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Staff Notes

Written by: Roserade (talk)

Greetings, beautiful 'Shroom readers! Welcome to this April edition of Fun Stuff! Usually we'd be feeling foolish during this month, but we're feeling fit instead! That's right, in honor of Yoshi876 (talk)'s 100 issues of The 'Shroom, we're ditching the typical attire for spandex and sweat wear! We're going to get in shape before the spring season's out, just you wait!

Unfortunately, my workouts have left me extra-crammed for time, so I don't have anything more to say! Enjoy what our issue has to offer, keep an eye out for an extra surprise in this month's trivia section, and I hope you have another amazing month ahead of you!

Section of the Month

Congratulations to FunkyK38 (talk) for taking first again, and congrats to WildWario (talk) and Mustard Machine (talk) for taking second and third respectively! Make sure to vote for your favorites this month!

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st Where in the Marioverse is Carmen Sandiego? 13 33.33% FunkyK38
2nd Musical Quiz 10 25.64% WildWario
3rd Trivia 5 12.82% Mustard Machine

Word activities
Feel courted by these anagrams!
Do they exercise in a digital world?
Test your assorted Mario knowledge!
Graphic activities
This section's in a League of its own!
Did you know? They call Picross "football" in Europe!
Mind games
Somebody drop Carmen's workout routine!
Could this be your new gym soundtrack?
How'd he get in here?! Who left the window open?!


Written by: BBQ Turtle (talk)

Hi all, welcome to the April edition of anagrams! Can you believe that it's Yoshi876's 100th issue on the Spotlight? Congratulations to him! And in keeping with the fitness theme for the month, I've set you a course of anagrams based on various pitches, courts and fields from across the Mario sports games- some are a little more obscure than others! If that theme isn't to your liking, you can always suggest one that you'd love to see on my talk page or by sending a PM to me on the forums, and feel free to send any Mario-themed anagrams that way too. OK, I'll let you get court up on the anagrams now.

How it works...
Basically, this puzzle consists of solving the anagrams. Each month has a specific theme, which will give you a clue about what sort of words or phrases the anagrams will be. I've also included the boxes that the anagrams will fit into, so you'll be able to tell how many words it will solve to be and how many letters will be in each word, which should give you a hand too. You'll also notice that within each set of boxes, one of the squares are yellow. As you solve each anagram, note down the letter which appears in the yellow squares, and if you can solve all of the anagrams, you'll also get a bonus anagram to solve from completing all of the others. I've included the letter configuration for this one at the bottom too, just to give you an extra helping hand. Best of luck!














Bonus anagram:

  1. Mini Russia Island
  2. Snowfall Mountain
  3. Ghoulish Galleon
  4. All-Star Summit
  5. Wario Factory
  6. Bowser Jr. Playroom
  7. Pipeline Central
  8. Peach Dome
  9. Konga Coliseum
  10. Peach Ice Garden
  11. Bowser Badlands
  12. Blue Sky Field
  13. Crystal Canyon

Bonus anagram: Marina Stadium

Word Search

Written by: Mustard Machine (talk)

In honor of the vague talks of maybe porting or remastering Digimon World for modern consoles, this month's Word Search is on the many Digimon you can convince to join File City in the hit(?) PS1 game Digimon World (Oh, and Soulmon for Turb!). Words can be found vertically, horizontally, backwards, and within other words. As always, have fun stay safe!

WordSearch 181 1.png
WordSearch 181 2.png


Written by: MarioMorty (talk)

Hello everybody, welcome back to another edition of Crosswords, hosted by me, MarioMorty. I'm sorry about missing last month's publication, but due to time issues I was not able to make one last month. But I'm back this month with a non-themed crossword for you to enjoy!

Crossword 181 1.png
Crossword 181 2.png
Crossword 181 3.png

Hiding Koopa

Written by: Ninja Squid (talk)

Koopa Troopa from Mario Kart 8.

Hello, 'Shroom readers! It's time for another Hiding Koopa!

