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Director’s Notes

Shroom2019 Zange.png

Written by: Zange (talk)


Happy April!! I hope everyone has had a good month so far (including a good Easter for those that celebrate it)! On my end of things, we are just about to head in to show week for Pippin, which is VERY terrifying! Send help and literally all the coffee and hot tea you can get your hands on!!! Nerves aside, it's also bittersweet because this is my last show at my community college before I graduate and transfer. By the time we've finished striking set I may be in tears.

Anyways, we have a few important things to note this month! First, PanchamBro is taking over NIWA News, so welcome! Second, Awards season is starting up! You know what that means: the return of Anniversary Announcements! Woot!! Pipe Plaza is jam-packed with coolness this month, and you can join the coolness too! Head on over to the sign up page to get started!

Enjoy the rest of the month~

Section of the Month

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Poll Committee Discussion 9 36.00% Hooded Pitohui
2nd New Articles 6 24.00% WildWario
3rd What's in a Campaign? 5 20.00% Mustard Machine

Mariowiki sections
Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings from the NIWA wiki network!
All of the new articles created in the past month.
The best analysis of the polls around!
The ongoings of the Mario Awards.
Non-wiki sections
Take a look at some of the strangest articles in NIWA!
Find out all about this month's Super Mario releases.
Think you missed anything on the forum lately? Fear not, just read this!


Written by: PanchamBro (talk)

Hey it's me PanchamBro. It's time for this month's NIWA News, a section regarding news from each of the 32 members of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance. Alex95 has stepped down from his leadership role as well as his role in The 'Shroom, so I will be taking over. You may notice that this section is very different from before. Hopefully you like this new format.

We'll be going through staff changes and related wiki news in March, and a look into what each NIWA wiki did for April Fools. Let's start.

Staff changes

  • Andrew4043 has been promoted to admin on Hard Drop - Tetris Wiki. They have been relatively active since last year, and it's fair to say that they have been helpful in growing the wiki. Congratulations!
  • Exaskliri has been promoted to patroller on Inkipedia after a Request for Rights vote of 5-0. Exaskliri has been active on Inkipedia since last year with a lot of constructive edits associated with their name. It's telling that this promotion is well deserved. Congratulations!
  • On the other hand, WoomyMcBoomy had been demoted from their patroller roles on Inkipedia due to inactivity since November 2021. WoomyMcBoomy had previously been promoted on May 3, 2021, in a Request for Rights vote of 8-1, thanks to their helpful contributions for Splatoon 3. Their contributions to Inkipedia will be missed.
  • L151 has returned to their previous admin role on Super Mario Wiki. They had previously been a patroller here from July 2010 to October 2011, and then as admin from October 2011 to December 2019. Welcome back old friend!
  • Stick has been demoted from their bureaucrat, interface admin, and adminstrator roles on Ukikipedia. Stick also transferred their ownership of the wiki to Skazzy3. Previously, Stick had made significant contributions regarding the technical knowledge of Super Mario 64 on Ukikipedia.
  • Kirbeat has been promoted to patroller on WiKirby. Kirbeat has been offered the promotion by the WiKirby staff thanks to their good contributions and high activity since September of 2021. Congratulations on the promotion!
  • FalcoLau has also returned to their previous admin and interface admin roles on WiKirby. They had previously been a patroller from May 2018 to August 2018, and then as admin from August 2018 to December 2019. Welcome back FalcoLau!
  • On the other hand, Pandakekok9 has been demoted from their patroller roles on WiKirby due to inactivity since September 2021. Their contributions to WiKirby will be missed.
  • PhantomCaleb has returned to their previous admin roles on Zelda Wiki, though it has been noted that this promotion will be temporary. Phantom Caleb has previously been a patroller from February 2011 to July 2012, and then as admin from July 2012. He was then an executive from October 2015 to February 2020. Regardless of how long PhantomCaleb's term as admin will last however, we wish them a heartfelt welcome back!

Wiki news

Dragalia Lost.png

Last year, Dragalia Lost Wiki joined the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance after leaving the Gamepedia platform to become independent. This March saw the announcement of Dragalia Lost ending service later in 2022, with the main storyline ending before the game's closure, and last new content being added later that month. As such, the community that Dragalia Lost Wiki is involved in, /r/DragaliaLost, has opened a project that will involve the archival of various assets of Dragalia Lost. Dragalia Lost Wiki has also moved back to its previous server that it has used back before Dragalia Lost's three-year anniversary as part of an effort to save costs in the midst of the game’s eventual closure. If you are currently a player of Dragalia Lost, and would like to help out in the archival process, feel free to join their Discord server for assistance.

Since late February 2022, SmashWiki has celebrated their 100th Discord Smash Arena with an all-out fighter royale. Plenty of discussion and votes regarding what fighter will reign supreme has been tossed around. By the time this article is out, SmashWiki will be heading into the Finals for who is going to take the lead as the winner of the 100th Discord Smash Arena. If you are interested, please join their Discord server for more information.

March has been a busy month for several wikis, especially for WiKirby editors. Plenty of editors are currently at work making articles about Kirby and the Forgotten Land. If you have played the game, I would highly recommend helping out.

Zelda Wiki's main host provider Fandom has announced an update to their Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy. These include guidelines on good adminship, a section regarding new pathways towards adminship, the "Need ideas for rules?" section being moved to its own page, and various changes to clarify on certain points. These rules were made effective on April 4, 2022.

Over at our affiliates, Kingdom Hearts Wiki celebrates Kingdom Hearts’s 20th anniversary with a special main page. We wish Kingdom Hearts Wiki the best of luck for this celebration.

April Fools

This year's April Fools had ten NIWA wikis involved.

