List of Super Paper Mario music

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In Super Paper Mario, the player can listen to music they have already heard throughout the game by talking to The InterNed in the Underwhere bar. By paying him ten coins, The InterNed will play a random music track, each of which are named. The music continues playing until the player leaves the bar.

Songs associated with certain characters often use their corresponding leitmotifs. For instance, "Champion of Destruction" and "Closing Battle" both use variations of Count Bleck's main theme. The following is an alphabetical list of the 89 songs The InterNed can play.

Song title Description
A Powerful Enemy Emerges Plays while fighting Bowser's army in Chapter 3-1, Big Blooper, Mr. L and Shadoo.
An Unrivaled Battle Plays when a Mega Star is collected. The song is an arrangement of the invincibility theme from Super Mario Bros.
And the Question Is Plays during the "That's My Merlee!" show and the Dorguy quizzes. The intro is only present in the former case.
And Then... And Then Plays over the narrative text between sub-chapters.
Battle Time Plays while fighting the Sammer Guys.
Big Blooper Appears Plays in the cutscene before Big Blooper's boss battle. The song is an arrangement of the underwater theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Birth of the Chaos Heart Plays over the Chaos Heart's appearance in the prologue.
Bonechill Appears Plays in the cutscene before Bonechill's boss battle.
Bonechill Battle Plays while fighting Bonechill.
Bounding Through Time Plays in the penultimate cutscene when Count Bleck and Tippi marry. The song is an arrangement of "Memory 4", as well as a happier version of Count Bleck's theme and the Pure Hearts' theme.
Bowser Battle Plays while fighting Bowser. The song is an arrangement of Dark Land's world map music from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Brobot Battle Plays while fighting Brobot.
Brobot L-Type Plays while fighting Brobot L-Type.
Butterfly ☆ Collecting Plays in cutscenes involving Francis.
Castle Bleck Plays throughout Chapter 8. The song incorporates parts of the game's main theme, Count Bleck's theme and "In the Darkness". It also contains some 8-bit sound effects and a clock ticking in the background.
Champion of Destruction Plays in the cutscene following the Chaos Heart's explosion in the prologue, during Count Bleck's appearance in Chapter 6, and the cutscene following Count Bleck's defeat.
Closing Battle Plays while fighting Count Bleck.
Count Bleck's Plan Plays in the interlude cutscenes involving Count Bleck and his minions in Castle Bleck.
Dimentio, Charming Magician Plays in cutscenes involving Dimentio.
End of the World Plays in the cutscene following Super Dimentio's defeat and Luigi's release. The song is a variation of "The Ultimate Show" without the main melody.
Evil King Bowser Here Plays in cutscenes involving Bowser.
Fight Fight Plays in the cutscene where Gnaw attacks Mimi and when the real and fake Merlees fight each other.
Flint Cragley, Cragtrotter Plays in cutscenes involving Flint Cragley.
Flipside Plays in Flipside.
Flopside Plays in Flopside. It is a lower-key variant of "Flipside".
Floro Sapien Caverns Plays in Chapters 5-3 and 5-4.
Forget Me Not Plays in the "Forget Me Not" minigame in the Flipside Arcade.
Fort Francis Plays in Chapter 3-4.
Fracktail Appears Plays in the cutscenes before Fracktail and Wracktail's boss battles.
Fracktail Battle Plays while fighting Fracktail and Wracktail.
Francis Battle Plays while fighting Francis.
Gap of Crag Plays in Chapters 5-1 and 5-2.
Get Cooking Plays while Saffron or Dyllis is cooking a dish.
Gloam Valley Plays in Chapter 2-1.
Goodnight Plays when sleeping in one of the inns. Unlike most other songs, this one does not loop as it plays for only a short duration.
Hammer Whacker Plays in the "Hammer Whacker" minigame in the Flipside Arcade.
I'm Not Nice Plays while fighting Mimi in Chapters 6-2 and 8-2.
In the Darkness Plays during the chapter interludes when controlling Peach or Luigi in Castle Bleck.
It's Showtime Plays while fighting Dimentio in Chapters 3-3 and 8-3.
King Croacus Appears Plays in the cutscene before King Croacus' boss battle.
King Croacus Battle Plays while fighting King Croacus.
Lineland Road Plays in Chapter 1-1. The song is an arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World ground themes.
Look Out for Me Plays when Merlee's ghost appears in Chapter 2-4 and when encountering Mimi disguised as Merlon and Merlee in Chapter 8-2.