This month is Yoshi876 (talk)'s 100th issue as the 'Shroom Spotlight Manager, and we are under a fitness/sports theme! Due to this, my lovely Koopas are practicing for the next Mario Strikers match that will be happening in June. They better not become too fit, otherwise, I will have to change the name of this section to Hiding Chargin' Chuck or something along that line... I don't know the Koopa Troopa biology very well.

That's right, this month's artwork is from the upcoming Switch title Mario Strikers: Battle League. As usual, there are five of them hiding in the picture. Have fun finding them!

Hiding Koopa 181.png


Hiding Koopa Answer 181.png

Did you find them all? Regardless, thank you very much for your support, and I hope you will come back next month!


Written by: Goombuigi (talk)

Welcome back to Picross, 'Shroom readers! This month marks 100 issues of Yoshi876 being the 'Shroom Spotlight Manager, a huge milestone indeed. To celebrate, this issue is sports and fitness themed. Unfortunately, picross isn't really a sport, but I can do the next best thing - theme my picrosses around sports. In addition, Mario Strikers: Battle League is coming out soon, so these picrosses will be tied to that game. With that said, I hope you enjoy.

For new readers:

For new readers to this section, here's a short explanation about it: Every issue, you'll find two to four picross puzzles based on a certain theme, based on a Mario game, series, character, or item. If you have any ideas for themes, feel free to suggest them here. If you're new to picross, or need a refresher on the rules, here is a step-by-step walkthrough. You can also find many tutorials online. To play, download the picture and print it, or open it in a drawing program of your choice. Happy solving!
Level A
Picross 181-A.png

Level B
Picross 181-B.png


Level A
Picross 181-A Solution.png
Picross 181-A Name.png
Level B
Picross 181-B Solution.png
Picross 181-B Name.png

I hope you had fun with Picross! Come back next month for another set of picrosses.

Where in the Marioverse is Carmen Sandiego?

Written by: FunkyK38 (talk)

Each issue, you will be given a case to solve and clues to use to help you find the solution! Use your Mario knowledge to crack the case!

You will begin each case at the scene of the crime, and you will be given three clues from passerby as to where the next hot spot is and what game it’s from. Using your knowledge of Mario games and the Super Mario Wiki, figure out where the crook is and go track them down! There are four locations each round: the crime scene (1) at the start, two locations (2 and 3) with clues, and the hideout for the crook of the month (4). Answers for locations will be given with the corresponding round, for example, the clues from the crime scene will lead you to location 2, and once you open the spoiler bubbles for location 2, you will be given the correct answer. You can open the clues for each location in any order you’d like, but be careful! You may encounter an incorrect clue that could throw you off the case!

Clues offered will give you a hint either about the next location or the game it’s in. Unlike a regular Carmen Sandiego game, you do not have to collect information about the crook you are tracking down.

Challenge round (optional):

-Find all locations and games correctly in two minutes or less

-Find all locations and games correctly without using the rest of the Wiki for help

The only sport we'll be doing is running!

“A new problem has come up, gumshoe! I’m sure you know that the next iteration in the Wii Sports series, Nintendo Switch Sports, is releasing at the end of this month. The game is a continuation of Wii Sports’ tradition of using motion controls to play sports with Mii-like characters, and the sports selection includes tennis, bowling, volleyball, and more, with golf coming in the fall. The Switch has had a few releases of sports games so far, such as Mario Tennis Aces, but this seems to be a big sports year for Nintendo, releasing NS Sports as well as Mario Strikers: Battle League later on. But now, we’ve gotten word from one of our NIWA field agents that someone has made off with all of the equipment for the new game! Volleyball nets, tennis and badminton rackets, and all of the sports balls they need! Normally, I wouldn’t think this would be something Carmen would be interested in, but whoever she paid to take this caper on has left one of her signature red calling cards at the scene. You’re on the case, gumshoe- your training has kept your body and mind fit for tracking this crook down and getting all those stolen sports items back!”