Bulbapedia AFD 2022.png
Nookipedia AFD 2022.png
  • Nookipedia was "seized" by Cephalobot and was rebranded to "Cephalopedia", spreading to the wiki's theme, main page, Discord server, social media sites, and other related Nookipedia pages. The joke was a reference to Cephalobot's birthday (April 1st). Rest assured that Cephalobot will be back. Side note: this April Fools joke was noticed by users on /r/AnimalCrossing, and at one point was ranking in the Hot section of the subreddit. It also resulted in the servers of the wiki becoming slower while the site was “Cephalopedia”, so probably a curse in disguise.
  • Pikipedia announced that it was brought by "Hocotate Freight", causing the wiki to change its wiki theme and its main page transformed into a storefront for "Hocotate Freight". I won’t lie when I say that this theme became so irritating yet bizarre to look at.
SmashWiki AFD 2022.gif
  • SmashWiki announced a new feature known as "AmDyCo", or "Amusing Dynamic Content", which would sometimes cause some random letters to have one of 15 different effects. Users were also allowed to submit their own April Fools joke, many of which are listed on SmashWiki's April Fools article. Among these were a fake version 14.0 update and the Sora article translated to a “Just a Pancake” video. Okay, I believe you.
  • Super Mario Wiki continued its annual April Fools joke with a alleged leak of the upcoming Mario movie. I, for one, am totally disappointed that Waluigi was not in the leaks. Several other jokes included a poll about the Mario movie "leak" and a "Did you know?" section that features Bob Hoskins calling people "fucking idiots" and Mario saying "shit".
WiKirby AFD 2022.png

Anyways, that's it for any related NIWA news that I could gather for this month's 'Shroom. I'll see you later in my "That NIWA List" section where I dive into by far one of the most glitchiest topic for a NIWA wiki.

New Articles

Written by: WildWario (talk)

Hello and welcome to New Articles. In this section, I'll list every new article created in March with a description.

Article Creator Description Creation date
Ring (Super Mario Galaxy) DannyTheDingo (talk) Orange and off-white rings which grant a speed boost when swam through in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. March 1
Magic Ball (Mario Kart Arcade GP DX) Lastro (talk) A special item in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX that can turn opponents into bouncy balls, causing them to lose control. March 2
Mii Tour WildWario (talk) The sixty-fifth tour of Mario Kart Tour, which features the return of Miis in racing suits as playable characters and Wii Mushroom Gorge. March 3
List of Luigi sightings in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker TurkeyCookTime (talk) A list of 8-bit Luigi sightings in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. March 3
Mario Bros. (series) Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) A video game series in the Mario franchise. It features five games, and its name is derived from the original 1983 arcade game Mario Bros. March 6
Wrecking Crew (series) Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) A small video game series in the Mario franchise only featuring three games. March 7
Mii Cup Evil elmo (talk) A cup in Mario Kart Tour named after Miis. March 9
Mario's Mustache Evil elmo (talk) A High-End glider in Mario Kart Tour based on Mario's nose and mustache. March 9
Luigi's Mustache SonicSpeed48 (talk) A High-End glider in Mario Kart Tour based on Luigi's nose and mustache. March 9
Snow Day Street Hockey BBQ Turtle (talk) A Dream Event in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games which requires the player to score more points than the opposing team in an ice hockey game. March 9
Snowman (enemy) Somethingone (talk) Snowman variants of Magons in the Shivering Mountains in Wario World. They come in small and big variants. March 9
Miitī Somethingone (talk) Puppet-like monkey variants of Magons in the Mirror Mansion in Wario World. It has a larger, puppet-like dog variant known as the Wansuru. March 9
Mummy (Wario World) Somethingone (talk) Mummies with flowers on their heads in the Pecan Sands in Wario World. They are variants of Magons, and they have a larger variant with a more animal-like appearance. March 9
Yellow 8-Bit Pipe Frame Evil elmo (talk) A yellow variant of the 8-Bit Pipe Frame kart in Mario Kart Tour. March 10
Bubbler (object) Spectrogram (talk) Objects in several Super Mario games that appear underwater and release bubbles, which can replenish Mario's oxygen meter. March 12
KO Hammer RHG1951 (talk) A Battle Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash. When used, Mario holds his hammer at his side and swings it to hit enemies. March 12
List of Wii Mushroom Gorge tour appearances in Mario Kart Tour SonicSpeed48 (talk) A list that details the tour appearances of Wii Mushroom Gorge in Mario Kart Tour. March 13
List of Ninja Hideaway tour appearances in Mario Kart Tour Koopa con Carne (talk) A list that details the tour appearances of Ninja Hideaway in Mario Kart Tour. March 15
Hole-In-One Curling BBQ Turtle (talk) A Dream Event in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games which requires two characters. The first character needs to ride on a large stone, while the second one needs to push it to the goal. March 16
Samurai Tour Evil elmo (talk) The sixty-sixth tour of Mario Kart Tour, which features Mario in his samurai outfit from Super Mario Odyssey as one of the new playable characters and the return of Ninja Hideaway. March 18
Polar Bear Somethingone (talk) Enemies in the Shivering Mountains in Wario World. They are variants of the Clubosaur, and like it, Polar Bears use their clubs to attack Wario. March 18
Egg Mark Spectrogram (talk) Objects found in various areas of Mario Pinball Land that can cause Bonus Towers to appear. March 19
Super Mario-kun Volume 9 Mariuigi Khed (talk) The ninth volume of the Super Mario-kun manga series. This volume contains arcs from various games such as Yoshi's Safari and Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. March 19
Haipō Somethingone (talk) Masked owl enemies in Wario World's Mirror Mansion. They are variants of Cractyls. March 22
Houhou Somethingone (talk) Mummified variants of Cractyls in Wario World's Pecan Sands. They attack faster than any other Cractyl variant. March 22
World of Nintendo MariusM (talk) A line of Nintendo action figures by Jakks Pacifics. March 22
Homestretch! Archivist Toadette (talk) An event in Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10. This event occurs when players are close to the end of the board and pass by a green Toad. March 22
Yoshi Tour (2022) Evil elmo (talk) The sixty-seventh tour of Mario Kart Tour. The tour features the return of N64 Yoshi Valley as a classic course and introduces a yellow variant of Yoshi (Egg Hunt) and a white Birdo as new playable characters. March 23
Origami Glider Evil elmo (talk) A High-End glider in Mario Kart Tour that resembles a red origami kabuto. March 23
Sakura Origami Glider Evil elmo (talk) A black and light pink variant of the Origami Glider with a cherry blossom pattern in Mario Kart Tour. March 23
Armored Rider Evil elmo (talk) An indigo, black, and gold counterpart of the Warrior Wagon in Mario Kart Tour. March 24
King Debuhō Somethingone (talk) A large variety of the Fat Guy that can be bounced on in Yoshi Topsy-Turvy. It cannot be defeated. March 24
Super Mario-kun Volume 10 Mariuigi Khed (talk) The tenth volume of the Super Mario-kun manga series. It concludes the Mario & Wario and Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins arcs from the previous volume, though it also begins the Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 arc. March 24
Warrior Wagon Archivist Toadette (talk) A red, black, and gold High-End kart in Mario Kart Tour based on samurai armor. March 24
Rotating defense mechanism Spectrogram (talk) An obstacle that appears in the Secret Flower Field Entrance of the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey that consists of four destructible spinning circular panels. March 25

