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Wedding Hall[edit]

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April Fools articles[edit]

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<div class="notice-template" style="display:flex;background:#98FB98;margin:0 2% 0.75em;padding:0 1em;border:1px solid #228B22">
This article is about an '''upcoming game'''. Editors ''must'' [[MarioWiki:Citations|cite sources]] for all contributions to this article. ''Edits that do not follow this standard may be reverted without notice.
{{italic title}}
|developer=[[Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development|Nintendo EPD Tokyo]]
|released={{released|Japan|June 18, 2021|USA|June 18, 2021|Europe|June 18, 2021|Australia|June 18, 2021|South Africa|June 18, 2021|HK|June 18, 2021|ROC|June 18, 2021|South Korea|June 18, 2021}}
|genre=Open world
|modes=Single player
|platforms=[[Nintendo Switch]]
'''''Super Luigi Sunshine 2''''' Is a 3D [[Luigi (franchise)|''Luigi'']] Open world game for the [[Nintendo Switch]] that will be released on June 18th, 2021. This game was randomly announced. It is a sequel to [[Super Mario Sunshine|Super Sunshine]] but now you can play as [[Luigi]]. This game will be a limited release until October 25th.

[[File:De2ugli-2ad752a2-10d8-4d9b-a3db-2c825bf848c3.png|thumb|left]] Luigi got a letter from [[Peach]] to come join her on a vacation at [[Isle Delfino]]. But when they arrive, [[Delfino Police]] arrest him because they misinterpreted him as his evil doppleganger, [[Fury Shadow|a Fury Shadow of luigi]]. he has to go around cleaning up and fighting bosses with his companion [[F.L.U.D.D.]]. Then he must fight [[Bowser]] in the ocean. after the fight he realizes the fury shadow was [[Bowser Jr.]]. he goes home and is never seen again.

*{{button|switch|Leftstick}} - Move
*{{button|switch|A}}, {{button|switch|B}} - Jump/swim
*{{button|switch|X}} - Switch Nozzles
*{{button|switch|Y}} - Pick up, dive
*{{button|switch|ZL}} - Center camera
*{{button|switch|ZR}} - Run while spraying (while using Squirt Nozzle)
*{{button|switch|L}} - Guidebook
*{{button|switch|R}} - Use F.L.U.D.D. (spray and aim while using Squirt Nozzle)
*{{button|switch|Rightstick}} - Move camera
*{{button|switch|Rightstick}} (click in) - Mario Cam
*{{button|switch|Plus}} - Pause menu
*{{button|switch|Minus}} - Suspend menu

It's also compatible with a [[Nintendo GameCube]] Controller. 
*{{Button|gcn|Stick}}: Move Mario, aim F.L.U.D.D. (while holding R)
*{{Button|gcn|A}}: Jump, swim, talk
*{{Button|gcn|B}}: Pick up, dive
*{{Button|gcn|X}}: Switch Nozzles
*{{Button|gcn|Y}}: Mario Cam
*{{Button|gcn|L}}: Center camera
*{{Button|gcn|R}}: Use F.L.U.D.D.
*{{Button|gcn|Z}}: Guidebook
*{{Button|gcn|C}}: Move camera
*{{Button|gcn|Start}}: Pause menu

*[[Delfino Plaza]]
*[[Isle Delfino]]
*[[Bianco Hills]]
*[[Ricco Harbor]]
*[[Gelato Beach]]
*[[Pinna Park]]
*[[Sirena Beach]]
*[[Noki Bay]]
*[[Pianta Village]]
*[[Corona Mountain]]
*[[Delfino Airstrip]]

===Playable Characters===
===Supporting Characters===

*[[Fury Shadow]]
*[[Strollin' Stu]]

*[[Proto Piranha]]
*[[Gooper Blooper]]

Not much is known besides the fact that fans want a sequel to [[Super Mario Sunshine|Super Sunshine]] and [[Mario]] Is dead. [[Nintendo]] Just announced it one day.


Hello, I just wanted to bring up a few things about the image you uploaded and used earlier. When uploading images, please use a sensible file name that clearly describes the image's contents rather than leaving it with a name like "File:Screenshot 2021-04-10 at 3.17.12 PM.png". When filling out the {{aboutfile, please remove any unnecessary parameters, and remember to categorise the image too- usually you just need to add a game image category, so for that image you would add Category:Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Images. If the image you've uploaded comes out blurry and you can't source a higher quality one yourself, try to add {{image-quality}} to it, and if you're adding the image to a page with an infobox and there isn't currently an image in the infobox, try adding it in there first. Thank you! BBQ Turtle (talk) 16:49, April 10, 2021 (EDT)