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PMTTYD Prolog Rogueport.png
Rogueport, seen by Mario in a first-person view, at the start of the game
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
Ruler Don Pianta (west side)
Inhabitants Bandits, Bob-ombs, Boos, Craws, Doogans, Goombas, Humans, Piantas, Squeeks, Toads, Koopa Troopas, various other and unknown races

Rogueport is the hub world and starting point in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It was built by generations of poor folk after the battle between the four heroes and the Shadow Queen. The area was barren and in ruins, so the people built Rogueport over the old city, which is now Rogueport Sewers. Over the centuries, only a handful of people have seen the Thousand-Year Door. Even a thousand years later it still contains a great evil power. Those who live in the sewers fear the area where the Door is.

Mario comes here at the beginning of the game to meet Princess Peach because she found the Magical Map. In Rogueport, there are two item shops. There is an inn and a Chuckola Cola bar, the Lovely Howz of Badges, the Pianta Parlor, and two entrances to the Rogueport Sewers.

The town is divided into five sections, the north side, the west side, the main plaza, the docks, and the east side. Mario will be moving through here constantly throughout the game. He can also find his brother Luigi in the different areas of Rogueport during different chapters.


The majority of the population is considered to be thieving and notorious, fitting the city's name. This is more true in the eastern side of Rogueport. Toads, Bob-ombs, Goombas, Doogans, Craws, Piantas, and Bandits make up the majority of the population.

Rogueport in detail[edit]

Rogueport Harbor[edit]

Rogueport Harbor

Rogueport Harbor is the starting point of Mario's adventure. Right after arriving, he meets Goombella and gets into a big fight with the X-Nauts and Lord Crump. The workers at the docks are not surprised by struggles in the area and try to warn Mario to keep away from Lord Crump.

Ships regularly anchor at the place. During his adventures in Rogueport, Mario takes Flavio's ship, the S.S. Flavion, to Keelhaul Key from here. Later, Mario returns to the mainland aboard Cortez's ship, the Black Skull. The Black Skull continues to anchor at the site after Chapter 5. People Mario can meet at the docks include Lumpy and Pa-Patch (before Chapter 5). The docks are in their majority are Bob-ombs and some Toads.

There is also a hidden area to the left of the harbor itself that is only accessible once Mario can use Boat Mode. This area contains a chest with the HP Drain badge as well as a Star Piece. Other objects there suggest someone lives there, but they are never present.

Rogueport Plaza[edit]

Rogueport Plaza

Rogueport Plaza is the market of Rogueport, with the gallows in the center. The plaza is home to the Toad Bros. Bazaar, an item shop, as well as Podley's Place, a soda bar with an inn upstairs. The Lovely Howz of Badges, a badge shop, is entered from a raised walkway that can be accessed from the inn. Next to this shop, there is a rooftop where Ms. Mowz can optionally join Mario’s party after Chapter 4. To the right of the entrance to Podley's Place, there is a raised platform supporting a large treasure chest that contains the Ultra Hammer, which can be knocked down with a Spring Jump once Mario has the Ultra Boots.

Zess T.’s kitchen is located on the west end of the plaza. Next to this building, there is a bulletin board that is updated with news periodically throughout the story. The backside features graffiti written on it, which also changes periodically. Starting midway through Chapter 1, Charlieton can be found in the streets selling his wares.

The plaza separates the west side controlled by Don Pianta and the east side ruled by Ishnail. Neither of the opposing parties seem to have a total control over the marketplace. At the very beginning of the game, as Goombella starts to tell Mario what is going on and Toadsworth is telling Mario the whereabouts of Peach, two members of the Pianta syndicate can be seen ambushing and threatening two Robbo members in front of Podley's Place. Several criminals reside behind the main buildings, through an archway. A Bandit resides in a house behind Podley's Place; this is the same Bandit that robs Mario at the beginning of the game. If spoken to, he will give Mario his stolen coins back. McGoomba also resides in this area. The plaza in its majority is Doogans, Toads, Goombas, and Squeeks.