There are still lots of articles that haven't been created, and you can create one to help the wiki. But when you create an article, remember to add categories and templates and keep in mind the Super Mario Wiki's Manual of Style.

Poll Committee Discussion

Written by: Goombuigi (talk)

Welcome back to Poll Committee Discussion! My name's Goombuigi, and I'm here to analyze the latest polls. I have four polls this time around, so let's get started.

The News

I have no major news from the Poll Committee, per usual. Polls are being put out there, but other than that, no news to report on.


Mario Kart: Double Dash!! featured the ability to use two drivers at once. Would you like to see this feature return? (TasteTheFiresOfHelp (talk), March 6, 2022)

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! featured the ability to use two drivers at once. Would you like to see this feature return?

Using two drivers should return as a specific mode or option, but other modes should allow using one driver. 66.97% (1,784 votes)
Using two drivers should return in all of the game modes. 22.30% (594 votes)
I have no opinion on whether two-driver mode should return. 5.03% (134 votes)
Using two drivers should not return, but I would like to see a different co-op form debut. 3.53% (94 votes)
Using two drivers should not return, nor should other new co-op forms appear. 2.18% (58 votes)
Total Votes: 2,664

Nintendo has released three mobile Mario games since 2016. Which game is your favorite? (Ray Trace (talk), March 20, 2022‎)

Nintendo has released three mobile Mario games since 2016. Which game is your favorite?

I have not played any mobile Mario games. 32.47% (981 votes)
Mario Kart Tour 29.56% (893 votes)
Super Mario Run 24.46% (739 votes)
I do not have a preference. 8.67% (262 votes)
Dr. Mario World 4.83% (146 votes)
Total Votes: 3,021

With a follow-up movie confirmed in the post-credits scene, which rumored villain and voice actor would you like to see appear in the next Mario movie? (Roserade (talk), April 1, 2022)

With a follow-up movie confirmed in the post-credits scene, which rumored villain and voice actor would you like to see appear in the next Mario movie?

Miyamoto, voiced by Shigeru Miyamoto 32.20% (302 votes)
Fawful, voiced by Danny Devito 18.98% (178 votes)
Waluigi, voiced by Richard Ayoade 12.47% (117 votes)
Bowser Jr., voiced by Zac Efron 11.83% (111 votes)
Shadow Queen, voiced by Zendaya 5.97% (56 votes)
Lucien, voiced by Morgan Freeman 5.65% (53 votes)
Count Bleck, voiced by Ed Helms 4.48% (42 votes)
Smithy, voiced by James Earl Jones 3.94% (37 votes)
Tatanga, voiced by Vin Diesel 3.52% (33 votes)
Cackletta, voiced by Angelina Jolie 0.96% (9 votes)
Total Votes: 938

In which way would you most like to listen to music from the Mario franchise? (Hooded Pitohui (talk), April 3, 2022)

In which way would you most like to listen to music from the Mario franchise?

I would prefer Nintendo add Mario music to official streaming services, or create their own, so I can listen to it on-demand. 24.23% (533 votes)
I am content finding Mario music on services such as YouTube, where they have been uploaded by a third party. 22.32% (491 votes)
I don't care what form it takes, so long as I can listen to Mario music outside of the games. 13.64% (300 votes)
I would like to listen to Mario music released on physical media, such as CDs of game soundtracks. 12.09% (266 votes)
I would like to be able to directly download Mario music files. 11.95% (263 votes)
It doesn't matter to me what form Mario music takes, as long as Nintendo officially releases of it outside of the games it plays in. 9.82% (216 votes)
Mario music is best when played on the systems it was created for; I prefer to listen to it through in-game sound tests and music players. 3.55% (78 votes)
I don't care about listening to music from the Mario franchise. 2.41% (53 votes)
Total Votes: 2,200


Mario Kart: Double Dash!! featured the ability to use two drivers at once. Would you like to see this feature return?

The majority of people voted option 1, nearly 67% in fact. The sweeping majority likely voted for this option because although a two-driver mode akin to Mario Kart: Double Dash!! would be welcomed, most people are more familiar with the single-driver modes of every other Mario Kart game, and so they would like to have the option to have the more standard single-driver mode as well. Personally, this option makes the most sense, and would give the most freedom to players and their preferred play styles.

The second most popular option is for all modes to feature two drivers, which garnered around 22% of the total votes. These votes probably come from people who are enthralled with the use of two drivers in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and would like to see it supported more elaborately in a future installment. While I understand the sentiment, I think heavily supporting the two-driver mode would somewhat take away from the identity of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Nintendo has released three mobile Mario games since 2016. Which game is your favorite?

