot next to a concerned Lochlady. After a while, the seed fully blooms, allowing Mario to bust it open for a Power Moon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 水の広場 入口
Mizu no Hiroba Iriguchi
Water Plaza Entrance

German Aquagrund - Eingang
Waterbottom Entrance
Spanish Entrada a la Plaza del Agua
Water Plaza Entrance

Water Plaza Display Window[edit]

The Water Plaza Display Window Checkpoint Flag in the Lake Kingdom

This Checkpoint Flag is located next to the Lochlady Dress's display window. Due to the dress being stolen prior to Mario's initial visit, only the stand for the dress can be seen. The dress is returned here after completing the main story. The door to the display window is locked and guarded by a Lochlady. Mario must purchase clothes deemed suitable for swimming and show them to the Lochlady for granted access. While inside the display window, he may toss and hold Cappy onto the stand to receive a Power Moon. This works before or after the dress is returned.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 水の広場 ショーウィンドー前
Mizu no Hiroba Shōwindōmae
Water Plaza Display Window Front

German Aquagrund - Schaufenster
Waterbottom Store Window
Spanish (NOE) Escaparate de la Plaza del Agua
Water Plaza Window Display

Water Plaza Terrace[edit]

The Water Plaza Terrace Checkpoint Flag in the Lake Kingdom

The Water Plaza Terrace serves as an arena in which Rango is fought and defeated for a Multi Moon. To reach this area, Mario must first get to the top of the Water Plaza via the water elevator on the third floor and cross over to the terrace using the Hat Trampolines to clear the gaps. Along the way, Mario may pass through coin rings and defeat Mini Goombas before reaching the Checkpoint Flag in front of the arena the Broodals are circling in their airship. When Mario crosses into the arena, the airship flies in, and Rango hops off. During the battle, Mario is prevented from leaving the terrace. After Rango is defeated, he surrenders a Multi Moon Mario must collect to complete the mission.

After defeating Rango, Mario may return to the terrace to find a scarecrow he must toss Cappy onto to initiate a timer challenge. Mario must perform Triple Jumps or Backward Somersaults to get up the blocks and collect the Power Moon above them before time runs out.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 水の広場 屋上
Mizu no Hiroba Okujō
Water Plaza Rooftop

German Aquagrund - Terasse
Waterbottom Terrace
Spanish (NOE) Terraza de la Plaza del Agua
Water Plaza Terrace

Viewing Balcony[edit]

SMO Lake Moon 26.png

The Viewing Balcony is a high ledge that can be seen across the lake from the Courtyard. It has a treasure chest containing a Power Moon. It can be accessed via the Lake Kingdom's secret painting. Where the painting is found depends on what order the kingdoms are visited.

  • If the player visits the Lake Kingdom before the Wooded Kingdom and visits the Snow Kingdom after the Seaside Kingdom, then the painting can be found on a high cliff ledge at the north end of the starting area in the Snow Kingdom.
  • If the player visits the Lake Kingdom before the Wooded Kingdom and visits the Seaside Kingdom after the Snow Kingdom, then the painting can be found inside the Glass Palace at the center of the Seaside Kingdom.
  • If the player visits the Lake Kingdom after the Wooded Kingdom, then the painting can be found a ledge hidden directly behind the Odyssey in the Metro Kingdom.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 湖のバルコニー
Mizuumi no Barukonī
Lake Balcony

German Balkon mit Ausblick
Balcony with a View
Spanish (NOE) Balcón con vistas
Balcony with a View

Bonus areas[edit]

Bonus area Accessed via Location Description
The Puzzle Part bonus area in the Lake Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey
Puzzle Part Area
Red door In the dome to the left of the Water Plaza Entrance A small platform where Mario must capture a Puzzle Part to help a Lochlady build a monument so she can give him a Power Moon.
The twenty-third Power Moon of the Lake Kingdom.
Zipper Chasm
Red door Behind a zipped-up recess in the wall to the right of the Water Plaza Entrance A canyon-like area where Mario must capture zippers to form bridges across the canyon to obtain a key used to obtain a Power Moon while avoiding the Mini Goombas infesting the area.
The ledge-climbing bonus area in Super Mario Odyssey
Ledge-Climbing Area
Red door In the wall at the northwestern part of the kingdom by the Hat Trampolines A platforming area featuring many Hat Trampolines, Fuzzies, and ledges Mario must cling onto to progress.
SMO Lake Moon 41.png
Waves of Poison
Moon Pipe In front of the Odyssey A vast sea of poison where Mario must capture a frog and collect a key to obtain a Power Moon while avoiding falling in.


