Sand Bird (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

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Mario riding on the Sand Bird

The Sand Bird[1] is a bird-shaped raft that appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It only appears in Slipsand Galaxy, in the level Sailing the Sandy Seas. This raft is made of parts that disappear when it is hit by cacti and enemy attacks, such as a Magikoopa's beams or Silver Chomps. However, they reappear after some seconds. Within the mission, Mario must ride the Sand Bird to avoid falling into the deadly quicksand that makes up the surface of its planet until he reaches a Power Star.

The Sand Bird resembles the original Sand Bird from Super Mario Sunshine, as both are made out of sand parts that are made to resemble birds. This is made even more apparent by the buildings in the background of the starting planet, which look similar to the tower the original Sand Bird circles.


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