The majority of people in this poll, nearly one third of the votes, have not actually played a mobile game in the franchise. This makes sense considering that they likely think that the console games in the Super Mario, Mario Kart, and Dr. Mario series have more to offer than their mobile installments, which would be why they haven't bothered trying them out. They could potentially also be avoiding the mobile games due to their infamous gacha elements or downgraded gameplay. While I've played some of the mobile games, I have played very little of them, and favor their console counterparts instead.

For about 30% of the voters, their favorite game is Mario Kart Tour. While the game has a bad reputation among the Mario Kart series due to the aforementioned gacha elements, it does feature a wide selection of characters, vehicle parts, and courses, which is probably why it's the most popular of the three, and it helps that Nintendo have supported it consistently since its launch, two and a half years ago. Close behind, at 24%, is Super Mario Run, the first mobile game in the plumber's franchise. Like Mario Kart, the Super Mario series is also popular, which could be why the mobile installment has seen similar success to Mario Kart Tour. Dr. Mario World is the least voted option, even behind the "no preference" option, which is probably due to two options - one, the Dr. Mario series isn't nearly as acclaimed as Super Mario or Mario Kart, and two, the game's support ended last year, effectively killing the game.

With a follow-up movie confirmed in the post-credits scene, which rumored villain and voice actor would you like to see appear in the next Mario movie?

Earlier this month, the Super Mario Wiki posted a leak about the upcoming Mario movie. A sequel has been confirmed following the credits, and rumors and speculations have gone rampant about which villain in the Mario series could appear in the following movie. Unsurprisingly, our voters would like to see Miyamoto (voiced by Shigeru Miyamoto) the most, with nearly one third of the votes going to him. He is one of the oldest villains in the franchise, leading to Mario's very roots, however he hasn't received much attention until the more recent years, particularly receiving a spike in popularity around 2011. The second most wanted villain is Fawful, with close to 20% of the vote, likely to have someone from the Mario RPG series in the movie. Waluigi is placed at third, at 12%.

In which way would you most like to listen to music from the Mario franchise?

Most people, about a quarter of the votes, would prefer to see Mario music on an official streaming service, or for Nintendo to create their own, so that they can listen to music on demand. As someone who tends to listen to music while commuting, I can see the convenience of having music available from the get-go, and why there is high demand for Nintendo to introduce music to a streaming service. The second option, close behind at 22%, represents the number of people who are content with finding music on YouTube and other third-party sites. These are likely sufficient for casual listening, which is why this option is the second most voted one. 13% of the votes don't have a preference for what form Mario music is released in, so long as it is in some form outside of the games themselves. This option would make sense for people who have many options of potentially listening to Mario-related music, or don't have a major preference for how they would like to listen to such music.


That's all of the polls for this month. I hope you enjoyed my analyses, and make sure to vote on the polls every other week and come back for the next issue of Poll Committee Discussion.

Anniversary Announcements

Written by: Lakituthequick (talk)

“I appreciate Discord allowing us to see who is directly compiling thoughts in chat and having a 🌪️ moment.”
Roserade (talk · Boards)

Good evening and welcome back to Anniversary Announcements! My eighth year here, wew...

If you're new here, in this section I update you on all things about the Mario Awards, the yearly celebration of the Super Mario Wiki's anniversary. This includes behind-the-scenes developments, awards, tournaments, and other things.

The Awards Committee

First things first, let us introduce you to the people behind the ceremony and polls, the Awards Committee! They are the ones that sift through all the awards to renew them before they go live, and the directing staff organise the polls and ceremony themselves.

If you've been around for a while, you'll notice a big shakeup at the top: Anton (talk · Boards) is no longer the director, and Turboo (talk · Boards) is now a consultant, with Superchao (talk · Boards) and Hooded Pitohui (talk · Boards) as the new directors.
Below is the complete list of members of this year's AC.

You can contact any of these folks with questions you may have. I, Lakituthequick, am once again back for writing Anniversary Announcements too, so if you have questions about that, feel free to contact me on the wiki, Boards, or on Discord.

The news


After last year's trial of holding the Awards Ceremony on Discord instead of IRC, this year the meetings are also being held there. To facilitate this, a server specifically for the awards has been created, which will also be used for the ceremony and tournament talk. You can join it here.

New and different ways of community engagement are being discussed. This may take the shape of posts in the Super Mario Boards' sidebar, advertisements in various Discord venues, or references to past presentations. Exact execution is still up for consideration.

While no tournaments have started yet, several have been confirmed to be in the works or are gauging for interest in them.
Confirmed are Awards Killing Game: Odyssey, hosted by Lakituthequick (talk · Boards), Hooded Pitohui (talk · Boards), and GBAToad (talk · Boards); and Scribble 2, hosted by GBAToad (talk · Boards). b1jPPh1.png

The awards

In this part of Anniversary Announcements, I update you on the awards that have been discussed, and all changes made to them. This includes new and removed awards, as well as nominees within.

A renewed effort is ongoing to update or remove awards that have been stale for several years. As a result, multiple awards that have remained with little change have already been removed, and new concepts are being brewed up.

Awards M5 through M7 are cyclical meaning that they are rotated out for another subject from the Donkey Kong, Wario, and Yoshi franchises respectively. Although there were three subjects when this was initially conceptualised in 2018, every year after 2020 has had a unique subject so far.

Awards M29 and M30, covering Favourite Game from two generational ranges of consoles (classic and modern), are being considered to be split into three awards, to fill more specific niches as time goes on.

The complete and up-to-date list of awards and nominees can be viewed in this document at any time.

Mario Awards

M2. Favorite Mario Kart Game (removed)

This award was removed for having stale and predictable results.

M5. Favorite DK Music Track (removed)

M6. Favorite Wario Music Track (removed)

M7. Favorite Yoshi Music Track (removed)

M5. Favorite DK Boss Battle (new)

M6. Favorite Wario Boss Battle (new)

M7. Favorite Yoshi Boss Battle (new)

M8. Favorite Art Style (removed)

This award was removed because the results have been stagnant since it was introduced.