East Side[edit]

The east side of Rogueport

The east side of Rogueport, also called Ishnail’s Turf by its inhabitants, is an insecure and run-down place controlled by the Robbo Thieves, led by Ishnail. Bandits roam the streets, and when Mario first enters the area, he immediately gets robbed half his coins. This part of town is dirty, and the houses are in bad shape. This area is home to Merlon and Professor Frankly. The pipe to the Rogueport Sewers is just outside Professor Frankly's house, initially blocked by a rotten piece of fence that is removed by Frankly after Mario initially meets with him. The furthest east part of the east side is guarded by Gus. Mario has to pay him or fight him in order to pass. In that area, there is the Trouble Center and Admiral Bobbery's house. Garf’s house is the furthest-east building accessible, and can be entered after completing his trouble. Next to the door, there is a stack of crates that can only be reached using Yoshi’s Flutter Jump. This leads to the rooftops, where Bobbery’s chimney, which can be entered using Tube Mode, is located, as well as the storyteller Grifty.

This area also contains a number of hidden areas. On the west end, there is a back alley that can be accessed through a group of three brick walls that appear to be a single one due to a perspective trick. Darkly resides here due to it apparently being the darkest part of Rogueport. Between Bobbery’s house and the Trouble Center, there is a narrow crack that can be entered using Paper Mode to reach the back side of the Trouble Center and the Robbo Thieves’ hideout, where Ishnail resides. The back entrance to the Trouble Center, from which Goose manages the establishment, can be revealed using Flurrie’s ability. There is also a Boat Mode panel here, which allows Mario to reach a Double Dip badge located on a ledge below the Trouble Center entrance.

West Side[edit]

The west side of Rogueport.

The west side is a relatively secure area of Rogueport controlled by the Pianta syndicate. It is initially inaccessible to Mario due to Zess T. blocking it after Mario breaks her Contact Lens; once a replacement Contact Lens is delivered to her from the Toad Bros. Bazaar (which can be done as early as midway through Chapter 1), she moves out of the way, allowing Mario to enter.

This area is much cleaner than the east side, and there is a fountain as well as a small park. Lucky, who manages the Happy Lucky Lottery, is found in the southwestern area. In the center of the street, there is a sewer grate which Mario can enter using Paper Mode to reach the western part of Rogueport Sewers. The park area features a tall pipe that acts as the exit to the western part of the sewers, and is too tall to enter from outside.

The Pianta syndicate runs the Pianta Parlor and the Westside Goods item shop in the area. After buying a Dried Shroom and Dizzy Dial in order at Westside Goods, and answering the shopkeeper Peeka’s question about Mario’s favorite color with “yellow” (a password that Mario can learn from Ishnail), Mario is granted access to the Pianta syndicate’s headquarters through a back staircase, where Don Pianta resides for most of the game. Next to Westside Goods, there is a cracked wall that can be destroyed by Bobbery, leading to a small back alley containing a Shine Sprite.

There are also two residential houses in the eastern area. One of them contains a small hole that can be entered with Tube Mode, leading to a back alley with a Shine Sprite. By using Tube Mode again to exit this area through another small hole, Mario is deposited in the other residential house through a dresser drawer.

Rogueport Station[edit]

Excess Express in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Rogueport Station

Rogueport Station is the center of transportation in Rogueport, located north of the west side. It contains both the port for the Cheep Blimp as well as the Excess Express’ station. Mario must acquire tickets for each of these modes of transport to access Glitzville and Poshley Heights, respectively.


Notable residents[edit]



East side[edit]

West side[edit]


Roaming characters[edit]

Items found[edit]

In addition to the list below, items can be obtained from various shops and characters in this town.

