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King Mario
Screenshot of Mario dressed up as a king
Gender Male
Species Human

Plans for my own sandbox of my favorite games

Favorite Mario games and media: 1996-present

Make a table of the minigame icons from each game

Knowledge if the original Paper Mario screenshots could have internet process

If the Paper Mario gallery can hold the whole story of the game's screenshots like the sequel's.


Mario Party

Paper Mario

Opening: The Stolen Star Rod

Prologue: A Plea from the Stars

Chapter 1: Storming Koopa Bros. Fortress

Chapter 2: The Mystery of Dry, Dry Ruins

Chapter 3: The "Invincible" Tubba Blubba

Chapter 4: Trials in the Toy Box

Chapter 5: Hot, Hot Times on Lavalava Island

Chapter 6: Dark Days in Flower Fields

Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on Ice

Chapter 8: A Star-Powered Showdown!