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“Yoshi and Rosalina would make a great team!”
Yoshilover76, Super Mario Wiki

Pages I've Created

Peach Gardens (golf course)

Gingerbread People


Bouncy Mushroom

Yoshi Lake

Wiggler Park

DK Jungle (golf course)

Bowser's Castle (golf course)

Cheepers Keepers

Point 'n' Shoot

Helter Shellter

Other Pages

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Yoshilover76's Userbox Tower
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour.png
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour.png
Super Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpg
MKDS Coin.gif
Yoshi eagle.jpg


My friends include Yoshi, Rosalina, King Boo, Petey Piranha, Baby Yoshi, Baby Rosalina, Luma, Wiggler and the Honey Queen. I do not like Wario, Birdo, Toad, Toadette and Princess Peach.

Early Yoshi Bike?

SMB Pinball-Mario Riding Yoshi Art - Copy.PNG SMB Pinball-Mario Riding Yoshi Art - Copy.PNG SMB Pinball-Mario Riding Yoshi Art - Copy.PNG SMB Pinball-Mario Riding Yoshi Art - Copy.PNG SMB Pinball-Mario Riding Yoshi Art - Copy.PNG


Games I Own

Real Games

Wii U

Super Mario 3D World, New Super Luigi U and Mario Kart 8.

System Game Completion Rating Description
SNESLogo.svg SMB Boxart.png World 5-1 (No Warp Zones) 75% Although we wouldn't have video games without it, it still isn't the best. The graphics aren't great at all, and bad graphics put me in a bad mood, but it's hard to say no to classic Super Mario.
SNESLogo.svg Super Mario All-Stars logo.jpg Everything except for the Lost Levels 90% Improved graphics :). New music :). No Super Mario World :(.
SNESLogo.svg 100px Complete 99% How can I not like the first game Yoshi appeared in? The only thing I dislike about this game is the graphics.
N64 Logo.svg SuperMario64Logo4.png 64 Stars (How did that happen?) 95% Amazing game, needs better graphics...
N64 Logo.svg 100px Won Koopa Cup (or whatever it's called) 95% Great courses, good characters. You know what I'm going to say about graphics...
N64 Logo.svg 100px Complete 100% Amazing music, perhaps the best courses in Mario Kart. Even the graphics were pretty good at the time. Still, why couldn't Kamek be playable?
GCN Logo.svg 100px Complete 100% WOW! This is amazing! It's fun, but still brings a challenge. If I had to dislike one part, it would be the most sad part of the game, where F.L.U.D.D. shuts down. Thankfully, the Toads fix him! Maybe the Toads aren't so bad...
GCN Logo.svg 100px Evereything except Parade Kart 100% Another great GameCube game! Love the courses, the music is awesome and the graphics are surprisingly good. But now we have to deal with Toadette. Ugh!
DS Logo.svg 100px 128 Stars (Seriously!?!?!) 90% At first I thought this was pretty much a virtual console game, but when I started playing as Yoshi, I changed my mind. You know what I don't like: (read backwards) scihparg.
DS Logo.svg MKDSlogo.png Everything except Mission Mode. 90% Just the average MK game, but with amazing tracks. Where did ROB come from? Like all DS games, GRAPHICS...
Wii Logo.svg 100px Complete 65% This game just started the making of the same game (New Super Mario Bros.) for every single system. Why not make New Super Mario World?
Wii Logo.svg MP8 Logo.png Complete with 247 Carnival Cards 90% I will say that this is a great game, but Koopa's Tycoon Town is the only one I can play over and over again. Plus Cardinators is awesome.
Wii Logo.svg SMG Logo.png 121 Stars 100% Amazing! I love all of the galaxies, I love all of the stars, plus I love Rosalina. May the stars shine down on HER!
Wii Logo.svg SMG2 Logo.png 104 Stars 110% Amazing! It has Yoshi, too!
Wii Logo.svg Mario Kart Wii logo.png Everything except Jetsetter 100% This game is why I edit the wiki. I wouldn't like Mario games enough without this. Thank you, MKWii!
Wii Logo.svg Logo DKCR.png Cave Complete 95% Good game, I just don't like Diddy Kong.
3DS Logo.svg NSMB2.png Complete 35% Just a copy of NSMBWii, which was a copy of NSMB. Really?
3DS Logo.svg SM3DL UScover.png Complete 95% A good game with a good plot, I just don't like having to collect those Star Medals to unlock levels.
3DS Logo.svg MK7logo.png 2 star driver 100% Another awesome Mario Kart game, I love the kart customization.
3DS Logo.svg Logo EN - Yoshi's New Island.png Complete with Yoshi's Wings... 100% Unlike a lot of people, I love the music. Plus, Yoshi is just so cute!
3DS Logo.svg MGWT Logo new.png Complete 95% Love it, but I wish all the courses were 18 holes.
3DS Logo.svg Luigi's Mansion 2- Dark Moon logo.png Complete 90% Great game, but it always makes me think that Luigi is constantly staring at me.
Wii U Logo.svg Mario Kart 8 Logo.png 1 star driver 100% Good: •Baby Rosalina! •Great graphics Bad: •BATTLE MODE...