M8. Favorite Aesthetic (new)

The exact name, definition, and nominees are to be discussed.

M9. Favorite Add-on Content

M10. Favorite Mario Lyrical Song (removed)

M13. Favorite Level Theme

  • Added:
  • Retro/throwback
  • Removed:
  • Underground
  • Grassland
  • Desert
  • Snow/Ice
  • Mountain
  • Beach
  • Sky
  • Jungle
  • Space/Moon
  • Fire/Lava
  • Ghost House
  • Castle
  • Airship
  • Factory/Industrial
  • Carnival
  • City/Town
  • Food/Sweets
  • Feudal Japan
  • Retro/throwback

M15. Favorite Instrumental Track

Renamed from "Favorite Mario Instrumental Track" to include other series again, as M5-7 are no longer about music.

M17. Favorite Mario RPG (removed)

This award was removed because of stale results and irrelevance due to a lack of RPG releases in the past several years.

M17. Favorite Mario RPG Character (new)

This award was created to give the RPG games new representation despite the removal of Favorite Mario RPG.

M19. Favorite Villain (removed)

This award was removed because of stale results and potential overlap with the newly created M17.

M21. Favorite Puzzle Game (removed)

This award was removed because of stale results.

M24. Favorite Merchandise

  • Changed:
  • San-ei Super Mario plushies ➞ Plushies (San-ei, etc.)

M25. Favorite 2D Mario Level (removed)

This award was removed in favour of 2D World because most levels are only known by a number, which is too vague to sustain.

M25. Favorite 2D Mario World (new)

This award replaces 2D Level.

And that marks the end of the first Anniversary Announcements of the season. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I'll see you again next month! Buh-bye!

That NIWA List

Written by: PanchamBro (talk)

In many of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance wikis, there are plenty of articles that are considered unusual to readers alike. Today, I'll showcase these articles from one of the many Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance wikis.

This section was inspired by Wikipedia's unusual article page, which documents the most unusual articles documented on the site. Unlike Wikipedia however, the selection of unusual articles here will be decided on a case-by-case basis, whether or not the documented material is weird enough to warrant being on this section.


In Pokémon, you might have heard of MissingNo., the most well known and popular of the weird and glitchy Pokémon in the game. What you might not know of however, is that there are a lot more glitchy Pokémon. For much of these Pokémon, these are often the result of the Time Capsule exploit that allows a player to trade a Generation II Pokémon into a Generation I game. For this section, I'll go over one of these Pokémon to the very best of my knowledge, like no one ever was. So let's travel across the land, searching far and wide for...PKMNaPKMNゥ ♂ fPKMNk. Oh dear lord that's a mouthful.

PKMNaPKMNゥ ♂ fPKMNk (which for sanity sake I'll name them Bob), is a Pokémon with Normal and Ground types. Bob is the result of using the Time Capsule exploit on Natu. And to give condolences to our friend Natu, who had to be put down and transformed into something horrific. Not that Bob is deadly, just that Bob is just...Bob. In fact, trying to use a specialized stat in the Mew glitch causes Bob to get angry, Bob to fight player via Cue Ball, and then Bob making all its values 9, poisoning the player's Pokémon, and proving the entire world why it shouldn't be allowed to do that. Because fighting Bob will eventually freeze your game.

Now, not all things are relatively bad with Bob. If you want the most balanced stat of any glitchy Pokémon, Bob is your friend. With a base HP of 232, base attack of 147, base defense of 145, base special of 136, and base speed of 128, you can be sure that your glitchy Bob friend will be able to fight any Pokémon without disadvantages. That is, unless you are fighting a Fighting, Water, Grass, or Ice-type Pokémon, in which case, you're screwed.

Bob also has plenty of moves at their sleeves. You have Leech Life, a move with 100% accuracy that makes you a vampire because the Japanese name literally translates to "Suck Blood". Or you can level up to 97 and add TM38, for an accuracy of 0% because if it doesn't kil—err faint your target, your game is freeze. Fortunately, while many other glitchy Pokémon share the same front sprite as Bob, Bob does not crash when loading its front sprite, meaning that Bob can be used in a safe what I would've said, but unfortunately Bob is only not crashable on the summary screen. How funny.

Bob is such a mouthful to name and a glitch to behold. If you want Bob to become better, consider upgrading them to 4B 8 4 8 at level 80, who is apparently a breed of Poliwrath and the glitchy side-effects of eating too many Time Capsules. At least we can say that this article is worthy to be presented on that NIWA List.

Mario Calendar

Written by: GPM1000 (talk)

Hey everybody! GPM1000 here, back with another Mario Calendar. I hope you all have had a fantastic month so far, and that you hopefully didn’t get fooled too hard on April Fools’ Day! Let’s get into some Mario games, shall we?

Region Abbreviations

Abb. Region
ALL All Regions (JP/NA/EU/AU)
JP Japan
NA North America
EU Europe
AU Oceania/Australia
SK South Korea
CHN China
UK United Kingdom

Console Abbreviations

Abb. Console
NES Nintendo Entertainment System
Famicom Family Computer Disk System
SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
N64 Nintendo 64
GC Nintendo GameCube
GB Game Boy
GBC Game Boy Color
GBA Game Boy Advance
DS Nintendo DS
3DS Nintendo 3DS
Switch Nintendo Switch
Wii VC Nintendo Wii Virtual Console
3DS VC Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
Wii U VC Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console
VB Virtual Boy
G&W Game and Watch
64DD Nintendo 64 Disk Drive
MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
CD-i Philips CD-i
IQ iQue Player
NVS Nvidia Shield
ACPC Amstrad CPC
ZX ZX Spectrum
Coleco Colecovision
TI-99 Texas Instruments TI-99/4A

Honestly, I think this is a super good month for Mario games. Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Paper Mario, and Super Mario Land all came out this month! I also think it’s interesting that no games have ever come out from the 15th through the 18th. Usually, you don’t see a gap lasting that long (a Mario game has come out on pretty much every date), so that’s very interesting to see. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you next month!

