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Not to be confused with Money Bag.
A Coin Bag in Cash Flow from Mario Party 6.
Princess Peach opening up the Coin Bag in Super Princess Peach.

Coin Bags appear primarily in the Mario Party series. They are worth five coins each and are usually present in coin collecting minigames. In Mario Party 5, the Koopa Bank Capsule is represented by a Coin Bag. In Mario Party 8 their names are revealed by the host called MC Ballyhoo. Also in Mario Party 8, near the end of a Party Tent game, MC Ballyhoo fill the board with coins on every space, but Coin Bags on Red Spaces. Coin Bags appear as obtainable items in Mario Party: Star Rush, in Coinathalon. Players can obtain them only if they are not in first place or if they start out with a Mario amiibo. When used, it drops 5 Red Coins on the screen, the placements which vary on the minigame played.

The Coin Bag also appears in Super Princess Peach. It looks drastically different from the Mario Party series as it has a colorful bag with a ribbon and wings. When Peach finds one of these objects, she can open the Coin Bag by using Perry, or by throwing an object or enemy at it; they release Coins (and occasionally, hearts and Vibe Crystals) to collect.