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List of glitches in Mario Kart 8


Spiny Shell Attacks Wrong Racer

This glitch is most common in N64 Yoshi Valley where there are numerous multiple paths, but it can happen under specific circumstances in other courses such as Bone-Dry Dunes. Occasionally when a Spiny Shell is deployed and the racers in at least first and second place are in a section where there road forks into two, the Spiny Shell may initially follow the racer in first place and then change its target to the one in second place or the highest place out of those in the other path. This is caused by some courses especially Yoshi Valley having the checkpoint markers that determine the place of the racers being inadequately calibrated with the other routes, as players can see by going down the old bridge path in while in first place, drop a few places while in the turn and then suddenly be back in first place once the paths join up again.


Mii Texture Glitch

It is unknown how it happens, but sometimes when a Mii is selected the skin appears to be white with randomly colored lines. However, if a different Mii is selected, the Mii is reselected or the race begins the texture returns to normal.


Tick Tock Clock Clock Hand Glitch

On the final clock the player can drive onto the lower of the two hands. The player should wait until the upper hand comes around. If their timing is perfect, they can drive on the upper hand while the car is still being displayed on the lower of the two hands. This can be done with any character.

Mario's Star


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
Hole 1 200px Par 4 The first hole is shaped like Yoshi. Although it is a short hole, it is nearly impossible to keep the ball on the green due to all of the slope.
Hole 2 200px Par 4 A short hole with some bunkers. Also features a Toad House.
Hole 3 200px Par 4 348 Yards 378 Yards 418 Yards A hole that bends slightly to the left and contains some bunkers.
Hole 4 MarioStar4.jpg Par 5 494 Yards 523 Yards 552 Yards A long hole holding a lake and some bunkers. It ends with the green on a small slope.
Hole 5 MarioStar5.jpg Par 4 355 Yards 380 Yards 407 Yards A simple hole that bends slightly to the right. Contains a Toad House near the green.
Hole 6 200px Par 3 138 Yards 168 Yards 198 Yards A short hole with a water hazard and bunker near the green.
Hole 7 200px Par 4 387 Yards 412 Yards 437 Yards A hole that contains several trees on hills with bunkers scattered around them.
Hole 8 MarioStar8.jpg Par 5 511 Yards 541 Yards 572 Yards A long, straightforward hole with a rise halfway through and several bunks near the green.
Hole 9 MarioStar9.jpg Par 4 409 Yards 435 Yards 461 Yards A hole scattered with bunkers and water hazards.
Hole 10 200px Par 4 296 Yards 322 Yards 346 Yards A hole with many bunkers that curves to the right. Another Toad-shaped hedge is present and a Toad House is hidden behind a tree near the green.
Hole 11 200px Par 4 376 Yards 401 Yards 426 Yards A hole that curves to the right around a big hill with some bunkers beside the green.
Hole 12 200px Par 5 465 Yards 495 Yards 535 Yards A course that bends left around a Toad House and subsequently right towards the green. This hole contains many bunkers.
Hole 13 200px Par 3 172 Yards 182 Yards 193 Yards A short hole that curves around a tree to the left. A bunker is present slightly beyond the green.
Hole 14 200px Par 4 393 Yards 418 Yards 445 Yards A hole with several bunkers scattered throughout it that bends around a water hazard to the right.
Hole 15 200px Par 5 370 Yards 394 Yards 418 Yards A simple hole that bends to the left around a tree with some bunkers and a Toad House.
Hole 16 200px Par 5 448 Yards 473 Yards 498 Yards A long hole with a gorge in between the green and the tee box area. Several trees sit on top of the two peaks with rough patches nearby.
Hole 17 200px Par 3 150 Yards 160 Yards 170 Yards A short hole with a small hill in front of the tee box area. There are two bunkers adjacent to the green's front and back sides.
Hole 18 MarioStar18.jpg Par 4 400 Yards 430 Yards 460 Yards A diagonally straight hole with a stream running along the western side of the fairway. Another Toad-shaped hedge is present on the other side of the stream.




Mario Party Island Tour

Helter Shellter

Helter Shelter.png
Appears in Mario Party: Island Tour
Type General minigame

Helter Shellter is a general minigame in Mario Party: Island Tour. It's name is a pun on the saying "Helter Skelter".