What's in a Campaign?

By: Mustard Machine (talk)

Welcome back, 'Shroom readers, to another What's in a Campaign? hosted by me, the Mustard Machine. Last month, we looked at the debut of a legend, looking at Firestorm's Series 3 campaign. This month, we're going to be drifting away from the main series once again and will be looking at the Extreme 1 Annihilator campaign of Disc-O-Inferno!

Built by the friends Mark Marshal, Nick Bullock, and Olivar Reed-Smith, Disc-O-Inferno made its debut in Series 4 as one of the many horizontal spinners built in the wake of Hypno-Disc. Armored in Polycarbonate (as was the style at the time) and powered by a 24v electric motor with a top speed of 30mph, Disc-O-Inferno is similar to previously covered robot Fluffy in the sense that they're both invertible (can run both ways up) polycarbonate robots with spinning weapons. But where Fluffy uses a spinning bar, Disc-O-Inferno uses a 30kg horizontal spinning disc capable of spinning at 3000rpm (revolutions per minute.) For comparison's sake, Hypno-Disc's flywheel at its peak could spin at 900rpm. That's quite the power difference, and, when the disc got up to speed, Disc-O-Inferno was a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, Disc-O-Inferno was often plagued with reliability issues, as was the case in their debut match, where, despite facing off with joke bot Major Tom and Shadow of Napalm (someday), Disc-O-Inferno still found itself losing the match when the robot just stopped. Let's hope those problems don't plague it in this run.

Burn, baby, burn!

Interestingly enough, despite participating in Series 4, Disc-O-Inferno didn't actually attempt to qualify for Series 5. They also originally weren't scheduled to make any appearances in Extreme 1. In fact, during their pre-match interview, the team expressed doubt that they'd enter Robot Wars again. So, if they didn't want to do Robot Wars anymore, why did they enter the Annihilator? Well, you see, during the course of Extreme 1's filming (filmed at the same time as Series 5), several teams who were planning on entering a Mayhem ended up pulling out, such as as 3 Stegs 2 Heaven, who pulled out because the team wanted to upgrade their weapon; Mega Morg, who blew all of its speed controllers; and Plunderbird 5, who pulled out after S3 turned their robot to dust. Needing more robots, the producers called up the Disc-O-Inferno team and offered them a spot, and the team took it, hoping to go out in a blaze of glory! Oh and, if you're wondering, this would not be the last time Disc-O-Inferno appeared, with the team also qualifying for both Series 6 and 7.

Now, before I cover the tournament itself, I feel it's important to explain what an Annihilator is. An Annihilator is a special tournament that starts with six robots facing off against each other. Each round, one robot is eliminated until only one robot is left. The first few rounds are almost always chaotic and fun, with robots all over the place as they attack each other. If I'm being honest, it's my favorite thing Robot Wars does and it often gives a good showcase for robots who don't do so hot in the main competition. For example, despite being a combined 0-4 in main series battles, the robot Kan-Opener would win two different Annihilators. In most Annihilators, the participants were just chosen by the producers to compete. But unique to Extreme 1 were the Mayhem battles, which were a series of three-way melees where the winner would qualify for one of the two annihilators.

As a reminder, all pictures are sourced from the fantastic Robot Wars Wiki. And if you'd like to watch any of these fights a video will be posted and time stamps in the section.

In its Mayhem match, which was a qualifier for the cursed 2nd Annihilator (oh, we'll get to that), Disc-O-Inferno was matched up against Velcorippa and Comengetorix, who, unfortunately (or fortunately if you're the Disc-O-Inferno team), were planning on teaming up on Disc-O. The fight (2:02) begins with just that, with both robots slamming into Disc-O-Inferno, but that attack does little to damage Disc-O-Inferno, who drives away to get its blade up to speed. With its blade speeding up, Disc-O-Inferno lands an attack on Comengetorix (who is already starting to slow down). Sensing weakness, Velocorippa turns on Comengetorix, slamming into it before running off as Disc-O-Inferno lands two more big hits with its blade, completely knocking out Comengetorix in the process. Disc-O-Inferno then turns its attention to Velocorippa, hitting it with its blade and completely splitting the front armor of the dinosaur-themed robot.

This is Mayhem.

After one more hit for good measure, Disc-O-Inferno rips the front panel off the right side of Velocorippa, KOing it and sending Disc-O-Inferno into the Annihilator. In the Annihilator, Disc-O-Inferno would face off against the following robots:

Panic Attack: Series 2 champion armed with lifting forks and the great driving of Kim Davis. Panic Attack qualified by defeating Shear Kahn and Tag Team Terror Champion Diotoir.

The Steel Avenger: Series 4 heat finalist and Exteme 1 Tag Team Terror runner-up. Armed with an axe at the front and a lifting plow at the back. The Steel Avenger qualified in an upset, winning a judges' decision over Series 2 Semi-Finalist and Series 4 Tag Team Terror champion King B3 Powerworks (the third robot in the fight was future champion Tornado, who was already KO'd).

Spirit Of Knightmare: Spirit of Knightmare actually lost its Mayhem after being KO'd by fellow flipper Bulldog Breed, but, as I said, Extreme 1 was filmed at the same time as Series 5 and, in Series 5, Bulldog Breed would face off against Hypno-Disc, who would damage Bulldog Breed so badly that Bulldog Breed would be unable to compete. The producers felt that Spirit Of Knightmare had performed better than the other robot in the Mayhem (Judge Shred), so Spirit Of Knightmare was put into the Annihilator.

Napalm (<3): Series 2 Semi-Finalist armed with weak, axe-like mandibles. Napalm would qualify after winning one of my all time favorite fights against the Clusterbot flipper known as Gemini and the newcomer bar spinner known as The Spider. After The Spider drove over the flame pit and burned out its motors and the clusterbots of Gemini accidentally breached themselves on their own wheelie bar, KOing themselves, Napalm secured a spot in the Annihilator.

