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First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Variant of Thwomp

Slidons are baby Thwomp-like enemies with a yellow pacifier and brown-ish spots and that appear exclusively in the level Another Uncharted Area: Swaying Ruins from Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Slidons have spikes on their sides, which can hurt the player, but can be stood on top as a platform. They slide from side to side depending on the angle of the swaying ground, showing excitement as this happens and making a noise reminiscent of an infant laughing. These enemies are not destructible by normal means, but can fall into poison. Slidons are seen in multiple lengths and have even been seen conjoined.


Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Super Mario Bros. Wonder G:/romfs/Model/EnemySlidon.bfres.zs Slidon Portmanteau of "slide" and「ドン」(don, onomatopoeia for colliding sound)