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My mini project, connecting games' coverage policy with their proposals: User:Spectrogram/Coverage




Hello there! Hope your day is going well, call me Spectrogram.

  • Feel free to call me Dmitry or Spectrogram
  • My preferred pronouns are he/him
  • I'm aromantic (cupioromantic)
  • I'm a democratic socialist, don't ask me about the impact of cars on cities, this conversation isn't going to go well
  • I strongly support LGBTQIA+ movement and equal rights
  • Most of my proposals fail miserably

Some stuff I've done on the wiki

Obscure Mario games and subjects are my favourite.

  1. Creating articles about Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!
  2. Creating articles about objects in the Wrecking Crew series
  3. Creating articles about some Super Mario Odyssey objects
  4. Creating articles about objects and items in Nintendo Land
  5. Creating articles about objects in Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle
  6. Creating articles about objects in Alleyway and Pinball (NES)
  7. Creating articles about objects in Mario Pinball Land

Current goal: provide better Nintendo Land coverage and finish with Super Mario Odyssey objects.

Proposal ideas for the future: Reinstate hole (object) as a page for Golf games. This is a unique recurring object that deserves an article.

Decide how the ball (object) is even supposed to be covered on this wiki.