Enemies marked with an asterisk (*) are only found in bonus areas.


  1. Broodals Over the Lake: The goal is to defeat Rango atop the circular tower on the lake.


Lake Kingdom to Sand Kingdom Painting.png
The painting that leads to the Sand Kingdom
Lake Kingdom to Luncheon Kingdom Painting.png
The painting that leads to the Luncheon Kingdom

There are two paintings in this kingdom. One is located inside a hole at the fishing pond near where the Lakitu is. The painting takes the player to the Southwestern Floating Island at the Sand Kingdom or the Floating Sky Island at the Luncheon Kingdom, and it can be accessed at any time.

The other painting is found on the Viewing Balcony, which can only be accessed from the Metro Kingdom, the Seaside Kingdom, or the Snow Kingdom.

Power Moons[edit]

A Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey
The Lake Kingdom has pink Power Moons.
Main article: List of Power Moons in the Lake Kingdom

There are a total of 44 Power Moons (41 regular Power Moons and 1 Multi Moon) in the Lake Kingdom. During the player's first visit to this kingdom, they can collect 25 Power Moons and the Multi Moon, including one from the kingdom's Hint Art. The player can also collect a Power Moon if they travel to this kingdom using a painting found in a future kingdom (either the Snow, Seaside or Metro Kingdom). After the player defeats Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, 6 more Power Moons become available to collect. The Moon Rock will also be available to destroy, causing 9 additional Power Moons to be accessible.

In order to progress to the next kingdom, the player must collect at least 8 Power Moons.

Regional coins[edit]

Main article: List of regional coins in the Lake Kingdom

The Lake Kingdom contains 50 regional coins, which take the form of scales.

Crazy Cap items[edit]

Item Description Price Note
The Swim Goggles icon.
Swim Goggles
So fashionable you'll want to wear them on land. Regional coin for Lake Kingdom 5 Required for "I Feel Underdressed"
The Swimwear icon.
The floaty ring does not actually float—it's just an accent on the outfit. Regional coin for Lake Kingdom 10 Required for "I Feel Underdressed"
The Underwater Dome souvenir icon.
Underwater Dome
This snow globe featuring the Water Plaza in Lake Lamode uses water from the Lake Kingdom. Regional coin for Lake Kingdom 25 N/A
The Rubber Dorrie souvenir icon.
Rubber Dorrie
Fans of the universally loved Dorrie have been clamoring for a quality reproduction like this. It's designed to feel just like the real thing! Regional coin for Lake Kingdom 5 N/A
The Lake Kingdom Sticker souvenir icon.
Lake Kingdom Sticker
A sticker inspired by the Lochlady Dress. Regional coin for Lake Kingdom 5 N/A
A Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey
Lake Kingdom Power Moon
A Power Moon that was dredged from the bottom of Lake Lamode. SMO coin.png 100 N/A


Names in other languages[edit]

Lake Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 湖の国
Mizuumi no kuni
Lake Country

Chinese (simplified) 湖之国
Hú zhī guó
Lake Country

Chinese (traditional) 湖之國
Hú zhī guó
Lake Country

Dutch Merenrijk
Lake Realm
French Pays du Lac
Lake Country
German Seeland
Lake Country
Italian Regno del Lago
Lake Kingdom
Korean 호수 왕국
Hosu Wangguk
Lake Kingdom

Russian Озерное царство
Ozernoye tsarstvo
Lake Kingdom

Spanish Reino del Lago
Lake Kingdom

Lake Lamode[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドレッシーバレー
Doresshī Barē
Dressy Valley

Chinese (simplified) 德莱西山谷
Déláixī shāngǔ
Dressy Valley

Chinese (traditional) 德萊西山谷
Déláixī shāngǔ
Dressy Valley

Dutch Elegantis
From "elegant" and "Atlantis"
French La Robelle
From "robe" (dress) and "belle" (pretty), and a pun on the French city "La Rochelle"
German See Legant
From "see" (lake) and "elegant"
Italian Lago Lamoda
Lake + "alla moda" (Italian equivalent to "à la mode")
Korean 드레시 호수
Deureshi Hosu
Dressy Lake

Russian Озеро Лямод
Ozero Lyamod
Lake Lamode

Spanish Lago Kutur
Lake + French word "couture" (sewing)