Item Icon Location
Attack FX B (badge) Attack FX B sprite in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Given back by Ms. Mowz after completing her trouble.
Blimp Ticket Sprite of a Blimp Ticket in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Given by Don Pianta after helping him find Francesca and Frankie before Chapter 3.
Box Sprite of the Box and the Package from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Given by McGoomba while doing his trouble.
Double Dip Sprite of the Double Dip badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In the east area guarded by Gus, it is in a chest near the south sea. Accessible from a boat panel near the other side of the river.
Gold Card The Gold Card from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Received from Frankie after doing his trouble.
Honey Shroom A Honey Shroom from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Cooked by Zess T. and given to Mario after completing her trouble.
House Key Sprite of the House Key in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In front of the badge shop during Garf's trouble.
HP Drain (badge) Sprite of the HP Drain badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In the harbor, it is in the chest on the small house to the left of the sea.
Lottery Pick Sprite of the Lottery Pick in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Can be bought from the Happy Lucky Lottery.
Old Letter Sprite of the Old Letter in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Given by Podley near the start of Chapter 5.
Power Smash Sprite of the Power Smash badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Given by Professor Frankly during the prologue.
Shine Sprite A Shine Sprite from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door In the east, it is on top of the red roof.
In the east, it is in the back room of Admiral Bobbery's house.
In the east, it is behind the rightmost house, across the river from Ishnail's house.
In the west, the second floor of the Toad kid's house has a hole to the right. Roll in and it is in the backyard there.
In the west, there is a cracked wall to the left of the store. Blow it up and it is at the end of the path behind.
Star Piece A sprite of a Star Piece. In the harbor, it is behind the barrels in the small room to the left of the sea.
In the harbor, it is under a panel in a wall corner near the stairs.
In the square, it is among the chests near the east fence.
In the square, it is under a panel in front of the gallows.
In the square, it is on top of Zess T.'s house, on the far side of the roof on the left.
In the square, go through the alley, and it is in the house to the left.
In the square, go through the alley, and it is under a panel directly behind the rightmost house.
In the east, it is on top of a crate behind Frankly's house. Accessible from the fake wall in the left.
In the east, it is under a panel in front of Frankly's house.
In the east, it is behind the chimney of Bobbery's house.
In the east, it is behind the barrel in front of Ishnail's house.
In the east, it is under a panel on top of the house to the right of the river.
In the west, it is in the wall corner near the entrance and the low wall surrounding the garden.
In the west, it is behind the tall pipe in the garden.
In the west, it is under a panel in front of the Pianta Parlor.
In the west, it is behind the trash can to the left-front of the store.
In the station area, it is under a panel in front of the Toad girl on the train platform.
In the station area, it is behind the pipe that leads to the blimp landing area.
Train Ticket Sprite of a Train Ticket in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Given by Don Pianta after reuniting with his daughter near the start of Chapter 6.
Wedding Ring Sprite of a Wedding Ring in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Found in front of the rightmost houses in east Rogueport while doing Frankie's trouble. In the Japanese version of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, it is on top of the wall Gus guards.
Ultra Hammer Ultra Hammer from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door In the plaza, it is in the big chest near the inn. Requires a Spring Jump.
Ultra Shroom An Ultra Shroom from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Given by Plenn T. after doing his trouble.

Bulletin Board News[edit]

Front side[edit]