Fake Games (Other users and I have thought of)

Nintendo Entertainment System

Mario Kart by Me

Game Boy Color

Mario Kart Grand Prix by Me


Super Mario Football by Me

Mario Hockey by Me

Nintendo DS

New Super Mario Sunshine by Me

Mario Golf DS by Me


Yoshi's Island Wii by Me

Mario and Luigi: Flower Fight by Me

Nintendo 3DS

Super Mario Galaxy 3 by Me

Super Mario 64 3DS by Me

Wii U

Super Mario 3D Galaxy by Ninelevendo

Luigi vs Waluigi by Luigi1234

New Super Metal Mario Bros. by Me

More About Me

1. 76 is my favorite number. I was not born in 1976. 2. I was actually born in 1964.

Trivia (answers on my talk page)

What is my favorite quote from a Mario game? What is my favorite Mario Kart game?

My Made Up Games

Nintendo Entertainment System

Mario Kart

This is the true first game in the Mario Kart series.

Single Player
Grand Prix

Like all Mario Kart games, the player can race in a Grand Prix. There are four cups: Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special. Unlike later games in the series, there is only one engine class.

Time Trials

Players race themselves for the fastest time on each of the courses.


The player can choose four courses to race on. In Europe this is called Create-a-Cup.

Battle Mode

The player collects coins on special courses, trying to collect more coins than his/her opponents.


2-4 players can race together, except they can't play the Grand Prix or do Time Trials.


There are ten playable characters, two are unlockable.


50px 50px SMB Peach Calling for Help Artwork.png 50px

BowserSMBart.png 50px 50px Goomba SMB.png


50px 50px

Unlocking Criteria
Toad Win Star Cup
Blooper Win Special Cup

The courses are the same as Super Mario Kart, except Choco Island 1, Koopa Beach 2, Vanilla Lake 1 and Vanilla Lake 2 are missing.

Game Boy Color

Mario Kart Grand Prix

Mario Kart Grand Prix is the fifth game in the Mario Kart series.

Grand Prix

As always, Grand Prix mode is playable. The only difference is that Mirror Mode appears. In this mode left turns are right turns and vice versa.

Time Trials

Players race by themselves for the best time.

Super Grand Prix

After all characters are unlocked, the Super Grand Prix becomes playable. The player races as their customized character against all 25 other racers, making 26 racers in the race. They race all 16 races. Since the system has trouble keeping up with the action, it takes 2-3 minutes to load each race.


Mariosmb3.png Luigiart4.png SMAPrincessPeachSprite.png FortuneStMaleMii.png

SMW2yoshi.gif Dk1.gif Bowser SSBM.png ToadDR.gif


Bob-OmbBuddySM64.png Boo 64.png Old Pokey 64.png WigglerSM64.png

50px MontyMole MK64.png Cheep-CheepMK64.png CowMK64.png

Yoshis Story Shy Guy.png Yoshis Story Poochy.png Koopaflag.png Mgmetalmario.png

WL3Spear-bot.png WL3Spearhead.png Birdo2 SMA Sprite.png 50px

50px Baby Bowser YI.png

Unlocking Criteria
Bob-omb Buddy Win 50cc Mushroom Cup
Boo Win 50cc Flower Cup
Pokey Win 50cc Star Cup
Wiggler Win 50cc Special Cup
Wario Win 100cc Mushroom Cup
Monty Mole Win 100cc Flower Cup
Cheep Cheep Win 100cc Star Cup
Moo Moo Win 100cc Special Cup
Shy Guy Win 150cc Mushroom Cup
Poochy Win 150cc Flower Cup
Koopa Troopa Win 150cc Star Cup
Metal Mario Win 150cc Special Cup
Spear-bot Win Mirror Mushroom Cup
Spearhead Win Mirror Flower Cup
Birdo Win Mirror Star Cup
Daisy Win Mirror Special Cup
Baby Mario Play time trials on all courses.
Baby Bowser Play mirror time trials on all courses.


Super Mario Football

Quick Game

Play a quick game of football (5-15 minutes).


Practice any play.


Play games around the Mushroom Kingdom to unlock characters and eventually challenge Bowser.

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Yoshi
  • Birdo
  • Toad
  • Toadette
  • Bowser

•=Available from beginning

Red Yoshi•

Blue Yoshi•

Yellow Yoshi•

Purple Yoshi

Orange Yoshi

King Boo•

Petey Piranha


Bowser Jr.

