New York Minute 2

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New York Minute 2
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Appearance(s) Mario Kart Tour (2019)
Cup(s) it appears in Yoshi Cup
Rosalina Cup
Birdo Cup
Pauline Cup
Baby Daisy Cup
Luigi Cup
Wario Cup
Baby Rosalina Cup
Dry Bones Cup
Baby Luigi Cup
Dry Bowser Cup
Course map

New York Minute 2 is a race course in Mario Kart Tour. It is named after and inspired by New York City set in nighttime, and is the signature course of the Holiday Tour. The course also appears as New York Minute 2R (reverse), New York Minute 2T (with ramps), and New York Minute 2R/T (reverse and with ramps).

Course layout[edit]

In the standard layout, all of the racers start the course in front of Times Square. Just after the starting line, the road bends in a sinusoidal curve to the left and then the right through Broadway and ends in a cobblestone path that leads into Central Park. In the park, the road takes a sharp turn to the right and circles back to the bordering road, where it takes an abrupt left. After a sharp right turn, the players reach a Glide Ramp while approaching the Empire State Building. After two sharp right turns, the players return to the starting line.

Favored characters[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニューヨークドリーム2
Nyū Yōku Dorīmu 2
New York Dream 2
Spanish Visita a Nueva York 2 Visit to New York 2
French Escapade new-yorkaise 2 New York Escapade 2
German New-York-Speedway 2 New York Speedway 2
Italian Veduta di New York 2 View of New York 2
Portuguese Visita a Nova Iorque 2 Visit to New York 2
Korean 뉴욕 미닛 2
nyuyog minis 2
New York Minute 2
Chinese (Simplified) 纽约分钟2
Niǔyuē fēnzhōng 2
New York Minutes 2
Chinese (Traditional) 紐約分鐘2
Niǔyuē fēnzhōng 2
New York Minutes 2


  • Like with New York Minute 1, Pauline (or more accurately, Party Time Pauline) being one of the main opponents is a reference to her status as the mayor of New Donk City, which was based on New York City.