  • Turf war between the Pianta syndicate and the Robbos heating up! Apparently! Best stay indoors!
  • Pickpocketing on the rise! Watch your wallet! And hey, pickpocketers... try not to get caught!
  • "A glowing, mysterious light under the city"?!? Smells like treasure, people!
  • Hooktail terrorizing Petal Meadows! If it sees you, pretend to be a cricket! Or something!
  • Hooktail of Petal Meadows defeated by brave hero! Must've been a tough guy!
  • New evil society, the X-Nauts, sighted in the Boggly Woods! Silly outfits reported! Could they be linked to organized crime in our fair city?
  • X-Nauts terrorizing Boggly Woods have withdrawn! Just what was their motive?
  • Rookie "The Great Gonzales" takes Glitz Pit by storm! An upset on the way?
  • The Great Gonzales crowned champion of the Glitz Pit! But he turned down the belt!
  • Strange rumors of Twilighters being turned into pigs... Scary news, folks!
  • Toad Bros. Bazaar announces new shipment of best-seller "Super Luigi"! Get your copy!
  • Castaways return from the cursed island of Keelhaul Key! With treasure, maybe?
  • Don Pianta retires! Frankie to take the mantle! Get a fat envelope ready!
  • Some say there is a huge cannon in Fahr Outpost known only to local Bob-ombs!
  • Skirmishes between Robbos and the Piantas take a new turn with Frankie leading!
  • Ancient prophecy discovered! When the moon shines bright, the end will draw near...
  • Underground heat source discovered! Any link to the treasure? Let's all get rich!
  • When the light fades from Rogueport, a hero emerges, inscribing his name in legend.

Back side[edit]

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "This is Rogueport Harbor. Ships come here from all over the world! Everybody's always working their tails off down here. No wonder it's totally sweaty. Sometimes this area's all stacked high with cargo from all the ships. The water smells pretty rank, but that's like, the magic of a port town, y'know?"
  • "This is Rogueport's main square. It's sorta the central shopping area, I guess. There are lots of regular working folks here, but there are also ne'er-do-wells... If you venture into the back alleys, be ready to deal with some nasty sorts..."
  • "This is Rogueport's east side. It's considered dangerous here, even for Rogueport! This is Ishnail's turf. He's the leader of a band of thieves called the Robbos. Then again, you can also find Merlon here. He can help your partners level up. Still, it's definitely too rough a place for a girl like me to walk alone... ♥"
  • "This is Rogueport's west side. This is totally the friendlier face of Rogueport. Not that it's, y'know, a great place to raise a family, but it's good for Rogueport. The corner with the fountain is definitely the most restful spot in Rogueport. This area is controlled by Don Pianta, head of the Pianta syndicate... Yeah. The shop and parlor here are totally fronts for his "business.""
  • "This is Rogueport Station. You can board intercity trains or blimps here. The Excess Express bound for Poshley Heights is nice and shiny, isn't it? Wow! I bet all the town kids are just DYING to ride it at least once, y'know? That blimp way over at the airfield looks super-cool, too. Blimps are awesome!"

Goombella has a demonstration tattle only when she joins Mario's party.

  • "This is Rogueport Plaza. It's the center of town, and the main business district. It's a crossroads where many people meet, including more than a few shady characters."
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In-game map description[edit]

  • An unseemly place full of rogues and thugs. The harbor is in the south, a thieves' hideout lies to the east, the western area is home to the Pianta syndicate's HQ, and Rogueport Station is to the north. Trains and airships connect to other towns.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴロツキタウン
Gorotsuki Taun
Rogue Town
Chinese (Traditional) 惡棍鎮
Ègùn Zhèn
Rogue Town
Dutch Boevechem Pun on Dutch city names ending on "-chem", merged with "Boef" (Rogue)
French Port-Lacanaïe "Lacanaïe" is a pun on "La canaille" (The villain)
German Rohlingen Pun on German village names ending on "-ingen", merged with "Rohling" (brute). Also note that "roh" can mean "rough"
Italian Fannullopoli Idler City
Korean 부랑배 타운
Burangbae Taun
Hoodlums Town
Spanish Villa Viciosa Vicious Village


The Toad-shaped chalk outline in the Bandit's house in Rogueport Square that appears only in the Japanese version of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Mario and Goombella spotting a Toad-shaped chalk outline in the house.
  • Parts of the background music in Rogueport are remixes of Toad Town's.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, a Toad-shaped chalk outline with blood can be seen in Larson's house in the East side, but it was removed from the Western version to maintain an all-ages rating.[1]