Professor E. Gadd•


Blue Toad•

Yellow Toad•

Green Toad•

Purple Toad

Orange Toad


Red Noki•

Blue Noki

Yellow Noki

Red Pianta•

Blue Pianta

Yellow Pianta

Shadow Mario

Team Names

Each team has it's own name, based on the personalities of the captain and the co-captain.

Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Yoshi Birdo Toad Toadette Bowser Red Yoshi Blue Yoshi Yellow Yoshi Purple Yoshi Orange Yoshi King Boo Petey Piranha DK Bowser Jr. Professor E. Gadd Kamek Blue Toad Yellow Toad Green Toad Purple Toad Orange Toad Toadsworth Red Noki Blue Noki Yellow Noki Red Pianta Blue Pianta Yellow Pianta Shadow Mario
Mario Fireballs Pink Fire Orange Fire Old Buddies Red Dinos Kingdom Guards Red Friends The Enemies Red Lovers Blue Marios Yellow Marios Purple Marios Orange Marios King Marios Red Piranhas Red Monkeys Small Guys Poltergust Red Red Magic Blue Fire Yellow Fire Green Fire Purple Fire Orange Fire Brown Fire Red Shells Red Shells Red Shells Red Sunshiners Blue Sunshiners Yellow Sunshiners The Marios
Luigi Fireballs Pink Scare Orange Scare Green Guys Green Dinos The Sidekicks Greenettes Scaredy Pants Cha-Cha Chasers Samba Smashers Cry Bones Longtime-Foe Bros. Blooper Scoopers
Peach Power Players Waltzing Brawlers Kind Hearts Sugar 'n' Spies Damsels in Success Sweet 'n' Sour Loyal Friends Boo-for-Teas High-Flair Pair Pink Superpowers Dry Thrones Glamour Hammer Royal Flush
Yoshi Fan Favorites Green Machine Kind Hearts Poached Eggs Tomboy Trouble Scrambled Eggs Good Buddies Hovering Friends Flutter Friends Egg Explosion Sky Bones Hungry Hammers Double Dippers
Wario Big Sarrios Green 'n' Greedy Sugar 'n' Spies Poached Eggs Mischief-Makers Double-Crossers Crazy Allies Double-Dealers Double Agents Rotten Eggs Dumb Skulls Scammer Hammer

Drenched Stench

Daisy Flower Players Tango Tanglers Damsels in Success Tomboy Trouble Mischief-Makers Double-Facers Bloomy Shroomy High Spirited Duo Perfumed Shroomy Gallopin' Gal-Pals Daisy Pushers Barn-Builders Bloopsie-Daisy
Waluigi 'Stache Clashers Lean 'n' Mean Sweet 'n' Sour Scrambled Eggs Double-Crossers Double-Facers Half-Cranky Duo Total Creeps Half-Pranky Duo Double Scammy Boneheads Stench Henchmen Bloop 'n' Snoop
Toad Fungi Fun Guys Savage Sidekicks Loyal Friends Good Buddies Crazy Allies Bloomy Shroomy Half-Cranky Duo Doom 'n' Shroom Zoomin' Shrooms Surprise Attackers Short Ribs Stealth Strikers Spray Players
Boo Soul Bros. Scaredy Pants Boo-for-Teas Hovering Friends Double-Dealers High Spirited Duo Total Creeps Doom 'n' Shroom Boo Duet Unfair Pair Scary Pair Bad Vibes Creature Feature
Toadette Marionettes Cha-Cha Chasers High-Flair Pair Flutter Friends Double Agents Perfumed Shroomy Half-Pranky Duo Zoomin' Shrooms Boo Duet Pink Powerhouse Double Trouble Smash Success Bloop-dee-doo
Birdo Super Snozzios Samba Smashers Pink Superpowers Egg Explosion Rotten Eggs Gallopin' Gal-Pals Double Scammy Surprise Attackers Unfair Pair Pink Powerhouse Bone Chokers Two-Timers What-the-Bloop
Dry Bones BBQ Ribs Cry Bones Dry Thrones Sky Bones Dumb Skulls Daisy Pushers Boneheads Short Ribs Scary Pair Double Trouble Bone Chokers What-the-Deuce Two-Toned Duo
Hammer Bro Heavy-Blow Bros. Longtime-Foe Bros. Glamour Hammer Hungry Hammers Scammer Hammer Barn-Builders Stench Henchmen Stealth Strikers Bad Vibes Smash Success Two-Timers What-the-Deuce Blooper Bros.
Blooper 'Stache Splashers Blooper Scoopers Royal Flush Double Dippers Drenched Stench Bloopsie-Daisy Bloop 'n' Snoop Spray Players Creature Feature Bloop-dee-doo What-the-Bloop Two-Toned Duo Blooper Bros.