Crime Scene

The Crime

Track down the thief of the Nintendo Switch Sports equipment!


“I feel like the glowing panels underneath would make it difficult to dribble…”


“Shoot for the high score in the spotlight!”


“A Mario series sports sidegame featuring guests from two other series.”

Location 2


Bowser Jr. Blvd. from Mario Sports Mix MSM 3-1 Basketball.png


“This game featured its spot being played in an usual way- as a high-contact race!”


“This course features a lovely view- just don’t get distracted and swat your ball right off the side!”


“Maybe we should throw some red shells onto the field to spice things up! Run faster, Mario!”

Location 3


Shelltop Sanctuary from Mario Golf: Super Rush Shelltop Sanctuary in Mario Golf: Super Rush


“Take some relaxing breaths- it will help keep you from smashing your controller.”


“There’s no puppies in this studio- try the one downstairs.”


“This series added two sporty characters to the main roster in this installment.”


HIDEOUT ANSWER Wii Fit Studio from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Wii Fit Studio.png

Who's doing the running now? Carmen!

“Excellent work, gumshoe! You managed to find our crook, a freelance instructor who had been turned away from Fitness Boxing 2 and turned to Carmen and a life of crime to take a swat at Nintendo in revenge. And he had all of the sports equipment with him, ready to hand over to our main event. Unfortunately for him, it seems like Carmen had been running late and left him waiting for her, so ACME agents were able to swoop in and grab him right up. Our NIWA agent thanks you for all of your hard work, and they’ve sent over a little reward for you- a set of limited edition equipment, personalized for you to use in the new game! You’ll have some time to play until your next case, so why not give your new set a try and keep in shape? We’ll keep you updated on Carmen’s next position, gumshoe!”

Musical Quiz

Written by: WildWario (talk)

Hi, I'm WildWario, and this is Musical Quiz. This game is simple, just listen to the music and guess where it comes from. The answers can be found at the bottom of the list. There's no specific theme this time, so try your very best to guess the questions right.

Audio.svg Song No.1
File infoMedia:World 1 Theme Super Mario Bros 3.oga
Audio.svg Song No.2
File infoMedia:Mario Party 3 Music Woody Woods.oga
Audio.svg Song No.3
File infoMedia:PMTOK Eddy River.oga
Audio.svg Song No.4
File infoMedia:MTO Mushroom Valley Court Theme.oga
Audio.svg Song No.5
File infoMedia:SMW2YI Castle and Fortress.oga
Audio.svg Song No.6
File infoMedia:Jungle Japes.oga
Audio.svg Song No.7
File infoMedia:OGS Ancient Gardens.oga
Audio.svg Song No.8
File infoMedia:MKSC-Music-YoshiDesert.oga
Help:MediaHaving trouble playing?

That's it for this issue's Musical Quiz. See you next issue for another quiz.


Written by: Hooded Pitohui (talk)

Ha! Not only have I ousted Generalissimo Shoe from the Strategy Wing Director's office, rightfully reclaiming my chair, but now I've even ousted him from his own Trivia section! Well, I suppose the responsible thing to do is to give it back, but, first, so long as I'm here for the month, why don't I give you seven interesting facts about the birds of the Mushroom World?

Did you know that...

  1. Plungelos (apparently) play golf?
  2. Pokios take design inspiration from Phasianus versicolor (common name: green pheasant, Japanese green pheasant)?
  3. A famous bird inspired Wario to start making videogames?
  4. No Hefty Goonies appear in Yoshi's Island DS as regular enemies, but one does appear as a boss?
  5. Pigeons might attack you if you go to the circus?
  6. Crowbers have been cut from two games, those being Paper Mario: Sticker Star and New Super Mario Bros. U?
  7. The birds in Super Mario Sunshine all share the same model, which is colored black, with their green, blue, yellow, or red colors applied to them in real time?

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of facts! I'll be off to Cataquack to the skies (that's the name of a mission in the Gold Leaf Galaxy!) before Shoey gets back.

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