Hippobotomus: Much like Spirit of Knightmare, this robot actually lost its Mayhem to the Flipper named Atomic, and was, in fact, using a different design at the time. But Atomic would also face Hypno-Disc in Series 5 and Hypno-Disc also destroyed Atomic to the point where Atomic had to pull out of the Annihilator. Unlike Spirit of Knightmare, however, Hippobotomus (then called Fighting Torque) did not outperform the third robot in the fight (Mousetrap). Presumably Mousetrap was too damaged from its Series 5 fight with S3 and was unable to compete in the Annihilator (Mousetrap would be pulled out of the Armed Forces special for similar reasons), so Hippobotomus was allowed in.

This lineup is why this is considered the cursed Annihilator. Between the upsets, pullouts, and weird match-ups, we didn't get to see this Annihilator how it was truly intended to be (the line up was intended to be Tornado, Panic Attack, Gemini, Atomic, Bulldog Breed, Disc-O-Inferno). Instead, you've got a wide mix of great bots like Panic Attack, above average bots like The Steel Avenger and Disc-O-Inferno, and outright bad bots like Napalm (<3) and Hippobotomus.

In the first round of the Annihilator (6:49), the action starts fast and hot with Spirit of Knightmare attacking Napalm and Panic Attack attempting to take out Disc-O-Inferno before it can get its disc up to speed. All the robots meet an enemy, with the Steel Avenger hitting Panic Attack with its axe while Hippobotomus also hits Panic Attack with its weird tiny spinning disc before driving away. All the robots then meet in the middle, attacking the already struggling Napalm, with Disc-O-Inferno contributing by ripping off a huge chunk of Napalm's armor with its disc.

Annihilators are the best!

Napalm manages to sluggishly get away while the Steel Avenger attacks it with its axe. The Steel Avenger then turns its axe on Spirit of Knightmare. The action stays hot, with Spirit of Knightmare attempting to flip over the Steel Avenger before moving onto and failing to flip over Hippobotomus. Panic Attack manages to get some lifts in on Hippobotomus and the Steel Avenger, but Disc-O-Inferno hits Panic Attack with their disc, ripping off a piece of their armor in the process. The fighting continues before Disc-O-Inferno remembers that Hippobotomus's armor is a plastic sandbox and they turn their attention to Hippobotomus.

How did this not happen in the first 30 seconds?

One strike from the disc knocks out Hippobotomus and another rips a huge chunk of the robot right off. In any case, Hippobotomus is counted out and Disc-O-Inferno survives the first round.

It wouldn't take long for Disc-O-Inferno to survive the second round either. Napalm, who was already severely damaged (and who, in fact, had to be pushed into the arena by a house robot in round one) was damaged so much that it could only move in circles. Not helping matters, Napalm also took a large amount of untelevised damage from the house robot Matilda. Napalm was forced to withdraw because they weren't able to get the damage repaired and felt there was no point in going out into the arena if they were just going to be sitting ducks. Disc-O-Inferno also took a large amount of damage, and after repairing some beams inside the robot, the team found that the electronics system wasn't working properly. Luckily (and with the help of two time Series 2 champion and Chaos 2's builder, George Francis) they managed to get it all repaired in time for the third round.

In the third round (12:07), the action once again started hot, with Steel Avenger being flipped by Spirit of Knightmare into the waiting forks of Panic Attack, who then slammed Steel Avenger into the wall, forcing the Steel Avenger to have to use CO2 to self right. Disc-O-Infernro lands a solid blow to the side of Spirit of Knightmare as Panic Attack once again flips over Steel Avenger, who is accidentally righted by Spirit of Knightmare. The Steel Avenger then goes on the attack, landing axe blows into Panic Attack as Spirit of Knightmare slams Panic Attack into the arena wall. The Steel Avenger lands another axe blow onto Panic Attack before Disc-O-Inferno slams into the Steel Avenger with its disc, sending the Steel Avenger spinning away. The fight is very even at this point with Disc-O-Inferno landing a blow onto Panic Attack as Spirt of Knightmare tries and fails to get under the Steel Avenger. Steel Avenger hits the pit release, and Panic Attack almost drives both Spirit of Knightmare and itself into the pit. Finally, after landing some axe blows into the side skirts of Spirit of Knightmare, Panic Attack finds itself flipped over by Spirit of Knightmare. After another disc strike from Disc-O-Inferno, Steel Avenger is unable to self right and is counted out, sending Disc-O-Inferno to the next round.

However, much like what happened after round one, Panic Attack took so much damage that they weren't able to enter the next round, turning this Annihilator from a five-match gauntlet into a three-match heat. On the episode itself, to fill time after losing two fights to withdraws, the producers would have Bigger Brother face Comengetorix in a "grudge" match where Bigger Brother would defeat Comengetorix in one flip because... of course.

In the championship round, Disc-O-Inferno and Spirit of Knightmare faced off against each other, and this fight (16:55) is all Disc-O-Inferno. Disc-O-Inferno starts the fight with a strike on the flipper over Spirit of Knightmare, who manages to get under Disc-O-Inferno twice but fails to flip it. The second attempt would prove disastrous for Spirit of Knightmare, who fired its flipper just a second too late, and Disc-O-Inferno would get its disc inside the flipper, tearing off one of the flipper brackets and lowering the flipper's use.

Flippers don't need brackets, right?!?!

Disc-O-Inferno delivers two more big blows to the sides of Spirit of Knightmare, who is struggling to respond. Spirit of Knightmare would then hit the pit release button after the team realized that was going to be their only chance at winning. At this point, the flipper of Spirit of Knightmare is extremely damaged, and Disc-O-Inferno would land another big blow on the flipper, preventing it from being retracted before completely bending it inwards. After a few more blows, Spirit of Knightmare would completely break down, and while there's a little bit of movement in the flipper left, the robot itself isn't moving. Spirit of Knightmare is counted out, making Disc-O-Inferno the Annihilator 2 champion.

