Rocky Mountain Summit

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Rocky Mountain Summit
The eighth Power Moon of the Lost Kingdom.
Greater location Lost Kingdom
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Rocky Mountain Summit is a location in Super Mario Odyssey. It is located in the Lost Kingdom, at the highest point of the kingdom. The kingdom's Crazy Cap is located here, run by Toads. There is a Toad outside the shop who encourages Mario to go right in and have a look around. There is a Checkpoint Flag in the middle of this area, circled by coins. There is a palm tree with a Power Moon above it. Glydon rests at the edge, and can be captured to reach one of the surrounding islands. Later in the game, Princess Peach and Tiara can also be found here.

Mario can climb up the palm tree to find Power Moon #8, "Enjoying the View of Forgotten Isle". Power Moon #21, "Shopping on Forgotten Isle", can be purchased at the shop, among other items. Talking to Peach and Tiara earns Mario Power Moon #25, "Peach in the Lost Kingdom". Other Power Moons can be collected by using Glydon to reach various spots throughout the kingdom.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 岩山の頂
Iwayama no Itadaki
Rocky Mountain Summit
Spanish (NOE) Cima de la montaña rocosa Rocky Mountain Summit