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A few F-Zero Racers in Big Blue.

An F-Zero Racer is a special racing vehicle from the F-Zero series. These hovering vehicles appear as platforms and obstacles in the Big Blue and Mute City stages of Super Smash Bros. Melee. In Mute City, the F-Zero racers will occasionally drive past the battlefield, damaging any players who get hit. However, their knockback is quite weak on high handicapped players, often making it impossible for them to KO anyone. Players are also able to jump on hovering platforms to avoid getting hit. On a side note, players can damage and even destroy the F-Zero vehicles on this stage.

In Big Blue, the players actually fight on the F-Zero Racers, in a side-scrolling level. However, if a player falls off a F-Zero Racer or the platforms hovering above them, they will hit the race track and likely be scrolled offscreen into the blast zone, KOing them.

In the stage, F-Zero Grand Prix, the F-Zero Racers will drive around the stage, and if any players are in their path, they can be heavily damaged and even KO'd.

The F-Zero Racers return in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, appearing in the Port Town Aero Dive stage. They have the exact same role as they did in the Mute City stage from Melee, driving past the stage, ramming into players who are standing on the track. Unlike in Mute City, however, the F-Zero Racers on this stage can't be attacked, and they can KO players at below 100% damage. As a result, they're much more dangerous to players on this stage.

The Blue Falcon, Captain Falcon's F-Zero Racer, does make an appearance as a Sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, F-Zero Racers also appear in the games' Mute City stage. The racers in this stage are stylized like their 16-bit sprites in the original F-Zero game, and serve as platforms for the players to stand on. However, when a second racer appears, the one already on the stage eventually has a CHECK warning appear on it. Soon, the racer knocks away the one with the CHECK on it, KOing any players on the one with the CHECK.

F-Zero Joke ending SuperMarioKun 4.jpg

The Blue Falcon, has appeared as a cameo in the German Club Nintendo comic, Super Mario: Im Rausch der Geschwindigkeit. Also, during the ending of a chapter in volume 4 of the Super Mario-Kun, Mario and Yoshi are chased by F-Zero racers.

List of racers[edit]

These are the 30 basic racers which appear in the Mute City and Big Blue stages - all directly taken from F-Zero X for Nintendo 64.

No. Name Pilot Appears as a trophy or spirit?
(apart from the F-Zero Racers trophy)
1 Red Gazelle Mighty Gazelle (MM Gazelle in Japan) Yes (SSBU)
2 White Cat Jody Summer Yes (SSBM, SSBB, SSBWU, SSBU)
3 Golden Fox Dr. Robert Stewart Yes (SSBM, SSBB, SSB4, SSBU)
4 Iron Tiger Baba Orninion Yes (SSBU)
5 Fire Stingray Samurai Goroh Yes (SSBM, SSBB, SSB4, SSBU - asssist trophy in latter three)
6 Wild Goose Pico Yes (SSBB, SSB4, SSBU)
7 Blue Falcon Captain Falcon Yes (SSBM, SSBB, SSB4, SSBU)
8 Deep Claw Octoman (Octman in Japan) Yes (SSBU)
9 Great Star Mr. EAD Yes (SSBB, SSBWU, SSBU)
10 Little Wyvern James McCloud Yes (SSBWU'')
11 Mad Wolf Billy No
12 Super Piranha Kate Alen No
13 Death Anchor Zoda Yes (SSBB, SSBWU, SSBU)
14 Astro Robin Jack Levin Yes (SSBU)
15 Big Fang Bio Rex Yes (SSBU)
16 Sonic Phantom The Skull (Arbin Gordon in Japan) Yes (SSBB, SSBWU, SSBU)
17 Green Panther Antonio Guster No
18 Hyper Speeder Beastman No
19 Space Angler Leon No
20 King Meteor Super Arrow No
21 Queen Meteor Mrs. Monique L’Amoreaux Arrow No
22 Twin Noritta Gomar & Shioh No
23 Night Thunder Silver Neelsen No
24 Wild Boar Michael Chain No
25 Blood Hawk (Hell Hawk in Japan) Blood Falcon Yes (SSBB, SSBWU, SSBU)
26 Wonder Wasp John Tanaka No
27 Mighty Typhoon Bellonngian "Draq" Draquillie No
28 Mighty Hurricane Roger Buster No
29 Crazy Bear Dr. Clash No
30 Black Bull Black Shadow Yes (SSBB, SSBWU, SSBU)

In addition, the Port Town Aero Dive stage features also the new entrants from F-Zero GX:

No. Name Pilot
31 Fat Shark Don Genie
32 Cosmic Dolphin Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter
33 Pink Spider Dai, San & Gen
34 Magic Seagull Spade
35 Silver Rat Dai Goroh
36 Spark Moon Princia Ramode
37 Bunny Flash Lily Flyer
38 Groovy Taxi PJ
39 Rolling Turtle QQQ
40 Rainbow Phoenix Phoenix
00 Dark Schneider Deathborn

Trophy Information[edit]

Name Image Game Description
F-Zero Racers Trophy176.png F-Zero X
In the year 2560, an association of wealthy space merchants created the F-Zero Grand Prix in an attempt to add some excitement to their opulent lifestyles. The jet-powered racers have no tires, but use G-Diffuser systems to float a foot above the surface. Many believe the F-Zero championship is the highest claim to fame in the galaxy.


  • Two F-Zero Racers make a cameo in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They are models owned by Hinopio and found in his shop in the Barrel Volcano. These models correspond to Blue Falcon (Captain Falcon's racer) and Fire Stingray (Samurai Goroh's vehicle).
  • Captain Falcon's F-Zero Racer, the Blue Falcon, is one of the F-Zero Racers found on Mute City and Big Blue; it even appears when Captain Falcon, the only one who drives the Blue Falcon, is in the battle.