This wasn't a bad run for team that didn't even want to enter Robot Wars anymore. To go from not even intending to compete to champion of a tournament something that several notable robots such as Hypno-Disc and Behemoth would never do, is an accomplishment. Winning the Annihilator also seemed to reawaken the passion for robot fighting the Disc-O-Inferno team had, seeing as how they would enter Series 6, where they would make a Heat final, and Series 7, where they'd go out in the first round. All in all, Disc-O-Inferno was a solid bot, and, while they did get lucky with both Napalm and Panic Attack pulling out of the Annihilator early, I think they would have won even if both of those rounds had been fought. That's all for this month. Join us next month when we take a look at another robot.

Forum Update

Written by: Hooded Pitohui (talk)

Hello, all of you readers of The 'Shroom! Awards Committee meetings have started, and we've had two high-profile games running this month. It's been fairly busy around the forum, so let's jump right in and see what all has been going on!


Well, while you can (and should) take a look at Anniversary Announcements elsewhere on this page for updates on awards-related news, I will point out that the "Meeting Logs" thread now exists on the Mario Awards XVI board. If you want to see what the Awards Committee has been up to in detail, click on the logs linked in here.

To wrap up this brief look at the news, we have a new Mindless Junk fad. Like many Mindless Junk fads, it lasted but barely a day. This one actually started in another board, beginning when, first, "I am an average disliker of Pokémon games and here's my opinions" was posted in the board for general discussion of videogames. Less than two hours later, "I am an average enjoyer of the Pokemon franchise and these are my opinions" was created, and, shortly after that, users flocked to Mindless Junk to inform the world of their averageness in a particular area and to share their opinions on a related subject. We heard opinions on Mario Party games, Super Mario games, the boards of the Super Mario Boards, the Mario Awards, the Trails series, games with Miis, and more! Of course, there were a few variants further removed from the original, too.

Re-Threading Old Ground

This month, why don't we take a look back at "The once improperly now properly named FE drawing thread"? The concept behind this thread was a simple one. Edofenrir kindly offered to draw members of the community as if they were characters in Fire Emblem, giving each user a unique class. Unfortunately, most all of the images in the thread a broken now, as a result of the closure of Userpedia. However, the artwork can still be seen on the Fire Emblem Debatening thread on the archived version of Userpedia. Threads like this are a good reminder of how much creative talent we've had in the community over the years, and, perhaps more importantly, how much effort folks here have expended over the years with the goal of providing something to other members of the community to make them happier and to celebrate them.


  • Total Threads: 41,016 (Difference: +101)
  • Total Posts: 2,238,721(Difference: +4,061)
  • Total Members: 3,389 (Difference: +12)

Thread of the Month

Living Game – Game Thread - It was hard to pick anything else this month, when this game has grown so large and captured a considerable amount of attention. Snack's experimental game had but one player at its outset, but, through a combination of nightly "live attempts" where one player's player attempt to bring another player to life gets randomly selected, and day phase voting to "live" waiting players, it has slowly worked its way up to having a cast of fourteen players (and will have up to four more by the time this article goes to print). While the cast, encompassing roleplays from KG8 on Minus World to AKG4 characters to comic book characters, is notable on its own, what earns this game this distinction is the sheer amount of effort Snack has put into. He has put his artistic skill to use designing his own map, has run a gift shop system in the game, has written detailed results, has roleplayed various host characters, and has even made sprites for the various artifacts that players are searching for. Take a look at his work!

Honorable mention goes to C:\Users\NotCory\Creations, the art thread of NotCory. He posts a variety of impressive renders of Mario characters. In this month alone, he's posted renders of Peach taking a selfie, a pit crew Toad driving a kart, and Mario and Luigi with squirt guns (or F.L.U.D.D., for Mario) in celebration of Songkran.


Forum Games

  • The 'Shroom Mafia 4 (Lounge thread) began on March 28th and ended on (while I wrote this article, and with my death, interestingly enough) with a mafia victory on April 18th. The game was hosted by Ninja Squid, Waluigi Time, and Goombuigi. Post-game commentary and some rule changes during the game itself suggests some room for refinement for some of its mechanics, but, overall, it was a refreshingly smooth experience when compared to some previous 'Shroom and Awards Mafia games. The game saw a range of returning faces like Meta Knight and Tucayo, veteran Mafia players like Reverse Input and Roserade, and a few relatively new players like MightyMario, and included roleplays like President Haltmann, Kammi Koopa, Pearl from Splatoon, and talking cheese.
  • World of Plight Mafia (Lounge thread), hosted by Magolor04726 and Ghost, ended on March 16th with a mafia victory, having included roleplays such as Kolorado and a dead horse. The game ended with a tense debate between Shoey and Fun With Despair.
  • Murder Party (Lounge thread), an experimental game hosted by Revin in which all participants were granted the power to kill, began on March 16th and ended on March 20th. The game was a massacre, with the good guys faction wiped out in short order and the bad guys faction going without losing a single member. Notable roleplays in this game included Mistleteinn, the man with a box, Baron von Hooks, and the ghost of Marty Robbins.
  • Living Game (Lounge thread) (Party Games thread), an experimental game hosted by Snack which started, ostensibly, as a game for April Fool's, but which has certainly played out as something more substantial, began on April 2nd and is currently ongoing. The game offers players the chance to "live" other willing users, adding them to the game, and, on top of various unique mechanics like night quests and party games, has offered players a chance to solve mysteries and to explore the islands on which the game is set in order to uncover special artifacts and learn more about the setting. Notable roleplays have included, to this point, Tom Nook, Posh Kermit, El Presidente('s advisor), Ray Trace, and Xavier Wexlyn.

Interactive 'Shroom Threads

That's all the news from the forum for this month. It has turned into a busy spring, hasn't it? As always, if there's something I missed that you think I should cover, let me know. Otherwise, come back next month to find out the happenings on the forum during late April and the first half of May!

All information above was correct as of 15:08 EDT on 18 April 2022.

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