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This is a list of quotes from the television show The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, listed by character.




Bowser's Koopalings[edit]

Kooky von Koopa[edit]

Big Mouth Koopa Jr.[edit]

Kootie Pie Koopa[edit]

  • "{*throwing birthday presents out the window*} Yah! Cheap ninnies!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "It's not enough!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "(*stops whining*) America." - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "I don't care! I want America for my birthday! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "You're just Princess Toadstool of the measly Mushroom Kingdom! I am going to be Empress of America! Aha ha ha!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "Ooh! There, Daddy! There's the castle of America's president! They call it 'The White House!'" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "It's time for a meaner, crueler America!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "Law number one! Every kid in America must give me their toys! Any handsome boy who does not ask me for a date will be turned into a rock! All the gold in Fort Knox will be melted down to make me a lifetime supply of charm bracelets!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "How dare you disturb the almost-empress of the entire real world!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE TELL ME WHAT- TO- DO! I HATE IT! I HATE IT!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "{*whining*} I'll tell daddy on you!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "It's all your fault! You let the Mario Bros. capture it! You let them warp me home! You let them save America!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "{*in a whiny voice*} But Daddykins!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "Are you telling moi what to do?!" - "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
  • "Cheatsy! Help me! These yucky pipes won't stay switched! I told you this was no job for a beauty queen!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "Daddy, do something! We're about to be infested by those pesky plumbers!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "Ooh, sometimes you just get so bossy I could just spit in his soup! 'Stop the Mario Bros.!' How?" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "Oh! AH! What happened to my usual beautiful self?!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "Cheatsy, go back! You get back here, you forgot to do my tail!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "(*romantic voice*) Woo, hello handsome! Arent'cha the famous Super Mario?" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "Pleased to meet you! I am Lady Fettuccine Alfredo! A little bit saucy, but very, very nice!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "A tail? Me? Why, I have never been so insulted in all my life! Here I am, lost in these dungeons for days, without a thing to eat and now choosing me in having a tail?" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "You know, Mario, sweetie, I'm an amateur plumber myself!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "Luigi's right! (*eats spaghetti forcefully*) And now that we've eaten, I think you should bring The Sultan and all his guests down here! It'll be safe in case of the uh, castle explodes! (*laughs*)" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "Maybe not, but it certainly matches the rest of me. (*normal voice*) Cheatsy! Restore me to my natural loveliness!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "You'll never see the Mario Bros. again!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "The Mario Bros. are finished!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "W-who...are you?" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "Wow, you've got some kisser!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "You get outta here and leave us in peace!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "Daddy only wants me to be happy!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "And believe me, Cheatsy! Cassanova's the only reptile for me! (*kisses Cassanova Koopa*)" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "*screams* I'VE BEEN KISSED BY A PLUMBER!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "I'll tie your lips behind your head! And you'll never kiss again!" - "The Beauty of Kootie"
  • "I’m so gorgeous! I’m at least five times more beautiful than I was yesterday!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Hello, King Dad! I cleaned my r- (*everything falls out of her wardrobe*) {*screams*}" - "Dadzilla"
  • "How'd I end up with such a mean old ugly bag of scales for a dad? (*gasps*) Of course! That's it!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Dad's not my real dad! I must be adopted! I'm far too beautiful to be a Koopa! Ya know, Big Mouth? I bet our real dad is a movie star!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "No! This way!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "(gasps) I bet our movie star daddy's got a star on the Walk of Fame just like this one!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "He's so handsome!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "{*with Big Mouth*} He's our real dad!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Dad? Dad, what's wrong?" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Way to go, Dad!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Right! And if you really wanna be nice, you'll make us movie stars just like you!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "It's not big enough!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Alright, Dad! Now it's time to make us movie stars!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "And it's your responsibility as our parent to make it happen!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Soon to be the Miserable Bros.! {*she and Big Mouth laugh*}" - "Dadzilla"
  • "{*fake-crying*} These terrible people did terrible things to us, daddy!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Big Mouth, we've gotta help Daddy!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Yes! People will do anything Madzilla says! We can turn this town upside down!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Ooh! Our own stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "We want to do a live concert in the Hollywood Bowl right now!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "DAAAAD!!!!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "No way, Dad! You gotta do what we say!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "{*with Big Mouth*} We hate naps!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "{*with Big Mouth*} We hate chores!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Big Mouth, I'm beginning to think this isn't our real family after all!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Quick! Back to the Doomship! We gotta get home!" - "Dadzilla"
  • "Why does that prissy Princess Toadstool get to go to a Real World concert and not me? Aren't you always telling us that you are the most powerful king there ever was and I am your favorite, only daughter, hmm?" - "Kootie Pie Rocks"
  • "Don't try to get on my good side!" - "Kootie Pie Rocks"
  • "Aliens! Daddykins! Billions and billions of them! 20 feet tall! Armed and dangerous and spewing smoke and fire! And coming this way in heavily armed spaceships! Aahh! We’re doomed! And I don’t have a single thing to wear!" - "Mush-Rumors"
  • "Big Mouth, that’s mine! I stole it all personally!" - "Crimes R Us"
  • "Not just in time, Cheatsy! That steam melted my mascara!" (*cries*) - "7 Continents for 7 Koopas"
  • "I’ve used my magic wand to turn all these stupid, ugly, useless, old paintings and statues into something really beautiful! Pictures of me! There’s the Mona Kootie, the Birth of Kootie, and Kootie Descending a Staircase!" - "7 Continents for 7 Koopas"
  • "Yeah, and when Venice is empty, we can warp it back to Dark Land for my very own Kootie Pie Water Park! Thank you, King Daddy!" - "The Venice Menace"
  • "Just because you're drowning, you don't have to yell!" - "The Venice Menace"
  • "Good thing you brought me along instead of my stupid brothers!" - "The Venice Menace"
  • "Can't we warp Venice to Dark Land now? I wanna brag to Bully and Big Mouth that I have my very own Kootie Pie Koopa Water Park and they don't!" - "The Venice Menace"
  • "The shopping!" - "Super Koopa"

Cheatsy Koopa[edit]

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