Mansion Patrol Plays in the "Mansion Patrol" minigame in the Flipside Arcade.
Mario Bros.' House Plays in the opening cutscene with Mario and Luigi.
Memory 1 Plays over Blumiere's first two memories with Timpani.
Memory 2 Plays over Blumiere's third and fourth memories with Timpani. This variation adds an accordion to the background.
Memory 3 Plays over Blumiere's fifth and sixth memories with Timpani, as well as on the ending screen. This variation adds a flute to the background.
Memory 4 Plays over Blumiere's final memory. This variation adds a pan flute to the main melody.
Merlee's Mansion Plays in Chapters 2-2, 2-3 and 2-4.
Mimi Battle Plays while fighting Mimi in Chapter 2-4.
Mimi the Copycat Plays in cutscenes involving Mimi. The song is an arrangement of "Merlee's Mansion".
Mount Lineland Plays in Chapters 1-2 and 1-3, as well as outside the ruins in Chapter 1-4 and in room 100 of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials.
Mr. L, Green Thunder! Plays in cutscenes involving Mr. L and when Mario and Luigi reunite in the Underwhere.
Nostalgic Underground Plays in the underground portion of Chapter 3-1. The song is an arrangement of the underground theme from Super Mario Bros.
O'Chunks, Warrior Plays in cutscenes involving O'Chunks.
One Shot Plays when Fracktail malfunctions in Chapter 1-4, when Mimi appears in one of the rooms in Chapter 2-4, when Francis kidnaps Tippi in Chapter 3-1, while the Floro Sapiens are first seen kidnapping the Cragnons in Chapter 5-1, and during the Skellobit battles in Chapter 7-4.
Open the Next Door Plays when returning a Pure Heart to its Heart Pillar. Unlike most other songs, this one does not loop as it plays for only a short duration.
Outer Space Plays in Chapters 4-1, 4-2 and 4-3.
Overthere Shrine Plays in the Overthere Shrine (the final two areas of Chapter 7-4) after clearing the chapter.
Overthere Stair Plays in Chapters 7-3 and 7-4.
Pit of 100 Trials Plays in the Flipside and Flopside Pits of 100 Trials.
Promise Plays in the cutscene after Count Bleck and Tippi are warped to Dimension D during the final battle. The song is an arrangement of the "Memory" themes, a happier variant of Count Bleck's theme, and (slightly) "Soft Light".
Proof of Existence Plays in the final cutscene after the characters return to Flipside.
Ready, GO! Plays while fighting O'Chunks.
River Twygz Bed Plays at the bottom of River Twygz. Distorted, unintelligible voices can be heard in the background.
Sammer's Kingdom Plays in Chapter 6 before the Sammer Guy battles.
Soft Light Plays in end-chapter cutscenes, as well as whenever visiting Merlumina's shrine or Squirpina XIV's statue and the cutscene before entering Castle Bleck. The song is an arrangement of "Today's Story".
Staff Credits Plays over the end credits.
Strange Company Plays when meeting a new Pixl, not including Tippi or Tiptron.
Super Paper Mario Plays on the title screen.
Swoon.exe Plays when Francis uses Swoon.exe to woo Peach. The song is an arrangement of "Butterfly ☆ Collecting".
The Evil Count Bleck Plays when Count Bleck appears in the opening cutscene and the cutscene before his boss battle.
The Open Plane Plays in Chapters 3-1 and 3-3, as well as after the Tile Pool in Chapter 3-2 and in front of Fort Francis' entrance in Chapter 3-4. The song features parts of the ground theme from Super Mario Bros.
The Road for the Lost Plays during Merluvlee's fortunes and Merlee's charms, and when Queen Jaydes returns Mario and Luigi to Flipside.
The Tile Pool Plays in Chapter 3-2.
The Ultimate Show Plays during the final battle with Super Dimentio. The song uses parts of Dimentio and Mr. L's themes.
The Underwhere Plays in Chapters 7-1 and 7-2.
The Wedding Begins Plays before Peach and Bowser's wedding in the prologue.
Tilt Island Plays in the "Tilt Island" minigame in the Flipside Arcade.
Today's Story Plays over the opening narration in the prologue.
Tokens, Please Plays in the Flipside Arcade.
Truck GO Plays while riding the minecarts in Chapter 5-3.
Underchomp Battle Plays while fighting Underchomp. The song is a NES-style chiptune arrangement of "A Powerful Enemy Emerges".
Underground Room Plays in underground rooms found via certain Warp Pipes.
Wedding Waltz Plays during Peach and Bowser's wedding in the prologue.
Whoa Zone Plays in Chapter 4-4.
World of Nothing Plays in Chapter 6-1 following the destruction of Sammer's Kingdom.
Yold Ruins Plays in Chapter 1-4.