Sky Dive (attack)

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This article is about the attack used by Parakarry in Paper Mario. For the Defensive Power Shot used by Paratroopa in Mario Power Tennis, see Sky Dive (Power Shot).
Parakarry performing the Sky Dive

Sky Dive is the basic attack of Parakarry in Paper Mario. It can be used on any one enemy, including those that fly or are on the ceiling. In this move, Parakarry will fly up to the enemy, fly back for a bit and then dive into the enemy. Right when Parakarry touches the enemy, the player should press the A Button button to increase the damage dealt. This move doesn't need FP. Using Sky Dive against enemies that have spikes or are otherwise dangerous to jump on will injure Parakarry.

Sky Dive delivers one damage, or two if the player succeeds at the Action Command. If Parakarry is Super Rank, the move will do two or three damage and at Ultra Rank, three or five damage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パレッタキック[1]
Paretta Kikku
Parakarry Kick
French Piqué Dive
Chinese 俯冲


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