Two Toads are seen picking up shells. One shell contains some pearls, while the other contains seaweed.


This minigame has four rounds, each lasting ten seconds. The players select shells and try to collect the most pearls. The shells can contain four items: 1-3 pearls and seaweed.


  • Circle Pad – Move
  • A Button – Select Shell

Point 'n' Shoot

Appears in Mario Party: Island Tour
Type General minigame


Each player steps up to a pair of binoculars.


The players have to take pictures of certain characters around a town that looks similar to the town in Daisy Hills.


  • Tilt motion control – Aim camera
  • A Button – Take picture

Cheepers Keepers

Cheepers Keepers.png
Type General minigame

Cheepers Keepers is a general minigame in Mario Party: Island Tour. Its name is a pun on the saying "Finders Keepers."


A toad is seen catching some Cheep Cheeps.


The players press a certain button as many times as they can in five seconds to catch the most Cheep Cheeps. Whoever has the most Cheep Cheeps after three rounds wins.


  • A Button B Button Y Button X Button – Catch Cheep Cheep


Type General Minigame

Magmathon is a general minigame in Mario Party: Island Tour. This minigame can be played like all of the other minigames, but it is also one of ten minigames in the Time Attack mode. It's name is a pun on the word Marathon.


The players start out on a giant, rocky platform. Two different platforms lettered A, B, X or Y rise from some lava below.


The players press buttons to jump to different platforms rising from the lava. Although it is impossible to fall into the lava, the players can still lose time by pressing the wrong button. The first player to the other side of the lava wins.


  • A Button B Button X Button Y Button – Jump

Yoshi's Island (golf course)



Hole Image Par Yardage Description
Hole 1 200px Par 4
Hole 2 200px Par 4
Hole 3 200px Par 4
Hole 4 200px Par 5
Hole 5 200px Par 4
Hole 6 200px Par 3
Hole 7 200px Par 4
Hole 8 200px Par 5
Hole 9 200px Par 4
Hole 10 200px Par 4
Hole 11 200px Par 4
Hole 12 200px Par 5
Hole 13 200px Par 3
Hole 14 200px Par 4
Hole 15 200px Par 3
Hole 16 200px Par 5
Hole 17 200px Par 3
Hole 18 200px Par 4

Bouncy Mushroom

Mario, about to enter the cave full of bouncy mushrooms.
A real life mushroom.

First appearance

Mario Kart Wii (2008)

Latest appearance

Mario Kart 7 (2011)

Effect on player

Red: The player bounces into the air. Green: The player drives like part of the main track. Blue: Provides a glider for the player to use.

Bouncy Mushrooms are a form of Mushroom appearing in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7.


Mario Kart Wii

Mushroom Gorge

Many Bouncy Mushrooms can be seen in the background, plus multiple must be driven on to complete the track.

Yoshi Falls

For the second tournament of July 2009 many Bouncy Mushrooms were placed on the course. The player had to bounce over sections of water to complete the track.

Peach Beach

The player had to bounce around Bouncy Mushrooms in the middle of the sea to complete the first tournament of April 2010.

Mario Kart 7

Mushroom Gorge returns to this game. Some Bouncy Mushrooms in the cave are replaced by a Blue Bouncy Mushroom. This course, along with Mario Circuit and Rainbow Road are the only courses in this game to feature Bouncy Mushrooms.

Mario Circuit

A single Bouncy Mushroom is placed on the track. The player must use it to complete the track.

Rainbow Road

A single Bouncy Mushroom connects two parts of the track. Although it is colored differently, it acts like a Red Bouncy Mushroom.

Gingerbread People


Baby Daisy racing in front of the crowd of Gingerbread People on Sweet Sweet Canyon.
First appearance Mario Kart 8 (cameo) (2014)

Gingerbread People are characters that are in the stands near the start of Sweet Sweet Canyon in Mario Kart 8.


Gingerbread people are cookies that are decorated like Gingerbread Men. Some in Mario Kart 8 are decorated to look like Toad. They have only appeared in Mario Kart 8 making a cameo appearance in Sweet Sweet Canyon.