Trampoline Shy Guy

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Color Splash Enemy
Trampoline Shy Guys
The Trampoline Shy Guy from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Location(s) The Emerald Circus
Type Stack
HP 1 (per Shy Guy)
Strong None
Weak Hammer
Moves Somersault Attack (28), Punch Attack (12)
Enemy Class ENEMY_ZAKO_LV1
Card Probability 0




Dropped Items
Hammer Scraps 25
Red Paint 48
Yellow Paint 0
Blue Paint 5
Orange Paint 0
Green Paint 0
Purple Paint 0

Trampoline Shy Guys are a varient of Shy Guys that appear in Paper Mario: Color Splash, where they are only found in the Emerald Circus. They are a stack of fifteen green Shy Guys that bounce on a trampoline. Due to them jumping on a trampoline, all Jump attacks will miss. Mario must use his hammer on the trampoline so the Trampoline Shy Guys fall down, which allows them to be jumped on. If the trampoline is attacked again while they are down, they will get back up. Trampoline Shy Guys attack by jumping off of their trampoline onto Mario. Upon defeat, the trampoline will be left on the stage, allowing Mario to reach Lemmy Koopa.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トランポリンヘイホー
Toranporin Heihō
Trampoline Shy Guy
Dutch Trampoline Shy Guy -
German Trampolin Guys Trampoline Guys
Italian Trampolino di Tipi Timidi Shy Guys [on a] Trampoline
Portuguese Masquitos Trampolim Trampoline Shy Guys
Russian Скромняги-акробаты
Shy Acrobats
Spanish (NOA) Guys acróbatas Acrobat Guys