Treasure Chest (Paper Mario)

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This article is about a special kind of treasure chest from Paper Mario. For treasure chests in general, see treasure chest.
The treasure chest in Peach's Castle

In Paper Mario, the treasure chest, sometimes referred to as a mysterious treasure chest or the storeroom treasure chest[1], is a two-way object that allows for one to make a deposit in one chest and be able to obtain the same object in a separate identical chest some distance away. Princess Peach and Merluvlee are the only known residents in the Mushroom Kingdom to own one of these kind of chests. During the events of Paper Mario, Peach uses the chest to deposit badges and items that she can obtain throughout her end-of-chapter events before the player resumes play with Mario. Mario needs to visit Merluvlee's place near Shooting Star Summit to retrieve the items in transit.

The corresponding treasure chest to the left of Mario that belongs to Merluvlee

According to Princess Peach, the chest has been passed down through the generations of her family. She is aware there are two treasure chests in existence, but doesn't know where the other one is.

List of badges and items Peach can obtain[edit]


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